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July 14, 2014

I am an 18 years old and I am going to be doing a Youth With a Mission Discipleship Training School this fall. It is a life altering school meant for young people who are hungry to see change in the world and then give them the training to do so (it is pretty much a school to train up missionaries). I have to raise quite a bit of money for me to participate in this school and then to be able to go on outreach (mission trip) part. Fundraising is going slow and the school starts in September. Please pray that all of my finances come in so I can participate in this life altering school. Thanks.

Pray that God blesses business

July 07, 2014

I am a former nursing student who is choosing to leave the medical field entirely. I am watching how politics is changing medicine and I am very concerned over it. I refuse to become part of an institution that is forced to support abortion in any form. God has blocked my progress 3 times now as a nursing student, and I am beginning to take the hint. God has always blessed every other aspect of my life, so this seems to be a real clear indication of His will for my life. My wife and I started an online business. It is profitable, but not enough yet for me to leave the medical field. We are finally able to meet our expenses on our own (praise God!), but not enough yet where it would be easy for us to tithe like we would like to. I have a wife, three kids, and a baby on the way, so my family is the neediest one I personally know. Pray that God would make His will for my life today abundantly clear, as I am about ready to call my school and tell them that I am quitting. I am so tired of giving colleges money and getting nothing out of it. It would cost me about $3,000 to continue my nursing education. For that kind of money I could fill a warehouse with merchandise! Please pray for wisdom and direction.

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