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single mom needs job

May 21, 2016

Thanking God for our daughter's interviews. She has come so close to getting a job that she needs to care for her 2 children. Please pray that God helps her at her next interview to be the teacher the school needs. So many people interviewing. Pray that God shows those in charge that He wants her to be hired. She has faith & hope that her prayers are answered so she can help her family & be a strong role model in a school. We pray daily that He shows her where He needs her.

exams and stress at school / home

May 17, 2016

Throughout my entire junior year at Luther Preparatory School, I felt like I disappointed my parents and my teachers at everything I did. Wether it was in sports, in the classroom or my grades. This week is exams at school and I know that if I do poorly I will flunk out of Junior year, and my parents will never let me return to this amazing school. So I ask that you pray along with me for success in my exams as to increase my GPA and make my parents proud. They have led me to become an excellent young man and I want that to stay. So please pray, I thank you all.

Provision and breakthrough

May 17, 2016

We have felt the weight of crushing debt (mostly school loan debt for years now), and due to familial health issues with two of our family members we have had to use credit cards to pay medical bills and emergencies that come up (even with insurance covering 80%). While God has provided the income to cover all of our bills (through us working 50-60 hours a week at full and part time jobs) and we have maintained our good credit even paying minimum, the burden is a spinning hamster wheel, as unforeseen expenses keep coming up almost weekly whenever we have extra money to pay off debt. We are just tired, we miss family time because we are always working, we feel overwhelmed by our inability to get out of debt even when we have extra money. The extra money (if there is any or if our parents help) always goes to emergencies, medical bills, car failures, huge house expenses and we are exhausted from never saving or paying debt, just spinning our wheels. We do tithe and we absolutely are grateful God has provided exactly what we need to make sure ends meet, but working long hours, exhaustion and stress are not a way to live especially when we aren't getting ahead. Even if your prayer is just for Him to sustain us through these times that I know many of us are going through, we would appreciate it, but ultimately we pray the tide turns and extra money can go where it should, to debt and savings. Apologies for my novel. Thank you for your prayer

peer relationship issues

May 16, 2016

My prayer request if for Teens from my school to like me for who i am. and for all of the bullying that has happened to stop. i am battling depression every day because of how i am treated. but god is helping. just asking that things could pick up. thank you.

Heal the toe

May 11, 2016

A year ago I crushed my little toe on my left foot moving items from school building to another part of the building. Had surgery in December 11 and now it has a bacteria infection and taking oral antibiotics; if this does not work I will need a pick line; and if that doesn't work amputate my toe. I don't want to loose my toe and this is not right. I pray the toe will heal and I can get on with my life.

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