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August 30, 2015

Lord send the Holy Spirit quickly to my family, me and my house and also the clement/clarke fams/homes and the ogden homes, including betty, to drive out immediately, fully and permanently all evil spirits and things/beings not of You, Lord God Almighty, and protect us completely in ways so Almighty, we cant even comprehend. thank You Lord, forgive us our sins, hear our hearts/prayers, provide , heal, shield and bless us all. cancel all plans of the enemy, knock down strongholds, remove curses, etc from us all. in Jesus Christ our Savior's Name, we give thanks and pray, Amen. Hallelujah!!!

New Dimension

August 27, 2015

Dear Father in Heaven , in Jesus mighty name i come and ask you for new financial mobility in this phase of my ministry , you always meet all my needs according your richness in glory , i trust you God that you will release a financial miracle in my way very soon , i do believe in new dimension i am stepping in by your Holy spirit , you will send the rains , in Jesus name , Amen

A husband

August 26, 2015

Please pray for me. I Lost my husband in 1995 to a divorce, then he died in 2012. It was a long hard road living with his drug and alcohol abuse. I am single now, but I am finding it so hard to be without a husband. Pleas pray for God's will in this area of my life, but mostly for God to direct my every thought, my every feeling and my understanding of His plan for this part of my life. I feel so very alone without a husband. I know I have the love of the father and of the Holy Spirit and of my family and my children but I just feel so very alone, especially raising four children on my own who have many challenges. Thank you for your prayers in advance.

A closer walk

August 24, 2015

There are some changes happening in my life. I ask for prayer that Jesus be first and supreme over all and that our Father be glorified in all ways. I ask for direction, intimacy, instruction and intuition always and in all ways. I ask that I no longer throw my life away on selfish pursuits and that His glorious kingdom be my purpose and aim. Give me the words Holy Spirit for God's praise and God's glory. And bind the attacks of the enemy. Thank you and my love to you.

Favor and blessings

August 22, 2015

Please pray for my daughter Samantha. Lord please have favor on her in her career, protect her from being overworked and taken advantage of because she is reliable. She just got promoted but the hours they are expecting her to work are beyond 55 hours per week. Lord have influence on those above Samantha and guide them to give her more help. Lord I also ask that You provide her guidance and peace beyond her own understanding. Keep the anxiety away from her spirit, protect her from the stress and anxiety. Also, Heavenly Father provide with a better job that allows her a proper work/life balance with more pay to help her become debt free so she can become a blessing to others. I'm asking You Lord to bless Your child Samantha and protect her from those who try to destroy or harm her spirit and steal her joy.

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