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Healing, survival and help

September 14, 2014

Please pray that God sends more CNAs to my job. We really need the help. I have often been working 16 hour shifts to make up the lack of help. I want to thank Jesus Christ for keeping my mind and body healthy, and for the sudden bounty of needed cash, but at the same time I can't sustain this type of workload. My wife is pregnant, so for the moment I am stuck with my company because of our insurance. Praise God that my back is staying strong and I am not succumbing to a bad attitude. Please pray that my eczema heals, because it flares up when I start to work too many hours, and I am just not getting enough down time for it to heal. My wife and I are both very tired from it all, so please pray for healing and strength for both of us. Jesus Christ has been faithful to my family in ways that would take a library to describe. God really does still answer prayers, and I have seen AMAZING things come from the prayers from the people on this website. God bless you for taking the time to pray for us.

Alcohol and legal issues

September 13, 2014

This is an update and I thank you prayer warriors! I recently had a relapse with alcohol that caused me to lose my job and I am also facing serious legal issues. With God's help I was able to land a new job much more quickly than I thought I would. My legal issues are far from over though and are still a cloud over me and my family. Please pray for a positive outcome for my case if it is God's will and also for continued strength to resist alcohol. Thank you all!

help moving forward

September 11, 2014

I got divorced a little over two years ago from a man who was abusive to both me and my sons. While this was definitely a step in the right direction; within 6 months of the divorce we were back in court filing a restraining order to protect my youngest son who still lived with me. Since that time, I have fought in the courts to keep him protected. My son has grown in strength and is no longer afraid of his father. He was able to grow during this time, mainly thanks to prayers and God's help in giving him time away from his father's influence. I am now faced with the reality that I used all of my savings and am now in debt beyond what I can manage. I do not regret any debt I have incurred, but now need to get out of the sinking hole I feel I am in now. Thank you so much for all the prayers we have received during this difficult time. I would ask for prayer of direction and assistance with my financial issues. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer and for all you do!


September 11, 2014

Please pray for Jan, she is going through so many trials right now, please pray for her to clearly see and accept what it is God is telling her and courage to do it and for her to have His peace and strength through this time.

Struggling Marriage/depression

September 08, 2014

Please pray for our marriage. We've been in counseling for a year and still my husband isn't feeling happy and passionate and we may be separating soon. Also, he is very depressed and I lift him up in prayer and hope that he allows God to work in him to give him strength and get him through this very difficult time in our lives. Thank you.

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