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April 13, 2014

My 17 year old daughter is struggling desperately...with her faith, self worth, anger, depression. She has chosen the wider path of life and is suffering the consequences for it. Please pray for her protection. Pray she finds her hope and joy in Jesus. Please also pray for me to have whatever ability is needed to help my daughter. Thank you. God bless!

Dog behavioral healing

April 07, 2014

We have a 2 year boxer mix who was not socialized at all as a puppy, he was 16 wks when he got him and was very shy. He is very fear reactive and aggressive. We hired a professional training company who supposedly dealt with aggressive dogs, and was told "he will be a piece of cake and no problem training", we needed help to train him to not be people and dog reactive. We had put our trust in them for months, but he was getting worse not better. We now have to have a muzzle on him to got outside for walks, etc. We have recently hired a new trainer who is out of Canada, he was very familiar with the company we hired and their training methods and said it was high pressure training and not the right type for what our dog needed and his issues. We aren't able to afford another $2,000.00 to send him there to be trained therefore he is working via online videos, emails, phone, and skype with us to get him better. He has stated that our dog is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome now due to the wrong training and we have to basically start from scratch. I have done a lot of reading, research, and working with him on a daily basis as putting him down IS NOT an option for us. He is responding well to his new training methods now, but ask for your prayers to help him get better and be the non-aggressive dog that his is when he's in the house with us. Once he gets to know you he is very lovable, sweet, and cuddly, and he's a smart dog as he knows over 30 commands and tricks that we have trained him. We pray and are requesting more prayers for God's help that he can be an addition to our family outdoor activities without reacting. Thank you for your prayers.

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