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Marriage in crisis

August 14, 2016

I am standing for my marriage. I have sought out God throughout this crisis that has been going on for quite some time now. I have grown tremendously in my faith because of this trial. I need God's strength to continue on this path and to be able to withstand the onslaught of temptations that come my way. I have felt a new peace within me that I cannot explain. My wife continues to fallow her emotions and is not willing to work on our relationship. Please pray that the root of this be found and that God's power be shown throughout this story. I am asking for reconciliation through God being the center of our family and that God receive all of the credit because I am powerless to change how she views our life together. I am asking for the Holy Spirit rise up within us both and give us the life that is promised! I love her and forgive her, but it is necessary for her to forgive me as well.

Protection from the enemy

August 10, 2016

My daughter Natalie is under attack from the enemy. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will open her eyes to the lies she is hearing, and that she will desire to fill her mind with the truth from God's Word and resist the enemy!

telling my conservative dad i'm pregnant tonight, prayer for peace in my family

August 09, 2016

Please pray for peace when I share the news with my Korean conservative father that I am unwed and pregnant. He has an abusive past to my mother/older brother and tends to take it out on her when it comes to 'us' kids mistakes and wrongdoings. Please pray for peace and unity when the news is shared and protection over my mother and brother. May the grace of God and the Holy Spirit anoint my father with patience, forgiveness, mercy, and understanding. Thank you.

Hurting Heart

August 09, 2016

My heart hurts as I continue to grieve my former relationship. Each prayer, Scripture, counsel from God-fearing friends/family/advisers, & the Holy Spirit within me tells me "Do not give up on this man! Pray for him without ceasing and you two will be restored!" - and even though I love that message, it is so difficult to cling to when all I feel is hurt and fear. I haven't seen anything concrete that would lead me to believe my ex will come back, so I need prayers for stronger faith. I am committed to God's will, and that's what I want to be done and on HIS time, but it's painful to wait. Please ask the Lord to equip me with all that I need to get through this time. Please also ask the Lord to work in my ex and heal/correct anything that needs healing/correcting. I know many are cynical in regards to God's calling in relationships - but I can truly say this is not a deceitful heart moment. I've heard God tell me "no" many times throughout my life and I've fought Him tooth and nail to get "my way" (hasn't worked, by the way), but I've ALWAYS known when He says "no." This is different. I trust if the Lord wants me to go another way, He will tell me - so I ask that while you're kindly praying to simply ask God to give me total assurance and holy confirmation in His path for me. Thank you!

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