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Teaching Credential

July 29, 2016

Please pray for me that I will know what college to attend to earn my teaching credential. I passed all of my CSET tests to get into the program. I don't know if I can get into the program for fall but hopefully I will get in for the spring. Pray that God leads me and guides me to where he wants me to go. Pray that God will give me lots of strength to get through the teaching credential program and finish and to finally get my teaching credential to teach. Pray that God will lead me to the right elementary school for a job. Pray that God will work through me to become the best elementary school teacher that I can be. I am having fears of being a teacher that I won't do a good job. I feel like I made a mistake of going to college getting an education degree and all the money and time that I used. I don't know if teaching is my calling I love kids but I never taught kids before. I have been a teacher's aide before but never the teacher. I don't know if I am the right person to be a teacher I am too quiet and shy. I am so scared and don't know the path that God wants me to take.Thanks.

Praying for healing

July 27, 2016

My Uncle's partner has suffered a stroke and is currently in the hospital. Though neither God, nor I approve of this lifestyle, I ask for prayers for healing as well as comfort for both of them. I also ask for prayers for the strength that my uncle will need for dealing with this unfortunate situation.

Please pray for my brother who is struggling with addiction

July 26, 2016

Please pray for my brother who is struggling with addiction he wants so badly to beat this and he is such a great person inside and out, i pray that God gives him the strength and the tools to get the help he needs. Right now he says the only thing holding him back is funding for help. I also ask for prayer that i may be the strength and guidance he needs, even though i dont understand addiction i need to learn how to be able to speak to him and to help him. He has 3 beautiful young daughters who need and love him so very much. Pray for God's healing touch to come over him and that we can find resources to get him the help he needs.


July 22, 2016

Please pray for Mike. He has a brain tumor. He is a good friend to a Life 102.5 listener. Please pray for God's healing and strength during this tough time.

Diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday

July 21, 2016

After overcoming addiction and living in recovery for the past 3 years, I was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday. I am so proud of my family for how strong they were for each other and myself. I can handle this and will be strong, but please pray for my family. I am so sad that they have worry and suffer more because of me. I just want to be a strong, healthy, loving mom and wife. This is so scary. Fighting addiction was so hard.Dear GOD please give me strength to fight this too.....for my husband and my 2 beautiful baby girls. GOD pleeeeeease hear my prayer. We need you. We need you right now!!!!!

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