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July 22, 2015

Please pray for my return to The LORD. Please pray for humility and Godly sorrow to flood my heart and mind and soul. Please pray for The LORD to heal my backsliding, my pride, and double mindedness and deliverance from any and all satanic strong holds and bondages on me. Please pray for my repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ

Trusting God/re-unite family

July 15, 2015

All things are possible through God: Asking God for the impossible, (re-unite our family, heal, and protect us). Seems like our family has been attacked and plagued for many years, since day one, but somehow managed to somewhat survive despite the ongoing relentless struggles, but now it really seems hopeless. What we thought was going to get better - all of a sudden got much worse. We have faith and we are learning what it is to trust God completely with everything. Praise God - My son and I are just now really understanding Gods word, how the devil attacks, and how to trust God completely, regardless of how we feel and that he has a plan. We pray that the dad/husband will find God and return back to the family willingly, and love us unconditionally as God intended to be a family. May God break down the strong holds, convict us where needed, heal and cleanse our hearts, and give us strength through love and a plan to re-unite in Gods way - the right way. It seems bleak - but we still see God's light and we are thankful because we know God is with us and will not leave us. He will deliver us from evil. We are thankful for this trial so that we truly come to know God more, and that his plans are for us. We are on our knees, now and forever, and we pray for our family to be protected, repaired, delivered from evil attacks and re-united, and that God's plan for us will prevail. May God reunite us according to his will. Let no weapon formed against us succeed, and let the voices raised up to accuse us be silenced, and these are the benefits for the servants of the Lord, there vindication will come from God (Issiah 54:17- paraphrased).

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