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reconsilation of marriage

August 21, 2014

Thank you for praying for me and my situation it's been along time that I've asked for powerful prayers. There is a whole inside of me that God has tried to heal and then someone says something and it opens that hole again. My ex is a pastor and a good man but he will not speak to me, and said he never wants me to be in his life ever again. We were married 39 yrs. I love him so much and repented of my sin and would like a chance to show him that I have changed. people call him and he doesn't return their calls-he runs away from his problems. I believe it is GOD's WILL that my family comes back together again. He has a lady friend and he is emotionally attached to her-please ask God to sever that relation ship and put deep conviction in his heart as well as hers. Again I thank you all please pray daily I don't know how much more I can deal with this. I know God is in control and He will give a this miracle in His time. And yes I know God is enough but I miss my ex more than you know.

Please pray for my dear son

August 20, 2014

My son has been battling an opiate addiction that is taking over his life, his health, and his character. Please pray for his healing and for the return of his old self. He has started a medication treatment today, but it will be a tough road until the medicine reaches a therapeutic level. He will be starting college in a couple of weeks and will be living in a recovery apartment. God has put so many blessings into his life, and wants him to take a positive path for his life. Please pray that he does this. Thank you so much for your prayers and bless each of you!

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