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Heart Idols

October 01, 2014

Please pray that The LORD helps me pull down, break, destroy, and burn my heart idols (entertainment, ungodly frienships, Internet foolishness, pride, etc.) and that He draw me close to Him and that I grow in grace and knowledge of The LORD. That He protects me from the wiles of the devil and my family coworkers and enemies. That He uses me mightly for His name sake and keeps me on the strait and narrow with Him, overcoming by the power of His might, bearing my cross, walking by faith in Him, bearing much fruit for His glory and namesake, walking in The Spirit, walking in humility, in love, in peace and in all the fruits of the Spirit and producing them for His glory. Please pray that I love and forgive me family and enemies and all people who have wronged me and not bear any grudges against them. Thanks and God bless you.


September 30, 2014

Please pray for me. I have backslidden (although not too deep I think). I have been so angry, full of lust, worldly, polluted by the world, puffed up with pride, negelecting The Word, please pray for my repentance, for humilty to flood my heart for The LORD to Draw me close to Him and rain such a flood of conviction on me that it brings me to my knees in weeping, brokenness and repentance and faith unto Him. Please pray that I love and forgive all people and hold noi grudges against anyone and that any and all satanic strongholds or bonds are broken and that I walk in the SPirit once again abiding in The LORD beraing much fruit to His glory.

Prayer Request

September 29, 2014

Please pray that I grow in grace and in knlowledge of The Lord Jesus christ; that I walk in the Spirit always; that He conforms me into His Holy Image; that He uses me for His name sake and Glory; that He protects me from the wiles of the devil and my family; that He makes me into a pastor after His own heart; that He makes me into a man and disciple after His own heart; tha He provides for all my spiritual and material needs. Please pray for my co-worker's, family's, friend's, associates, aquantances, neighbors, and enemies salvation. Pease pray that I get a new and better job and my own place.Please pray that The LORD provides for Allen's, Kyle's, Walter's, Angel's, Daniel's and all of my brothers and sisters in Christ's spirtual and material needs. Also for the salvation of their family's and their protection from the enemy and his machinations. Thanks and God bless you.

Prayer for Strength to be the Man / Leader/ Servant of God

September 28, 2014

My name is MIke, I would like to ask for prayer to continue to stay obedient to the calling of God on my life. that is staying in the word of God, praying for others, serving, tithing,. As far as my calling to serve I ask for more strength, endurance , patience, compassion, simply put all the fruits of the spirit. Thank you and God Bless You for praying.


September 25, 2014

Pass Quiz and Test in Math class this Monday and in Oct, Lord you know the details I more than do my part do yours! Please. You know the details of how bad the test are that are given by the prof and that it has nothing to do with the material yet we are suppose to be able to read her mind lol. Homeless, secure a home for me or tell me what to do, I am staying with an elderly lady helping out in exchange to sleep there, I'm never there and shower but I am not paying rent, although she is well to do, she expects to be paid, please resolve this, may she decide what to do or open a door for me to live in. I have no on and am a mature female that returned to school. Had to. Touch my son and deliver him from drugs and alcohol completely, Salvation for him always baptize him in the Holy Spirit and his 2 year old daughter.

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