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April 11, 2014

We where married over 20 yrs with many trial and he chose to not move with us. Because of circumstances we have not been together as husband and wife for over 3 years. We both contributed to our problems but he chose to not try anymore. We have a wonderful special needs child. I have been convicted about 8 months ago that I had never been his Help Meet that God asked me to be. I want to try but he has given up on us and started to move on, yet he has not filed for divorce. I am not his conscious but I don't think he is living a Godly life. I am trying so hard to be faithful in all ways. I have asked him for a chance to talk so we can either try to restore our marriage or for him to free me yet he has not responded. I can't nag him so I wait for him to respond. He is a good father and a wonderful man but the sin needs to be dealt with. Prayer is that God would bring him to his knees and if that requires something that be devastating, then let God do what he needs to in order to bring him to the foot of Christ for support, do it however God chooses, do it speedily. That all of his sinful activities become so bitter to the taste and that sin is no longer fun but painful. Mostly pray that he returns and we restore our marriage with GOD in the Center. Prayer for me would be - for Wisdom in my behavior, speech and attitude so they are not done by hurt or resentment but only as God would have a wife act. And that I would stay focused on Christ and not allow my flesh any control over me.

Need Prayer for Dying Marriage

April 07, 2014

My husband of only one year left home a little over a month ago without notice. In recent months, we had several disputes about paying bills, the family car and his suspected infidelity. He left me with thousands of dollars worth of bills (which includes a car note and medical bills). He also left 95 percent of his personal belongings too. We have spoken primarily over the phone but have not reached any type of agreement. He refuses to help me in any way. I have filed for a divorce since he has made no effort to return home to reconcile. Please pray for my financial recovery and emotional healing from this situation.

God's Healing

April 04, 2014

Thank you for considering to pray for this; I haven't tried to post any prayers publicly before, but I know that God hears the prayers of the faithful, especially when we pray together. I recently found out that I have what appears to be a tumor in my head, and I've had symptoms that make me feel unstable on a daily basis for almost a year. I'm in my mid-20s, and these symptoms have debilitated my ability to do my job at times or to do it as well as I can, to exercise like I used to do daily to stay healthy, to see friends/family with milestone events, to sometimes go to the grocery store, etc. I feel sick every day and have tried to stay positive, but it's really been getting to me lately. They're not even sure if my symptoms are related to the tumor, though, and they think that they won't have to take it out - I'm hoping they don't need to take it out either. I know that God can heal any physical ailment and that He's truly amazing. I am trying to rely on Him. I feel like there's a spiritual element, too, where God is drawing me nearer, but Satan wants me to pull away. I'm committed to continuing to follow Christ, but I find myself growing quite weary from these unstable symptoms that I feel like have stolen my life. Thank you for your prayers for God's healing. I'm hoping that He helps to heal my symptoms and my head so that I can return to my normal life. I've been learning a lot and growing in Him, and I pray that I continue that while hopefully feeling a lot better.... Thank you for your prayers! I'll be praying for you requests, too.

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