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Serious Prayer Request.

October 07, 2015

So I KNOW this prayerworks, truly does work, I have seen great results with prayer with all of us gathering too uplift one another. My concern is ,I have a great job, Great boss, and I want to go to school, I have been planning this for a while now, already enrolled and accepted for the spring semester. I told my boss yesterday to give her a heads up, and she really sorta broke down, and said she didn't think this was the right thing for me, and told me ( WHILE putting things in perspective for me ) that she saw me growing in the company, and everything she said made sense. MY concern is, I want to branch out and work one and one with people, while doing something I love. I just feel so lost and confused, please please pray for me you guys, I really need to be put in the correct direction.

Please pray for my Mom having surgery right now.

October 02, 2015

Hello, this is Hannah again. My Mom is having surgery on Friday Oct. 2nd at 12:00pm, so right now. For oral cancer and some lymph nodes. The Doctors are removing the cancer and hopefully it will be gone. If you want to, pray this prayer: Dear Heavenly Father please protect my Mom while she is in surgery and continue to heal her. If it is Your will please let there be no cancer anywhere else in her body and if there is please heal it. In Jesus' name I pray Amen. Thank you so much for praying for my Mom and my family and God Bless you!

please pray for my marriage, family & court case

October 01, 2015

I committed a horrible sin about a year ago, and my wife and I have been separated ever since. I caused deep emotional pain for her, and she no longer trusts me and hasn't allowed me to see our 2-year-old son for the past year. I repented immediately and have been getting help through Christian counseling and Celebrate Recovery (I got my 1-year chip tonight). Though I've been praying relentlessly for God to restore our marriage and family, my wife made it clear that she plans to divorce me. I'm facing criminal charges resulting from my sin, and must appear in court Friday, Oct. 9th, when I'm expected to accept a plea bargain and will be placed on probation for a misdemeanor. The terms of probation may end up being very excessive, and I'm concerned the terms may make it very hard for me to function in society. I've always been an honest, decent person and have never done anything like this before. I'm heartbroken and scared right now. Please pray that the judge will be lenient on me (I assure you I'm no threat to anyone), and that my wife would have a change of heart and allow God to restore our marriage and family. PLEASE pray that I will soon be able to regularly see and have quality time with my precious son, and for God to give me peace. Thanks

Seeking gods will in my job

October 01, 2015

I've been teaching for several years.over the past year I have become really frustrated and disheartened by teaching and have put feelers out for other career options. I am a finalist for a really incredible opportunity! I a torn because I have hoped and prayed for this opportunity, but if I am offered the job it means I have to leave my students mid year. I pray that God would bless me with this job opportunity and would guide my heart to make the right decision.

My Mom passed away last Friday

September 30, 2015

I am a mess ! Her last words were "don't cry,but she know I would as were were so close...I was there for everything she needed all the past years she was in need of help.She fell 3 weeks and broke a hip. She was terrible pain. I was there holding her hand as she cried and begging for the the CNA's to please leave her alone !! She would say PLEASE!! She was out of the hospital and in Hospice Care the last 2 weeks. I spent every minute I could being with her in a chair beside her with my head on the bed....telling her how much I loved her and it was OK to close her eyes and go to sleep....Jesus was coming and she would be all better......She passed away very peacefully Friday night with me right beside her.......

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