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clear answers for legal matters

July 31, 2014

we have two special needs kids. and we have to make a will and estate planning.. very limited to people we can choose to be executors of the will and trusts. prayers that God will make it very clear to whom he wants us to entrust this to. help us to know we are doing the right thing and to have faith that God is in control of EVERY detail that we are worrying about.and to turn it over and have peace for the decisions we make... thank you for your prayers.

Cancer has come back

July 31, 2014

My heart is breaking right now and I am asking everyone to please lift up my friend, Lexie Seaver in prayer. She just found out her brain cancer is back and surgery is not an option. She was given 3-6 months without treatment and possibly a year with. She has overcome this before and beaten all the odds, making her a miracle and I am just praying she can do it again. I am praying that God will give her wisdom and guidance in making the right decision on treatment and for comfort and strength to get through this. She is one of the strongest women I know. She has touched so many lives, mine included. Keep your faith and stay strong Lexie and remember that you are loved by so many and have so much support in this from us all. Fight like a girl!

A Situation In Need of Prayer

July 31, 2014

Honestly, your prayers [and God] are the only things that are holding me together right now. I've posted a few times, but I ask for your continued prayer today throughout this weekend especially. My ex and his mom have had a rough relationship and don't get along well. (And this weekend everyone will be in the same city for a family event. Yet, I don't even know if people will attend or even see each other.) Please pray they allow Jesus into their [hardened] hearts, open their hearts to each other, find love and forgiveness. It breaks my heart and I'd love to somehow fix all of this, yet I can't. I'm in counseling and trying to get help with this situation, as I'm so sad. (I hate being a 'needy' person -- not usually who I am. However, I NEED your prayers for my strength and for this situation.) I want my children to know their grandma and that side of the family. I want everyone to get along once again. Your prayers are holding me together. Thank you so much, friends.

Losing Hope

July 30, 2014

It was hard for me to wake up today - so much stress in my life right at this moment. Please pray for me and the following situation. I'm divorced (not something I would ever have to deal with) and now my ex and his family are not getting along. It's so painful for me. I plead for prayers. I want my children to know their grandma and all get along once again. It feels like more than I can handle.

Please pray for my son and family

July 27, 2014

Please pray for my son and family that he will be able to break the bonds of his current drug addiction. I am exhausted with worry and am having a difficult tine keeping my faith in him every recovering from this terrible disease. Please pray that God will grant him sobriety, that he will agree to go to treatment in Arizona if it is needed, that he will follow God's many opportunities for recovery, and that I will have the strength to help him and my family through all of this. My son is a very special person, and I know that there is a reason for all of this. I am so thankful for everyday that God gives us with him. God bless all of your prayers you put out, and I pray that none of you will ever have to go through the pain of a loved one with addiction. I also pray for all of you who are in similar situations as I am right now. God bless each of you!

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