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April 29, 2016

I need prayer for my marriage. My wife wants to separate. I do not. I found Joe Beam's Marriage Helper and I need God to work with me through this program. I need to grow and be strong and it seems so difficult. I need God's strength to fight for my marriage.

Jehovah EL QANNA

April 27, 2016

CODY REBUKES TEXAS IN JESUS NAME! I decree in Jesus Name, that absolutely no Texas for Cody!!! not now not ever , not at any time, shape, form or place... Cody will never change his mind about hating Texas either, Cody will never want to ever step foot in Texas, he is rooted here in California, I decree that even the thought of moving turns Cody's stomach, Cody is staying put where he is , I place God's will on Cody in the name of Jesus! and I rebuke and remove and block The Narcissist John P. from Cody's life NOW, I BREAK THE CHAINS OFF OF CODY, CODY IS FREE, IN JESUS NAME! I HAVE released CODY from the clutches of the devil now and permanently in Jesus name, Cody is now hedged into God's will, Cody is strong & courageous, Cody will speak in The Holy Spirits FIRE to John P. NOW, WITHOUT fear, WITHOUT HESISTATION, WITHOUT being shaken or moved, in Jesus Name! I DECLARE IMMEDIATE INTERCESSION FROM JEHOVAH EL QANNA IN THIS NOW! and I have faith ITS DONE NOW, in Jesus Name, I proclaim this done NOW!, Amen , all glory to God!!!

Healing Prayers for marriage

April 21, 2016

I am in need of strong prayers. Over the last couple of months my relationship with God has become closer, even in the face of devastating adversary. My spouse and I have been at great odds with each other but are reconciling I am in deep prayers for him and our union. Lord please heal the bonds that have been broken between us. Bind the relationship between him and that other woman. Seal the door between them. Spoil the plans that she has put in place for my husband. Shield him from the pitfalls that are before him, open his eyes Lord. Hedge him off Lord, encircle him with your love and guidance. Bind the spirit of adultery and divorce that has been plaguing my husband. Let your voice be louder than the lions around him. Renew and restore what has been damaged between us as we are rebuilding our union. Breathe life into us Lord, into our finances, our faith in you and in one another. Make ways for us Lord to continue our union. I ask that you move our mountains and cover us. In Jesus' Name I Pray. Amen

Please pray for me and my best friends to have the power and the strength to be strong for each other as they move out of state due to taxes right now in Wisconsin

April 20, 2016

Please pray for me and my best friends as we say good bye to each other as they move out of state due to taxes in Wisconsin right now. Plus I have been very Emotional and very upset right now that Marilyn and Tony have to leave this area because they are like my best friends and they are like family to me. Plus I'm really scared to say good bye to them soon I will really miss them a lot Plus I'm hoping that they will write and call me at least twice a week at least and I have been crying at night and getting very emotional and I don't know how to say good bye to my best friends at all any more since I won't see them at all any more what so ever and I don't know where to turn right now plus I'm really messed up right now. Plus I don't know how to say good bye without crying and getting very emotional right now. Plus I don't know how to stay strong right now. So please pray for me and my best friends right now.

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