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Need a word from the lord if i should apply for a certain job

September 18, 2014

Please pray i hear from the lord about a good job that i was told to check out. I am going to school and not sure if the lord is trying to give it to me. Its a good position. I need clarification

end of abusive relationship

September 17, 2014

I have recently left an abusive relationship that lasted 4 years. My boyfriend has always been controlling and jealous and emotionally abusive, but things got worse when his 8 year old son died a year and a half ago (so he needs prayers too!) Our relationship has deteriorated steadily to the point where my son (who lives with us) spends most of his day hiding in his room with his head buried to not hear the fighting. He belittles me, accuses me of everything possible, demeans me, threatens me, lies to me, everything that can destroy a relationship. I have stuck with him for so long not only because I love him and believe that I made a commitment to him but because I was always scared to leave. When things got physically violent, I stayed at a shelter but he found me and I have always tried to protect the people that shelter me when I leave. I have gotten to the end of my line..... I cannot live like this anymore. I cannot go to church without accusations, work meetings are out of the question, going to the store without him is a big no-no. I don't eat or sleep well because my anxiety has increased to debilitating levels. I left him yesterday and am staying with my parents. My son is torn, he was just getting used to a new school (he's now in middle school), but knows the relationship is toxic for both of us. I need prayers to stay on the right path, to keep making decisions that are healthy for my son and for myself. Thank you.

Breaking through blessings

September 16, 2014

I am asking for so much wisdom rigth now. I ask in Jesus name that God would pour out His love favor and blessings over myself and husband, and our families. I declare that I am losing weight, and getting a part time job at the tanning salon. I am praying favor with my school and teachers as well as my husband. I pray for our minds to be filled with Christ. I plead the blood over my family friends and everyone who stands with me. I claim that this year 2014 is going to be ted and I Eph 3:20 year. IJNIP Amen Courtney


September 16, 2014

I just want to give up on life. The one girl ever capable of understanding me is someone's girlfriend, I'm now 40 lbs overweight, my subjects are in trouble in school, and it seems like no one will talk to me anymore. I keep beating myself up, and I don't even think I'm capable of anything anymore. I'm even considering dropping my classes. I want and need to feel God again. Because I have chased away all those capable of being my friends.

job & school

September 05, 2014

My daughter just started grad school and has had a stressful time all a long working full time while going to school full time and this year put her over the edge and is only week 1. She has decided to quit her stressful position (retail) and concentrate on school but also find something parttime/intern in her field. She is strong and I know and pray all the pieces will fall into place.

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