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Prayer requests containing the term “strength”:
Sister with cancer

August 26, 2015

My sister was rushed to surgery last week for an intestinal blockage and a biopsy which confirmed she has cancer. Please pray for her strength and recovery in this battle she is facing and prayers for her family and friends while they lend her their support and encouragement. Thanks!

Sarah & Cody

August 26, 2015

Lord Jehovah, instantly,fully and permanently restore, re-ignite, sustain and protect strong, heavenly agape love and romantic sparks between Cody and Sarah right now and for good, Lord fuel their agape love, devotional fire for each other and of course for You, Lord, and no one else ever. Lord sustain, strengthen & protect their lives & their deep agape love , romance,endurance, faithfulness and devotion for each other and for You,Christ, right now and always. Lord Jesus, drive immediately and permanently away from Cody and Sarah, every evil, temptation, seductress, harm, illness, sneakiness, doubt, lack, and loss, & please Lord Jesus, do it right now and for good!! Lord rebuke, destroy and block all that come against them and their love, faithfulness, honesty, strength, romance, devotion, passion, endurance, relationship and marriage together. Cancel all plans of the enemy, stop all attacks against them now,no weapon formed against Cody and Sarah (or families) shall prosper, Let them see, when they look into each other's eyes, their soul mate. Let Cody and Sarah only and always have eyes, minds, bodies, hearts, and SOULS for each other and the Lord Jesus. and in Jesus Christ our Savior and King of kings Name, we pray and claim all these blessings, immediately and forever, Amen!AMEN!AMEN!!! All praise and glory to God Almighty, Most High God! Hallelujah!!!

Strength and peace

August 23, 2015

Please help mom thru a recent medical issue. Guide her in knowing that when the time is right for her journey home to Jesus that we her children will be ready to accept Gods choice. Give here strength in recovery and in knowing how we are tested in life. Mom is a very special gift to us as she chose us kids. We all 3 are adopted and were blessed in way others may not have been. A great gift. Amen. Glory to God almighty

grandaughter's medical condition

August 18, 2015

Please pray for Charlotte who is in a lot of pain due to severe headaches. Please pray for healing, peace, strength and courage as she and her family wait on the Lord.

financial favor, wisdom and perseverance

August 17, 2015

Please pray for me, I am a chemically dependent recovering addict that just hit 60 days clean today and I fell behind on bills due to my using, Im in a commission based job at metro ford and I feel God put me here. I want to keep walking In Christ wholeheartedly and never relapse ever again. God has given me little victories over using the last couple months and I've been studying the bible daily and praying daily with a newfound desire to please God with all my heart. I just need to be covered in His wisdom and strength to keep walking the walk. Please pray for me to work for Jesus right here at work. Thank You.

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