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Hope fading

November 15, 2014

I'm a sub 30 year old man with the cognition "of a 65 year old patient with dementia". I can't hold a thought and I get lost on the way to work. (it's two roads and about 18 min.) My wife is about 7 months pregnant with our baby girl and we're scared to death because we don't make enough money or have housing lined up and I as the man am supposed to be the protector and provider, and have no idea how to make this work. My wife is my rock and by far the best person I have ever met, and I am truly blessed to have her. This doesn't change the fact I enter a room and forgot why I went in, etc. I'm terrified of not being able to thoughtfully care for our baby. Throw in a few (very minor on the scope of things) other physical problems I've been having, and it's all overwhelming. I just need G-d to show me HE's there and let me feel him carry me through this for my wife and our baby. Thank you if you would help pray for me. (sorry it was long winded.)

Sick 2 month old

November 10, 2014

Please anyone and everyone pray for my beautiful daughter Ariel. She is 2 months old and she is fighting for her life. She has respiratory failure and is hooked up to a lot of machines, sedated, and on lots of medicines. The Drs are still unsure as to what has caused this and they are still looking for answers. She was up and down but now is stable. Although she is stable she is far from ok. We have been on a very emotional roller coaster and on Saturday night we really thought we were going to lose her as the Drs had told us they had only one more option and if she didn't respond to that then there would be nothing left that they could do. Thank God that she pulled through with the help of the EMCO machine, and has been at stable levels now. Please pray we are over the worst and that she will now be on the path of recovery. We are very scared even though we are praying and trusting in God to heal her and help guide the Drs in everything they are doing.

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