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Prayer for a close friend

September 04, 2015

Good brothers and sisters, My prayer request is for a close friend of I've known for years and deployed with to Iraq while enlisted in the Marine corps.Last week his wife called to tell me he's been having very bad frequent migraines. They went to the doctor to get it checked out to find out he has a tumor in his brain right behind his left eye. I'm praying for him but putting in a petition together to the FATHER through CHRIST our Lord and saviour will be even more received and heard with the greatest love of all, unconditional. Thank you so much and God bless.

Lord bless/protect us all

September 03, 2015

for both daughters to mature and be given self control , patience, love, gentleness, virtue and wisdom in Christ and be protected, my son in laws/fams too. for both daughters to be virtuous, proverbs 31 women. for their men to be God-fearing faithful , strong, yet gentle men/husbands/dads. for them to cherish my daughters and be faithful to my daughters always in Christ. for them to be thankful for my daughters to God, and to never ever abuse my daughters or cheat on them or take them for granted. Lord, is the man for my youngest daughter Sarah, her current man, C.C.? Also Lord is it God's will for my oldest, Ashley, to marry her Christian husband soon and Lord is it this new man, Alec? I pray it is for both of them. God's will 100%. Also pray for Ashley to get a p/t stable job and both daughters need cars soon. for the transportation issues to be resolved by Jehovah soon. for my son in law C.C. to ONLY get a job where he is surrounded by good devoted Christia n men who will guide him to be a good, faithful,christian husband to my youngest adult daughter, Sarah. Pray also for both of my daughters to marry for life, God willing, their lives/husband/families lives are long and healthy, without incident, separation ,illness, divorce, adultery, lack, doubt, indifference to spouses,etc. protect all their health, wholeness,soundness,longevity, devotion, faith, good fruits, etc and all of our entire families too, right now and always. Lord in both of my daughters marriages, never allow adultery or separation , evil or temptation to take root in their relationships/marriages ever, not in any way, shape or form or time. in Jesus Christ our Savior's Name, we pray, Amen.


September 03, 2015

My first divorce hearing is a month away. When he first left I know God told me to not give up but lately Ive just been feeling hurt and discouraged and confused. I do not believe God wants us to get divorced we have been married for twenty years but I am lacking the strength that I need to believe that with every thought. Please pray that God gives me the courage and strength to stand when everyone else wants me to just give up and move on. Please change me to be the woman God wants me to be and my husband to be the man, the husband and father that God called him to be. Please God help me, save my marriage and show me that I am doing the right thing in not giving up.

ashley and alec

September 02, 2015

God bless, protect and strengthen 100% the lives of Alec and Ashley, and their new relationship together and God willing future marriage and family together. Lord rebuke , remove and block the enemy, every evil and temptation, all harm, loss, things/beings not of Jesus Lord, right now and for good. No weapon formed against them or any of our families shall prosper. Knock down strongholds, remove block curses , in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.

Deliverance from drugs for son/Break Ungodly soul ties husband and remove her out of his life.

September 01, 2015

I call the things that be not as though they were. My son is delivered from drugs, addictions in Jesus name and has no withdraws or symptoms or cravings for drugs or alcohol in Jesus name and loves Jesus like Christ loves the church.I bind his mind to the mind of Christ in Jesus name. I claim his full repentance in Jesus name I plead the Blood of Jesus over him and no weapon formed against him shall prosper. I bind every attack of the enemy and plan or plot or hex or vex over his life burned up and destroyed by the blood of Jesus. I claim he is a godly man and a strangers voice he will not hear, I break every ungodly soul tie in my husbands life in Jesus name and break every plan of the enemy to bring these women or any others into his life in Jesus name. Father in Jesus name give him the right words to break these relationships off with these women and he does not ever desire them in Jesus name. Bring revelation and gods wisdom to my husband and sons life in Jesus Name!!!! I bind every hindrance against this prayer and cover this prayer in the name of Jesus and no weapon formed against this prayer shall prosper in Jesus name.

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