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Tough year! Need your prayers.

October 22, 2014

In March my 25 year old son was called home from injuries suffered in a one car rollover. Our lives were changed forever. My son had recently advanced in career and was three weeks from being eligible for company benefits. My son was the sole bread winner for his wife and 4 year old son. I was diagnosed with server anxieties in April. I lost my full time job due to complications from the anxiety. My part time position hours were cut due to lack of sales. These losses have placed a great emotional and financial burden upon my family. I have fallen behind in my bills. I am facing eviction and homeless. I know God has been with me thought all I have faced this year. I know God has a plan and everything will work out according to His will. Thank you for praying for our family.

Healing and wisdom for the doctors and funds to come to US for treatment

October 21, 2014

Hi my name is David, I am from a Madison Baptist Church, we have a missionary to Brazil that has been on the field for many years her name is Lawanda Duarte and she is having MANY medical problems, which they are not able to figure out they may now have a possibility to come to the US for free medical treatment, please pray for her with us. They have recently started a fund to raise money for her and her husband to come here if lead you can contact the staff at Madison Baptist church 608-249-0941 Thanks for all the prayers. Any Prayers sent back to my e-mail I will send them to her as she is greatly encouraged to know she is loved and prayed for , as she put, " I covet your prayers". Thank you in Christ Love David Hanke


October 14, 2014

May your prayers lift my spirits that I may overcome my depression, lack of self confidence, and low self esteem. I have suffered on and off throughout my life, but it seems recently that I have been down in the dumps and am having a harder time bouncing back. Thank you.

Healing prayers

October 14, 2014

I have had herpes for about 5 years now. Recently I have a small outbreak on my lips, It usually only happens once a year on my lips,but usually there's only one,and there's another one on the other side. Please pray for these to stop and for it to be healed. Thank you

For Hope, K & K, 3J's, Family

October 11, 2014

Dear God, I thank you for all you have given me. I thank you for all the people who have been Praying for Hope and her girls. Lord she really needs your help. Hope has many mental Health issues and social services hasn't been much help over the last year and now Hope has been homeless from over six month and is in over $13,000 debt. Just recently social cervices had her go through a full eval. and we learn about the results on Friday. God please let Friday be a good day. God Please let her keep her children, because I am afraid of what might happen if she doesn't Hope really loves her children and needs someone to help her find low income housing and help with her mental health. A place to live and be safe. God please kept Dan out of their lives, Hope is soo afraid of him. Dear God please let the 3J children stay with their mother. They have been trying to getting to stay with their mother for over a year. I pray they have a wonderful weekend. God watch over them and bless them with all that they need for school and home life. Lastly lord I ask that you some how give my siblings' compassion and restore their faith in you Lord. Kevin and Lori have been give responsibility for my mother. Please God don't let anything bad happen to her while they have her in their care. That is why I really want you to give them compassion, because they need to take better care of my mother. So my mother can take eventually care for herself. I also for my brother Zane that his health will get better and he will be able to work as hard as he should for a young man and then be able to pay all his bills. I also pray that his faith grows and he take his children and my mother to church. I ask the all in your name Jesus and please do what you think is best for us all. Thank you God.

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