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Prayer requests containing the term “strong”:
Sarah & Cody

August 26, 2015

Lord Jehovah, instantly,fully and permanently restore, re-ignite, sustain and protect strong, heavenly agape love and romantic sparks between Cody and Sarah right now and for good, Lord fuel their agape love, devotional fire for each other and of course for You, Lord, and no one else ever. Lord sustain, strengthen & protect their lives & their deep agape love , romance,endurance, faithfulness and devotion for each other and for You,Christ, right now and always. Lord Jesus, drive immediately and permanently away from Cody and Sarah, every evil, temptation, seductress, harm, illness, sneakiness, doubt, lack, and loss, & please Lord Jesus, do it right now and for good!! Lord rebuke, destroy and block all that come against them and their love, faithfulness, honesty, strength, romance, devotion, passion, endurance, relationship and marriage together. Cancel all plans of the enemy, stop all attacks against them now,no weapon formed against Cody and Sarah (or families) shall prosper, Let them see, when they look into each other's eyes, their soul mate. Let Cody and Sarah only and always have eyes, minds, bodies, hearts, and SOULS for each other and the Lord Jesus. and in Jesus Christ our Savior and King of kings Name, we pray and claim all these blessings, immediately and forever, Amen!AMEN!AMEN!!! All praise and glory to God Almighty, Most High God! Hallelujah!!!

Need urgent Prayer

August 24, 2015

Please pray for my mother- freedom from cancer( previously diagnos of lung cancer after treatment and chemo declared no signs of cancer ), that she will be able to breathe better (she had COPD) and pray for her salvation. Please pray for me too I have paralyzing anxiety despite of strong medication.I feel lost - can't hear God, can't pray, can't read His Word, blasphemy coming out of my mouth, extreme anger, can't remember who Jesus is.I feel like crying all the time.

Better choices

August 23, 2015

I am at a point in my life where I am struggling with some personal matters. I have a strong faith in God but lately I have been making the wrong choices in my actions. God, please help me, guide me to stay on the path that leads to you, and grant me the courage to do what is right rather than what is easy. Through Christ our Lord.

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