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So much hurt....need many prayers....please!

January 28, 2016

My husband left after 30+ years of marriage Found he walked out when I came home from work one evening with all his clothes gone and a simple note on the kitchen counter. He could not face me after 30+ years of marriage?? I still cannot understand this... And when he left he took his whole family with him. This has been my only family for the the past 30+ years. From that point on I was to be all alone. All the birthdays, holidays, and special get together's just to go out to eat and play cards. All gone in an instant. Everything I have known for over 30 years. My heart was ripped right out of my chest at that moment. Then after dealing with that the best I could for 6 mos. I find out I have Leukemia. How much can one person take?? In this stage of my life, ready to retire, and live a life I have always dreamed of with a man I thought was the love of my life... traveling and enjoying our lives after many years of hard work in retirement. Now I have to start all over and try to rebuild my life. The divorce has not started yet but I know it will be extremely difficult to get through for me. I need the Lord's help.... All I can say to anyone out there that is listening and reading this, please pray for me. I did find a good counselor to help as well but I know that prayer can work miracles and help me to try to figure all this out, why all this is happening, and help me to get through what is yet to come. I ask this all in Jesus' name....AMEN.

surgeon notes get to company by Thursday

January 26, 2016

I need the surgeon notes to get to the company by Thursday because i see the company dr. on Friday and am ready to go back to work.

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