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Mother's breast cancer

August 20, 2014

My mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been amazingly strong throughout the whole ordeal, but please pray for her to have the continued strength to see this challenge in her life through. Please pray that she be cancer free by the time she is done with chemo.Finally please pray for my family to give everyone the strength and positive attitude needed to provide more than enough support for my mom. Thank you so much and God bless you!


August 19, 2014

It will soon be time for me to go to college to follow my dream of being a paramedic. But as of this moment it looks like a long shot. Please pray that the financial situation that is keeping me from being optimistic about going to college will resolve itself and that I continue keeping my faith strong and that I continue believing that God will provide and help me through this time.

Legal Issues (Update from 8/11)

August 19, 2014

Thanks to everyone who prayed in response to my "Legal Issues" prayer request on 8/11. An update and another request ... My daughter's boyfriend was able to find good legal counsel. His immediate family could not afford a lawyer, but an aunt who lives out East was able to step in and help. So, prayer answered! He goes to court at 1:30 today. Again, please pray for a judge who will be balanced and compassionate. We're not asking for dismissal, but a reasonable verdict that takes into account good behavior for the last (almost) 2 years. Whatever the verdict, also pray that my daughter accepts the results and that God sends people into her life who will help her with direction and provide good advice to get her on a positive path. Sometimes I feel like she is so lost, or she gets started in the right direction, but then quickly gets off course. Thanks for all your prayers!

Prayer for my husbands new car

August 11, 2014

I have been posting prayers. My husband has been borrowing the work truck for now because his car is messed up. we just got a new car for me, but we didnt expect his car to give out so soon. We have a lil money saved, but not enough for a newer safer car. Please pray that GOD would provide a way. he is faithful to all of us children. thank you. xo

Need God to do the impossible

August 07, 2014

All things are possible with God. Trying to make a change and have been told no twice already. On our way to a meeting with the same people who have said no twice already. I cannot do this alone. I cannot do this period. For me (for man) this is impossible but I believe God when he says all things are possible. Please pray that God provides wisdom for us as we communicate, favor for granting the impossible, peace in whatever the outcome may be, direction for our next steps. Amen

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