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Please pray for my dear son

October 18, 2014

My son needs your prayers and positive energy to overcome his heroin addiction. He had been sober for 2.5 years, but then had a terrible relapse. I thank God that he is still alive, but he needs prayers to be strong, stay healthy, do the right things, keep his faith in God, and get clean. He wants to be sober, but he is so weak. Please pray that God gives him what he needs to overcome this awful disease. Please also pray that he will take his medicines like he should, keep his appointments, go to his classes, and feel positive about himself. He is angry with God right now, so I hope that he reaches out and shares his feelings with God. I also pray that none of you ever have to deal with children with addictions . . . it's a real heart breaker. Thank you so much for any prayers or positive energy you can draw up for my son. God bless each of you!

Prayer for Ryan

October 15, 2014

Pray for him to stay strong and to cry out to you in these hard times of this addiction he is in right now at this present moment, pray for God to give him the strength to overcome this disease and please help him find the resources to get the help he needs . Thank You.

Family Needing Prayer

October 13, 2014

This family is very devoted to the Lord and their faith is strong. They have been going through some tough times. Their wife & mother has been diagnosed with diabetes 2 and taking many medications. Please pray for these trials they are going through. Thank you!

Husband - Marriage - Daughter

October 07, 2014

After 20 yrs of marriage, My husband chose to not live with is. It's been over a year. Our 12 yr old special needs daughter is starving for father affection. To the point that it is dangeres to not watch her in public. He spends almost every Sat with her. He has NOT filed for divorce. I have tried with some sucess to be nice and try to be the help meet I had not been before. God has changed me. But Since last night I am FIGHTING bitterness of all the things he did to scar my feeling. He views me as strong because when I'm hurt it comes out as anger. I pray that he would truly turn away from his sinful life style and return to Christ. Not only has he abandoned me but he has abandoned his precious daughter. I know my resentment is wrong. I pray that God would take the resentment, anger and negative thoughts away from me.

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