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March 24, 2015

Im starting to feel like I am going to be alone forever. I have a boyfriend, but things are not going well because he is being influenced by his roommate. When we are together, it is awesome, but when he is home, he forgets how we are great together. I believe God put us together. Please help me pray that he remembers how good we are for eachother. Please pray his roommate will find somewhere else to live asap! To quit filling his head with negative things about me. He has struggled with God before, and now has a great relationship. I feel this could be the one..please pray he finds renewed love for me and we get back to God and each other. His roommate moves out NOW! Thank You. God please help me stay strong and know you want this to work too!

Please pray for my son and my marriage

March 21, 2015

For a few months, I've been requesting prayer for my marriage, but at this point, I believe it's a lost cause. My wife's heart is very hard toward me and she's acting as if she's been coached by a lawyer. I had attempted to do something inappropriate (non-physical) against my teenage stepdaughter 6 months ago--we've been separated ever since. Thankfully, God intervened and prevented what I attempted to do from happening. I immediately repented and sought help through Christian counseling and Celebrate Recovery. I've submitted my life to God's will, and have lived life above reproach for the past 6-months, during which time, I've bent over backwards to be as loving and as helpful as possible to my wife. After months of relentless prayer for our marriage, I've come to accept that I will soon be divorced, but my wife has not allowed me to see or talk to my 2-year old son for 6 months, and told me I may be lucky if I someday get supervised visitation. I had asked my wife several times that if she had to have a divorce, to do a collaborative divorce, but I know that she already has a lawyer and I'm afraid things are about to get messy. I was a very good dad, and I am in no way a threat to my son. After losing my dad at a very young age, I know from experience that It's very important that I remain a regular part of his life. My wife is a believer, but she seldom would go to church and did not do a very good job of raising her daughters in the faith. My son and I were very close, and I prayed with him every night. Raising him to trust Christ as his Savior is my most important mission in life. There's no doubt that all of this was my fault, and my wife has every reason to be upset with me. Though I had committed a horrible sin, I have genuinely repented and have been seeking help. I know that God has forgiven me and will somehow use all of this for good. I know I will come out of this alright, but I'm very concerned about my son. Please pray for God to soften my wife's heart and allow me to visit and talk to my son. If we end up divorced, please pray that she will take the collaborative route instead of pitting two lawyers against each other, and that we will have a reasonable joint custody agreement. Please also pray that if we end up divorced, that we will remain friends and have a good relationship.

deliverance for C

March 18, 2015

I am asking for prayers for C he is going thru a lot right now, a broken relationship, low self esteem, possibly some addiction. Issues. Please pray the blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ overhis life. Thank you


March 17, 2015

I just found out that I am pregnant, but I am not married. I am young and scared with what my family, church family, and friends will say. I have always been extremely ProLife, but now being in this situation myself, ashamedly, that option has crossed my mind. Please pray that the devil gets these thoughts out of my mind and that I listen to what Jesus is telling me to do in this situation. Please also pray for the relationship with my boyfriend. We have only been together a couple months and I am scared I will be "stuck" in an unhappy and unhealthy relationship now that a child is involved. I never saw myself in this situation and I don't know where to turn to see God in such a storm as this. I pray that God's Will be done as he works in mysterious ways - but help me to understand that his timing is always perfect.

God's path for my future

March 15, 2015

I am asking for God's guidance for both a new job (I am waiting to hear back about a 2nd interview I did last week) and a long-distance relationship with someone really great but we have had some communication issues. Praying for God to show me my path for the future, whatever it might be!

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