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Workplace Difficulty

September 29, 2016

A listener requested prayer for a workplace that is going through a tough time. Pray for a hedge of protection around everyone, healing, and health. May those in authority make the right decisions for all involved.

Pray that my Fiance would grow in Christ

September 29, 2016

Simply asking for prayers that my Fiance's faith in his Savior would grow. His faith is as small as a mustard seed right now, but it is still there. Prayers that he would grow closer to our Lord.

Struggling with self loathing and hate due to addiction

September 29, 2016

I began smoking pot about a year and a half ago, and it has led me into a constant spiral downward. I feel nothing but guilt, shame and depression right now. I was raised in a loving, Christian family from day one, and I know my addiction is hurting them as well. Currently, I am trying to quit, but it's so very difficult and I have already relapsed a few times. I know God's plan for my life can't include marijuana in it. I want to be free of my addiction and to live my life anew in Christ. I would greatly appreciate some prayers. I know with Christ, all things are possible and with his help, I can do anything!

Looking for a home...

September 26, 2016

Please continue to pray for me and my family as we look for a home to rent. Due to medical reasons, we have lost everything...our business, our home, our cars, even our ability to do jobs we used to easily do. We are desperate to find a place to rent. We only have a couple of months left before the bank will evict us and we are struggling to find a place with a landlord willing to rent to us and accept our pets. Every day is a challenge to trust the Lord and lately, I'm losing that challenge. I give in to the fear and it's begun to affect my health. Please pray that the Lord will answer our prayers and put just that right place and person in our path. Also, that I can remain strong in faith for my family. I know how powerful prayer is when many of us pray together and we can really use your prayers! God Bless you and yours, and Thank you!!

My Brother Is Not Well

September 19, 2016

Please pray for my younger brother. I believe that he is not mentally well. He has completely stopped taking his psychiatric medication and is now in a state of paranoid delusion. I just listened to him angrily ranting about how he thinks that everyone is conspiring against him and how he has been seeing things that aren't really there. Please pray that he doesn't hurt himself or anyone else. And please pray that he would get the help and the healing that he desperately needs right now. Neither I nor my dad can have him committed against his will because he is an adult. Please pray for him and for us, that no one gets hurt and that he gets help. Thank you in advance.

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