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May 30, 2015

Hi prayer friends, I wanted to ask for prayer in this overwhelming time. My best friend, Cassy, and I have been friends since college (over 8 years). I made the decision to move to Chicago for her and be closer to her. God really blessed me with wonderful years with this girl. Recently, we had a mishap with her roommates who aren't fans of me and our relationship has deteriorated. More recently, she got a job that likely is sending her to San Francisco. I'm not sure what to do when my lease is up. I so badly want to be a husband and father for Christ, and it's so hard watching a girl I love unconditionally become disconnected with me. I pray in Jesus Christ's Name for a restoration. We were so close when we had no money and lived depending on God and each other alone. Now that she's richer and wealthier with a bigger job and with roommates that have obliterated the biblical sense of "community", I feel like there's nothing I can do. Please, please pray for restoration of relationship with Cassy. That God would soften her heart strings and if He is willing, to bring us together as a committed couple under Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. May the burdens and fears be lifted. I don't know how, but I know God is a miracle-worker. And in ALL of this, may God get the complete glory. In Jesus Christ's Name, Amen. THANK YOU!

Relative Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

May 29, 2015

My maternal cousin was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her older sister died with this at 41 years old; my mother survived it 20+ years until her death in older years; now this diagnosis brings fear to her heart. Pray for miracles! I believe for a miraculous healing that does not require toxic conventional treatments. This cousin came to Jesus as a young woman but hasn't really come into relationship with Jesus. Please pray for support and for healing of broken relationships in my family. Thank you.

My son has witness my husband belittling me and devaluing me since his birth nine years ago. Until a year ago my son Matthew and I had a close relationship, and since my husband and I separated in November he refuses to talk with me or spend time with me

May 24, 2015

My son Matthew has a rock hard heart toward God and me . He is consumed with anger and bitterness. Praying that the Lord will soften his heart toward me and restore Matthew's relationship with God and with me.


May 23, 2015

Please please pray for me and my boyfriend of three years. recently broke off our engagement (he did) because he felt rushed. Please pray for me to have strength as i am staring to feel discouraged. Please pray for my boyfriend as well, for him to get his mind straight and have strength and to have a deeper relationship with God. Thank you.


May 22, 2015

The weekend is coming up, and that is always the hardest for me. I just got out of a relationship with someone who I have mutual friends with, and running into him at church or social events is so hard because he is so rude to me. Please pray the Lord will create boundaries between us, so that I do not run to him at all this summer. Also, please pray the Lord will send me godly friends who will help distract me from him. Also pray that I stop thinking about my ex, and can move forward with my life. Please pray the Lord will send me a future husband quickly. Please pray I will see this breakup as a blessing and God's provision for my life! Thank you.

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