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Finding Companionship

March 25, 2015

Dear friends, Please join me in prayer that I might find my soulmate, life partner and companion soon... I have been craving love for so long. To love and to be loved in return... To have an intimate companion that I an share all of myself with, and who wants to share of himself with me. Please Dear God... Please. I know that I am not alone. And I am not lonely or unloved. But I crave so badly to be able to share my love for someone special and have those intimate moments that couples share. I have always been single. I have no children and I am 43. It pains me that I will never know what it is like to be a mother, but I don't want to miss out on having a life partner too.... I KNOW I have tons to offer. I am worthwhile. I know that. I have dated, and put myself out there... But that has been filled with disappointments, deception, and major rejections... I am tired. Please... I am so ready. Please join me in my prayers. Thank you. Blessings to all...

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