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Wisdom & Protection

August 23, 2015

Please pray that my boyfriend would change his number so that his ex-girlfriend can't contact him anymore. My boyfriend has an ex-girlfriend from High School that has been stalking him every time he's been in a relationship. He has not dated her for over 5 years. He has blocked her from his Facebook. A few months ago she contacted him and he asked her not to contact him anymore. Now today out of the blue she texted him and started bothering us. Please also pray that all soul ties of this ex-girlfriend be broken off of my boyfriend. Pray against whatever in or about her has stalked him all of these years. Pray against the enemy and for our protection. Please also pray that God would change her or remove her from this area and from our paths. Pray that God would hide and protect us that the enemy can not see us or find us. In Jesus name, Amen.

Job Update

August 21, 2015

So, I recently got notification that I would be staying on another month in my currently position at work. It was just for the summer, but I was able to stay on through September. Please continue to pray for guidance and that I could stay in my current position until I am able to finish up school this coming December.

Ending of 2015 through 2017! and always....

August 14, 2015

May your prayers be heard and granted as you take the time to pray for mine. Where two or more are gathered in his name, He locates us with His GPS and listens to our requests. So here are mine: Salvation for my son and immediate family and hedge of protection, favor, direction for each one on an individual basis to meet their purpose. Deliverance for myself from all, God knows the details to that one; cleaning renewed like the eagle. Aside from the spiritual, there is returning to school as a mature female, may God put his hand on all that so that I may finish BA in a year and a half or sooner successfully....and pay back the loan! through work study. A living arrangement that is completely secure, no more homelessness. Transportation of a car again. Legal cases mainly 4 to be heard and dealt with, finalized by 2016. Healing of a hernia that came out in the last year and is pertruding, can't afford a doctor or sugery, on my lower right thigh. Reverse or maintain a ge! lol so I can do all I need to do before leaving this life. TY

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