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CC and SJR

November 29, 2015

my future son in law just got a new phone and transferred over data, messages, etc to it. Now I, along with many others, including possibly exes of his, are getting all past unsent text messages from around a year and a half ago, its the weirdest thing. my daughter is upset because she is afraid it might send old texts to his exes and is anxious and worries about it. Please, prayer warriors, pray that the Almighty God Jehovah, immediately, fully and permanently BLOCKS this from happening. pray all evil , all attacks , all temptations, and all people, against my daughter, my future son in law and their relationship together, CEASE and DISCONTINUE and are BLOCKED NOW NOW NOW and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS. pray that my daughter and my future son in law are united, in love and devotion/faithfulness to each other, and to Christ, in all things, in all ways, shapes and forms, and in all times, now and forever. And, God Willing, their lives , relationship and soon to be marriage together, are long, prosperous, romantic, enchanting, strong, enduring, healthy, gentle, FAITHFUL, devoted, truthful, Christ-like, whole, united, and pure in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.

Intercession in complex blended family issues.

November 16, 2015

I have two adult sons with addiction challenges. They both need prayer to remain strong in recovery. My current husband reacts negatively and angrily whenever an issue arises where I am asked to help one or both of my sons. He yells and curses and says he wants a divorce...then goes silent. This has been going on now over a week. He sleeps on the couch,throws away food I cook for him and won't speak reasonably to resolve this. I been praying..I am waiting on God and I keep taking care of me....but this silence is deafening and this childish behavior is crazy! I need wisdom and guidance and discernment on how to be and what to do/say here. I appreciate prayers.

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