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February 08, 2016

I have a friend who has recently gone through a divorce and it has been very difficult on her and the children. She is a strong woman and has faith in God, but does not actively attend a church. I ask that you keep her in your prayers and that I can somehow be a light to show that God is with her in her time of need.


February 06, 2016

During our Saturday Bible study one of our member's brother Dale has been recently been Diagnosed with cancer in his right shoulder and right lower back. Pray for faith and a total healing.

Aunt has Stage 4 lung cancer

February 04, 2016

I am in need of prayers for my family. Just recently found out my Aunt Donna has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. If you would keep her and us in your prayers that would be great. Please pray for God's healing and for Him to lead us in His ways through this difficult time. God Bless you also.


February 02, 2016

Lord, I pray that you help Luna right now, my best friend. Her cousin is not doing so well right now. May (her cousin) had a baby, and then he died at birth. She had another kid, who is now four and is struggling with cancer. Recently her cousins daughter ran away from the hospital and nobody knows where she is. Luna says she might know, but she's not for sure. She dosen't wan to tell anyone, afraid that she might get in trouble. Please guide her and help her to get closer to you through this because she's not trusting you right now. I hope that she comes to church this week. Amen


February 01, 2016

One of my close friends has had a hard past. His girlfriend got him to know God, and he loves Christ and goes to church every week. He's had lots of struggles though like cutting, pornography, self confidence issues, and his parents drink every day. Last night His dad screamed at him and called him an idiot and to never do this again. His dad is in kind of hard spot right now as well as his girlfriend. She has had a terrible past, and struggles everyday. Just recently our church was talking about temptation, and she had anorexia issues and decided it was a good challenge from Satan to eat one meal a day. Pray for her too. Anyway this friend stayed home from school today becuase he started to get sick and then decided to take three painkillers on top of it. Pray for all these people they're in s hard spot right now and they really need it! Thank you so much

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