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Family needs

July 29, 2014

I keep asking for these same prayers, I pray God feels it is our time soon. Please pray that our son gets a full time job asap. Please pray that our house sells also asap. I ask for prayers for all that are battling health issues. I thank you so much for your prayers. I know prayers work. Thank you again.

Our Sons and Grandson

July 28, 2014

Thank you for praying for so many months. Our oldest son's divorce will be final Wednesday. Restoration does not seem possible but all things are possible through Christ. He is still angry with God and not walking with Him. Our grandson is being passed like a football between people. Pray for protection for his mind, heart & soul. Our younger son who was involved with pot has been fired and is deep into angry, rebellious behaviors. Pray for wisdom in all these circumstances as we minister and desire to glorify God with our lives. We love our family and have tough choices to make this evening. God richly bless you with peace.

Please pray for my son

July 28, 2014

Please pray for my son who is battling an addiction with heroin and other drugs. We are hoping that he will agree to enter a long-term recovery program in Arizona, but he is anxious about this program. Please pray that God will give him the gift of recovery and sobriety, where ever he ends up. Thank you in advance for all of your prayers. I thank God for every day he gives us a son who is sober, and every day that our son is alive. Where there is hope, there is life. God bless each of you!

urgent prayer for mercy

July 28, 2014

Hello, my son was addicted to heroin for years, after years of abuse from his father. You have prayed for him when their seemed no hope left. God has raised him up gave him loving men in his life to rebuild trust. Also he has been drug free for over a year has a great job, has paid all child support and and for six months has been paying back bills including student loans. He had an issue awhile ago where his probation officer showed up early and accused him of being late. She called me to complain and I told her I would have him call her, when I called my son his card had her coming an hr after the fact. we save all the info and his boss had given him a ride to our house for the meeting. We tried calling repeatedly and she would not answer our calls. my son got pulled over this weekend for speeding and they said they had a warrent for probation violation. and he is in Jail. I ask you to pray for mercy for him. He is trying so hard. When I talked to him he said He was glad that now this would get resolved so he is taking ownership and I can see the growth. I just don't want him to loose everything he has worked hard for and slip back into that dark place. He is searching for Jesus, thank you.

Please pray for my son and family

July 27, 2014

Please pray for my son and family that he will be able to break the bonds of his current drug addiction. I am exhausted with worry and am having a difficult tine keeping my faith in him every recovering from this terrible disease. Please pray that God will grant him sobriety, that he will agree to go to treatment in Arizona if it is needed, that he will follow God's many opportunities for recovery, and that I will have the strength to help him and my family through all of this. My son is a very special person, and I know that there is a reason for all of this. I am so thankful for everyday that God gives us with him. God bless all of your prayers you put out, and I pray that none of you will ever have to go through the pain of a loved one with addiction. I also pray for all of you who are in similar situations as I am right now. God bless each of you!

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