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February 04, 2016

Dear Lord I'd like to Pray for my friend right now. He took pills the other day and has been sick. He came back to school a few days ago, but something is wrong with his head. He can't focus, or think right. Lord he's been thinking past, which completely tears him apart. I pray that you help him. He loves you so much but struggles with his own past, doubts, and worries. I pray that you help him through this journey of faith and bless him. Help him reliaze how much you love him and that you died for him. Guide him please help him Lord. I love this guy so much and have been so worried about him latley. Amen


February 01, 2016

One of my close friends has had a hard past. His girlfriend got him to know God, and he loves Christ and goes to church every week. He's had lots of struggles though like cutting, pornography, self confidence issues, and his parents drink every day. Last night His dad screamed at him and called him an idiot and to never do this again. His dad is in kind of hard spot right now as well as his girlfriend. She has had a terrible past, and struggles everyday. Just recently our church was talking about temptation, and she had anorexia issues and decided it was a good challenge from Satan to eat one meal a day. Pray for her too. Anyway this friend stayed home from school today becuase he started to get sick and then decided to take three painkillers on top of it. Pray for all these people they're in s hard spot right now and they really need it! Thank you so much

School, Heart, Eyes, Ears, and Peers.

January 31, 2016

Hi. My name is Justice, I am in middle school. I am 12. I will be doing homeschool next year due to problems in the public school I go to. I have been getting bullied and called names that no one should be called. These bullies live down the street and have made numerous attempts to make me feel uncomfortable in my own home. They are scared of my dad luckily.But this summer (2015) they took it too far, following me down the street, harassing me, and pushing me. We went back to school and the counselor wanted to talk to me about it and tried to blame me for everything that happened, saying that I should've come in and filed bully reports and my parents should have called. The thing is with this, I filed probably around 25-50 during the whole school year and they "lost" them all. The counselor told my that if my parents really cared about what was going on they would've called, which they also did. So I would like for their eyes to be opened. Recently we were asked to write a persuasive essay on a topic we felt strongly about. My topic was Everyone Needs Jesus. My teacher wouldn't let me read it to the class because people had different opinions on that topic, which made me and my family very upset because isn't the whole point of a persuasive essay to persuade people to think the way you think about the topic? I mean really. I pray that God will make them realize what they are doing. I pray for God to open their eyes so they can see what they need to fix in their so called "bully policy" and I pray to the Lord that my eyes will also be opened so I can see what he has in store. I pray that God will open my ears so that I can hear his voice.

Dear God Please Help My Son

January 26, 2016

My son is in need of prayers from all. Please pray for him. He has relapsed back into his heroin use after 7 months of sobriety, doing well in school, going through probation successfully, and being blessed with a wonderful girlfriend. Now, in an instant, he stands to lose his life, his girlfriend, school, and his future with a felony charge. Please oh please pray for him that he can regain his sobriety and recovery so he can stay alive, be happy with the girl of his dreams, successfully complete his probation, graduate, and have a happy life. He really needs success in his life to stay in recovery and happy. Please pray that God will give us a miracle and give us our son back. I thank you all so much for your prayers!!! God bless!

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