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Depressed...Homeless And No Place To Go

December 22, 2014

Although I am extremely appreciative to all who have taken a moment to hold me in thought and prayer, I am still having an extremely difficult time dealing with being homeless and no place to go. As I write this, I am struggling to hold back tears and I am still searching for someone-anyone to help me and Lil Man. Not only is Lil Man confused, he is also sick. I have continued to call television, radio, police, Catholic Charities, etc. all in a failed effort to get help. I am even researching to see if I can file an insurance claim. I was even told that my insurance company may be able to assist with a hotel room for a few nights; but, I simply don't know. At 46 years old, I never thought my life would come to this. I am also trying to 'run to God' and not from HIM; but, truth be told, this is proving to be extremely difficult. Truly, I don't mean to be a burden to anyone; but, I just need to know that there is still hope for a brighter future and a better tomorrow. Although it may not seem like it, I still do believe that there is strength in numbers and that prayer does change things. I did establish a fundraiser for assistance with hopefully a few more days in the hotel that I am currently staying at or for a deposit on a more secure stable home. Presently, I am at the Red Roof Inn located in Hanover MD. The room rate is $60 and the room has a small fridge and microwave. I am desperately trying to keep us in from the cold. Otherwise, I will be forced to sleep in my car. Many thanks to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers. Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed holiday. -Deb and Lil Man

3 prayer request

December 21, 2014

- for a freshman who is in ICU since his brain surgery this past Tuesday. Healing and recovery for him; peace, patience, trust and strength for his brother, parents, Godparents & all his family who have been with him through all of these surgeries this year & are exhausted & frightened. For all of his family, to trust God's plan as difficult as it is. - for my friend's sister who is dying from a return of her cancer. For her children, grandchildren, spouse and her sister as they walk through this difficult time of losing their loved one. We ask God not to take her home on Christmas day, which is her sister's birthday, if it be His will. - for a beautiful lady who is in her final days here on Earth, is very alert, accepting, and ready to meet Jesus at 94 years young. What an inspiration she is to me and many - Thank you God!

Strength to wait in patience for God's plan for my life

December 21, 2014

I know that God has a plan for me for good in my life and that he carries me in his arms when I am not strong enough to handle everything that life has handed me. I just need to keep believing in God and his good plan for me and I need to be patient and thankful for everything that he has given me and not focus on the what I have lost but sometimes, like around Christmas and New Years, I find it so hard to go on at times and I need the prayers and support of other believers to get me through this sad time. My husband died from cancer on January 2 2006 and then my twin sister died 2 years ago just after Thanksgiving. Lastly I have a true wholemate from my youth and I lost the support that I had from him 3 years ago because God took him on a different path and for now at least I don't have him to support me and help me get through the rough times. Please pray for me that I can wait patiently for God to lead me on the right path and that I can be happy with my life as it is because this is where God wants me to be. Give me the strength to be thankful and bless God that in His wisdom he guides and directs my life to bring glory and praise to God's name. Give me the strength I need to be thankful for the holidays and all the loving family and friends He has given me and not to just focus on those that I miss. Let me look forward to the New Year and all that God has in store for me in the future and know that it is all for my good. In Jesus name. Amen

Prayer for a friend in need

December 21, 2014

My friend has lived with a sever drug and alcohol addition for most of his life. PLease pray that he finds the strength and courage to turn his life away for those bad things. I have not seen or heard from him in about 6 weeks, I've begun to fear for him, So please Pray also that he will get in touch. He has a family.

Son needs prayers

December 20, 2014

Dear 102.5 family, I know that prayer works so I am asking that people pray for my son Drew who is struggling in school and has substance abuse problems. Please pray that he recognizes what a dangerous path he is going down and pray that God gives him the strength and vision to overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of the life that God has chosen for him.

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