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It's pouring

November 13, 2014

wow, I really don't know how much we can endure. Jeremiah 29:11 has always been so powerful to me but now my faith is weakening big time. Recently we found out my mother has cancer and now my boyfriends father may as he has something wrong and is going through testing just days after his uncle has been told that he is starting to experience some sort of dimentia. Been going to food pantries now and trying to save and get a cushion financially and then our water pump goes this weekend taking that cushion away right before the cold weather when we will be in need of propane before we know it. I could still go on and on but there is no reason all I can say is it's pouring and it feels like we are about to drown. I know God will get us through all this but when ???? it seems to be 2 years now of one thing after another when we are still planting seeds, watering others, and trying to flourish within our faith- it's getting really weak though now and we need prayer. Thank you and God Bless!

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