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September 25, 2015

money for a car and property taxes, for the skin issues to resolve and for the wart on my left arm to go away now and for good. Lord please hear all the unspokens in my house and all my prayers, forgive us all and provide for us all, even our loved ones. Lord why are my jury duty badge numbers AND my work ID number have the de/vil's number in them? Please Lord immediately rebuke, remove, block and destroy the de/vil and all his pawns, devices, snares, schemes, traps, strongholds, principalities, fruits, etc from my family, from me ,(brandi) from my husband (mitch) from my two daughters Ashley and Sarah, from my two son in laws, CC and AC and from their families and all of our loved ones and extended/future families immediately, 100%, fully, daily, consistently and permanently in the Name of our Savior and King of kings, Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen.

Finances and favor

September 23, 2015

Please join me and pray for the finances and jobs of my family as a whole. Lord make a way for Sam and Jake as they are in the real world just out of college. Have favor on them and protect them at their jobs. Provide them both with even better jobs that will be able to support a family and give them a good work life balance. Bless them in their current jobs and guide their success. Heal them both of the depression and anxiety that paralyzes them at times and steals the joy from their daily lives. Also, protect my job and my husbands and our finances. Please bless all of us abundantly to pay off debt and be able to be a blessing onto others. Provide a way, guide us all, protect us all from addictions, harm and bless us with good health. I stand in faith and believe You hear my prayer Lord and will answer. In Jesus' name I ask this.

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