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March 06, 2015

thx 4 the prayers!! wiper issue on car ok--just need tightening!!!!HOWEVER!!!friend from az called last night--she does not sound good.,having little strokes--i wpould really like to get out there and see her before she passes--money the big issue--simply dont have !!!if the Lord wills,provide some sort of money miracle to enable us to get out there and se her???thx!!!

restoration of my marriage

March 05, 2015

Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. Pray that God will provide the strength to overcome this difficulty and restore and build the trust and love we once had to new and greater depths.

MIssionary future

February 21, 2015

Please pray that God would help me to move into the next phase of my life. I really want to be a missionary/youth pastor, but at the moment I am stuck in a job that doesn't really provide for that sort of opportunity. My wife and I are becoming involved with a missions organization, but the finances are the tricky part because I have four children to support. I am serving God the best I can where I am right now, but as I watch the direction that America is going I would like to become devoted full-time to preaching, evangelism and discipleship. Please pray that God would give guidance and opportunities.

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