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Prayer for strength for a young lady in my care

September 29, 2014

Prayer for this young lady who has been addicted to heroin, last nite she finally decided to quit and change her life, Pray for her to have the strength she doesnt even know she has ,

Please Help Me Be Strong

September 29, 2014

I have posted prayers on this site for friends and family, but it has always been for others. Now, I need your prayers. I am facing the greatest challenge of my life where those who do not even know me constantly attack me because I am standing up for something I believe in and that I know is truly right and just. They hurl insults and untruths at me. They degrade and attack my moral character, but still, I believe that God is aware of my suffering and is by my side. Still, it is a daily struggle. Sometimes I find it difficult to get out of bed and face the next day's challenges, which seem endless and relentless. I am asking for prayers to help me be strong, to trust in Jesus to give me strength to persevere and to prevail. I turn to Him in my darkest moments, but lately, they are too many. Please pray for me to always draw on my strength and on my faith in my darkest hour. Amen.

Prayer for Strength to be the Man / Leader/ Servant of God

September 28, 2014

My name is MIke, I would like to ask for prayer to continue to stay obedient to the calling of God on my life. that is staying in the word of God, praying for others, serving, tithing,. As far as my calling to serve I ask for more strength, endurance , patience, compassion, simply put all the fruits of the spirit. Thank you and God Bless You for praying.

Continued Blessings for J

September 28, 2014

Prayer for him to continue on this wonderful newly awakened passion for everything the Father has to give him, for strength to endure temptation, to overcome lust, to stay commited, to continue to seek out Gods face more and more every day, I ask for physical, spiritual, emotional protection for him.

pray for relief and answers

September 27, 2014

please pray for my youngest son who has a shunt to control his hydrocephalus.. he is in extreme pain this morning and we aren't sure if the shunt is working. please pray for relief and for guidance on how to keep him comfortable. pray for the drs that are trying to combat hydrocephalus for it is a daily battle.. also pray for my oldest son to stay on a healthy path to get the rest and strength he needs to stay physically and mentally healthy. thank you..

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