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daughter, ex husband

October 24, 2016

Please pray for my daughter who has moved from another state back to WI.She left boyfriend to begin a new job,she thinks she is lost with out her boyfriend, I do not think he is a christian. She recently found out her dog has major health and also behavior issues. She needs to be surrounded by Christians and real friends.Her old friends from high school seem to be hanging out with her. I am not sure they are good influences. Her father, my EX has just been laid off from his job of 28 years. I am not sure his daughters know yet. He is in a relationship with someone who is not a christian and who is not with him because she really loves him. Pray for his eyes to be open to her and that he will find his way back to God. Pray he is successful in his job hunt. Pray that I can witness to him if he decides to contact me. If their ever were a chance to repair and restore a relationship gone bad I believe this may be it, Pray for love and understanding to come to all of us. Pray for my other daughter and her husband to find their way back to God or come to a real relationship with God so they can be made right with God. Thanks for caring enough to pray for all of us and may God bless you for your loving, caring heart.


October 20, 2016

I try hard to pray and 'let God', but I'm having a difficult time truly turning this over to Him. Please pray for 'C' - I'm not sure if his heart is open to God, he is estranged from his family (many past issues), and recently a relationship ended. I just want him happy and content. Please pray for his heart to be open to God, family, forgiveness. And pray for direction in his life. (I feel helpless and anxious about this situation. I could use prayer to turn this over to our God.) Thank you deeply for every prayer!

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