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strenght and financesw

April 04, 2014

Hi! This is a 2-for! I need to keep asking God;s strenght to keep up my hectic schedule. I work f/t plus/ I do several privcate jobs. I praise God for these xtr jobs, cause the mioney helps to keep the electric paid,and phone bill. But they are tiring me out. Due to hubbyt;s illness, and lack of finances, i have to keep them up. We are also trying to refinanbce our mortgage. It all looks good. HOWEVER!! One compqany is not helping. Years ago we got it set up to take half and abit more out of my ckecks. wE ARE ACTUALLY 2 months ahead, BUT, the mortgage has changed hands 3x, and the company that takes the money out of my account has changed. No one wants to inform us whoi is taking out the money. We are getti g the run around. The bank wont stop the withdrawals w/o BOTH OURS and the companys consent!! PLEASE PRAY WE CAN GET THE INFO WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHO IS AUTHORIZED TO MAKE THESE WITHDRAWALS, AND WORK WITH US TOWARD THE REFINANCING!! We simply cannot afford the high mortgage on our house, and diue to my job and the steady payments coming out, we do have goood record for this!Just getting the present payment stopped so that we can re-do this!!!TYVM DFAITHFUL WARIORS!!

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