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prayer for an open window.

April 11, 2014

I say "window" because its a thing between God and I. :D But anyways, I am asking for a door to be open to help with my Skin Therapy Licenses back in check. My school shut down years ago, and I have no way of figuring out how to study or get things organized to start my dream spa / makeup area. I work full time, and I am trying to figure this all out. Please Pray GOD WOULD GUIDE AND OPEN A DOOR FOR ME. I also started smoking again, ( i smoked 8 cigs yesterday due to stress.) I do not want to be this person. amen

First Time College Student

April 09, 2014

I am a veterinary technician student struggling with the balance of school, work, friends and family. I have been having problems with my anxiety and it is effecting my work performance, and how I treat others. I am to the point where I am so overwhelmed that it is also effecting my health. I pray for God's strength and guidance to lead me in making the right decisions so I am successful and live a healthy life. Thank you.

Mom and Dad find jobs

April 07, 2014

My family has been through a lot over the past year. My mom has been laid off since September and still has yet to find a job and my dad got laid off in December thankfully we found him a job but once again he was laid off. I live in Madison and they live an hour and a half north of here. I do all that I can to help them as they struggle financially. I have a full time stressful job and am about to start school in a couple weeks and having the added stress of helping them file for unemployment and apply for jobs for them I am running on empty. I have come to question why God keeps doing this to my family. I just ask for prayer that my parents find a job soon and everything works out and also that I don't loose my faith as there has to be a reason we are going through this hard time. Thank you.


April 02, 2014

Please pray that The Lord has favor on my daughter Samantha to get into nursing school, and influence over those who are reviewing the applications that she get accepted so she can begin her life as an adult. I believe God has blessed Samantha with a gift for care taking and the road has been rough for Samantha to reach this goal. Please pray that God guides the reviewers to choose Samantha and that she finds out soon of the acceptance. Thank you for joining in this prayer with me! I ask all this in Christ's name.

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