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Prayers for my. Dad and my 5 yr old boy...

May 22, 2016

I have had a rough last week. My dad had his hip replaced 4 weeks ago and was doing great till last week when he had troubles breathing and was found to have a heart condition. He is now on medication to regulate it. He is doing good now but continued prayers are appreciated. Now I face tomorrow. Last Tuesday at my 5yr olds yearly physical his Dr thinks his heart murmur has gotten worse. So he has an echocardiogram scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I know God will take care of him and if need be help the doctors fix anything that could be wrong. But as a mom I'm scared. Please send prayers for us. Thank you and God bless!

Tumor/abdominal mass

May 22, 2016

A few months ago the doctors found a tumor/abdominal mass in my lower stomach. I will have surgery on June 13th and am very scared. I'm a mom of 2 young boys. Please pray for me that it is a benign tumor. Please pray for fast healing after surgery as well. Thank you and God bless.


May 19, 2016

I could use your prayer. I want to be open to what God wants for my life. Recently, I ended a two and a half year relationship (and I'm questioning if I'm just scared to commit, if I need to be on my own, or perhaps he just wasn't the 'right' one). I want this man to be happy and don't want to hold him back, but I feel horrible that I hurt him. I'm a single mom and quite independent (I've never felt I had to have a boyfriend/husband to complete me). However, right at this moment I feel alone and like I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. Please pray for direction. Thank you!

My 3 year old baby is having surgery!!!

May 16, 2016

Please pray for my 3 year old baby who is having a surgery done tomorrow. I am very scared but I know with prayers he will be fine, I am a mother of 3 babies and 2 of them which have passed away due to medical complications in their lives , just asking for a bit of encouragement and prayers for my baby !!! Thank You!

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