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Our Sons and Grandson

August 29, 2014

Thank you for praying for us. Our eldest son and grandson have found housing but he is still planning on living with his girlfriend. Our youngest son who was charged with possession and paraphernalia has his court date soon. We have always prayed, "Whatever it takes, Lord, bring them to you." Pray for wisdom for us, protection for our sons and grandsons from the evil one and that our prodigals would come back to Jesus. Many thanks.

Family needs

August 29, 2014

Please pray that God feels it is our time to sell our house. Also that our son will get a job. I also ask for prayers for all our friends and family that are dealing with health issues. Thank you

sick child

August 28, 2014

I have a 15 month old girl with hand foot and mouth disease, (highly contagious). While she seems to be on the mend, but still contagious and I am desperately trying not to let my 4 yr old son get sick. School starts in 5 days and I'd hate for him to miss this exciting time for him. We have been talking about it all summer. The have booth been at home with me for the last 7 days (both pulled from daycare during this contagious time. Not even sure if it was wise or not to pull my non-symptomatic son, but what if he was a non- symptomatic host?) and have another 4 days at home until. Husband and I have already missed work and we hate to miss more work if my son gets it finally as she is healing. Just praying my son doesn't get it (and us), causing him misery, missing school, and us missing more work, and/or potentially get others sick. Thanks

sons health

August 26, 2014

please pray for my son who is going thru a lot of changes. he is working very hard with his job and has many personal changes coming up. he is feeling a little overwhelmed and that can be a fine line with his physical and mental health. please pray for health and stamina and safety as he travels this week. thank you for all your prayers for my sons. i sure can feel the power of prayer.

return my grandchildren

August 25, 2014

my son has been going through a horrible divorce. his not yet ex-wife has tried to commit suicide multiple times. she has now fled the state with his 4 children illegally. pray for their safe return and for the court to expedite this quickly. thank you.

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