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Need Immediate prayer and restoration

January 29, 2015

Father God I'm desperate for some guidance and wisdom. I've been praying for months and years for things in my life that seem to always produce trials or just never go away. I need some very clear answers and lifting up in prayer. I'm a single mom of 3 children. 2 teenagers and one pre-teen. It is incredibly hard work in itself. But my son has been on and off been struggling with drugs and lying and poor choices. I've sought all varying types of help. Classes Christian counselor support from myself and it is a constant battle. I'm a full time teacher and in a brand new district and have am extremely (behaviors) challenging class as well as very low level academic performance. I go home daily wondering if I'm in the right profession and extremely exhausted. I love children and teaching but am struggling so much this year...I had a relationship for a year with a great guy and then he disappeared for months due to grief and some of his own issues. He resurfaced a few weeks ago wanting to hang out again and it felt extremely comfortable and natural. We have a wonderful time together but he keeps his distance. Unfortunaley we made a poor choice and were a little too intimate which lede to question his motives. He stated he was terrified of a relationship and it is safer to keep me at a distance not necessarily easier... He also stated he has been dating or hanging out with other people as well. I asked him why he bothered to contact me? Of course he misses me and cares a lot about me... I'm completely heartbroken and devastated. I have been praying for months for God to lead us back to each other If it is meant to be? This has been such a battle and trial for me. I honestly don't know what or how to pray anymore for all that is weighing me down... I pray constantly...but feeling like God isn't there. I pray for direction and restoration mostly? Please pray for me


January 29, 2015

Please pray for Kyle and myself since we have severlly drifted away from The LORD and have backslidden. Please pray for our repentanceand faith unto The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that all satanic strongholds and bondages are broken. Please pray that The LORD gives me the strength to cut off an ungodly relationship I am in. Please pray for Allen that he grows is grace and in knowledge of The LORD. Please pray The LORD gives him wisdom and order his steps to His will and provides for all his spiritual and material needs. Please pray for Jamison, Jack, Tommy,their families, Kyle's family, and my family's salvation. Please pray that I get a new job and that I am set free from this demonic depression. I know this is rooted in my backsliding. Its a struggle to just put up these requests. Thank you and God bless you.

DELIVERANCE of sin and HEALING in relationship

January 26, 2015

My boyfriend Eduardo is in DEEP need of deliverance from the strongholds of sex and unforgiving resentment that he has!!! Please pray for him persistently lifting him up to God!!! I know God can work in his life for this and I believe God will!! My heart cries out for him because I love him and don't want to see him in this wrong lifestyle path! Eduardo has had this problem basically his whole life. He has told me about the time he became saved, but most times it's really hard to believe that his life was changed by the Holy Spirit because of his actions and lifestyle. He is happy in it! :( I am a Christian woman and we have been dating for two years. I've seen how God has worked in our relationship these 2 years, he has always stepped in and made the way for Eduardo and I when there was no way possible. I know God wants this relationship to be together. But there is a bad girl that came into his life who is tempting him and pulling him away- that is from satan! 1 Peter 5:8-9. Galatians 5:16-17. He slowly keeps pulling away from me. He said he prayed about it and said that this girl is what he needs and he feels I am not the right girl for him. But that can not be truth imparted to him from God! Because God will never encourage us to live a sinful lifestyle, and that's what this girl is offering and seducing him with. I don't want him to go down an evil worldly path. (Like he had before he met me, and like he is pushing hard for with this other girl now!) I have always given him unconditional love. I always will. That girl Latecia might give him sex that makes him happy for the moment, but this girl will always love him truly and in every way possible. I know that he heard a word from God. His mom told me that God spoke to Eduardo and told him that he was in danger. Eduardo might think I am the problem/danger because we have had maybe 2 or 3 problems in our whole relationship. But what couple won't have a few problems? One of the problems was that I got him into a car wreck last summer and he said he can't forgive that and see past it. He notices all the bad things and doesn't see or remember hardly any of our good. He says we always have problems, when in all realness- we have only had a couple of problems, but it stays bad because Eduardo has resentment and struggles deeply with sexual opposition when those temptations come up. Out of our two years there have been many girls that start to cause problems to pull him away, but God always brings him back to me. This time it seems the other girl is winning. But the Bible tells us that Satan will not win in the end! He will always be conquered by the Lord. Whatever God wants, will be. The Devil will never encourage us to do something great for God- that is how people can discern if something is from God or Satan. Eduardo needs to not harden his heart to what God has said, and not turn from what's right. The danger is him going into the worldly lifestyle- that God keeps trying to speak to him about. When we were eating lunch at a mall in Albacete Spain he said he always thinks about how I am such a "good girl" and he is a "bad boy", and often often thinks it won't work because of that. He has said part of the time he wants to be my love, and part of the time he wants to be free. (To live that worldly lifestyle:(. ) One day when I was praying about Eduardo, God showed me all the perfect verses about living in the world. 1 Peter 2:11-12; 2 Peter 2:4-10; 2 Peter 2:13-22; Titus 2:11-14. He's grieving the holy spirt. And that's a scary dangerous thing to ignore God when he speaks. Pray that Eduardo will change his lifestyle to the godly one and not worldly one that is easy to get sucked into. Pray that he will see that this is the right path, and stay with me. The walk with God isn't promised to be easy, but it is what's right and it's what's best. I wish he could see that true happiness isn't found in the worldly lifestyle of sex and just about having fun. Real happiness is found in the godly lifestyle that he needs, that I offer to him as his christian girlfriend who really loves him with everything I am. I know God can turn this around. I believe God will, and that God will show him I'm truly the best godly woman for him. We have not talked in about a week, because his mom suggested that I not talk to him, give him time to calm down and let God work. I'm praying hard every day. But the bad thing is this girl talks to him every day too, while I'm not talking to him. His parents are both Christians, wonderful people. His dad is a pastor. His parents have no idea how deeply he struggles with this sex stronghold. They would love for Eduardo to be my spouse one day. (Eduardo and I were/are planning to get married in summer 2016.) They are praying for him and I every day. Pray his parents will say the right things to him every day. (To speak encouragement of me to him and truth to him about the godly lifestyle.) And pray especially that God will keep speaking the right things to him. Be praying for our conversation that is to come in the future sometime. I don't know who will start it, if I will or if he will. And I want it to be nice, good conversation. Right now I think I will continue to remain quiet to let God work. But Eduardo has a hard heart and doesn't seem to be changing, this is gonna be really hard for him to do. I remember him saying, when I want something no one can stop me. God did design us to have free will, but I pray that God's presence will be so present at all moments on him that he doesn't choose that wrong bad path. Pray that he will turn back to me, I honestly will love and care for him all my life.- really, all my life. I love him second next to God and would do anything in the world for him. It's not like I won't have sex with him, I just won't until we are married next summer. Because I love and honor God above him. I know that anything that's in the hands of God can't be snatched. But I'm asking for prayer to be lifted up right now so God will be working in him for our relationship to get better sooner rather than later. Pray that he will not hold resentment over past mistakes and be able to be more faithful, not turning to worldly sex desires when the opposition comes up. Share this with your friends and family please!! I truly thank you all so much.

A friend in need of your help...

January 26, 2015

Hi All, I want to make a prayer request for my friend. She is a good person with a kind heart but she is emotionally disturbed. She needs your help in praying that peace comes to her home, her relationship and her life. My friend is currently going through a tough time with fears that her family is constantly in danger. I would recommend seeing a specialist but this would only enrage her. She is very blessed by God but is often blinded by her fears and emotional issues to see this. May she finally find peace and joy. Please pray that she moves to a better home where she will be able to focus on her family and on God. Also, I ask that you pray for God to help the people who are currently going through a difficult time because of my friend, especially her family.

College Student - Torn, Hurt and Uncertain

January 22, 2015

I'm a college student active in a student-run ministry on campus. I recently started dating someone but she has been going through some very serious anxiety and it is hurting me so badly. She is also a leader for the student-run ministry on campus too. We are both hurting and uncertain. (Before I starting dating her, I asked God to be at the forefront of the relationship.) Meanwhile, I'm just about to graduate with not much success finding jobs in Illinois where I'm living. There are plenty out in California though. I don't know if God wants me to move, to stay, to date, or to figure out something else. I do know He wants me to trust Him. I know God is up to something very cool but I just can't see the sunrise yet. Would you pray for my situation? For those who are going through uncertainty and struggle, would you latch on to this verse with me? Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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