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My grandchildren, daughter

January 26, 2015

I am greatly concerned for my grandchildren and their safety with someone in their life who is openly inappropriate and who did something enough that one child told about it, though it was not taken seriously. My daughter refuses to acknowledge the gravity of it and continues to allow him to have access to them and to increase his behaviors of grooming them by violating their space, bodies and creating "secrets;" a complicated family dynamic with her current boyfriend, which brings this unrelated "relative" into their lives. In the past, when I have opposed abusive boyfriends or situations she has cut me off from my grandchildren, who are currently falling through the cracks in very subtle ways at school because all appears good on the surface. I am exhausted and really need prayer support to cast this on the Lord and powerfully trust in the authority of the Holy Spirit. I was also a single mother raising her and I am struggling with a lot of guilt and inadequacy. Please agree with me in declaring that generational curses and cycles be broken and the Holy Spirit may send people and angels across their path, that my daughter will listen to and open her heart. And for her boyfriend to embrace Jesus, as he has been discouraging my grandson from his acceptance of Jesus, reading the Bible, and praying, effectively shutting down his faith and disapproving of it. Thank you.

God's love

January 26, 2015

Please pray for me for peace and faith. I am spiritually drained and literally feel sick to my stomach because my heart aches. I have raised my boys by myself and have given so much and have loved unconditionally through all their mistakes. I left everything to get them to a safe environment. I have worked 3 jobs to support us and have a home. It seems though I am now not good enough. Their Dad was extremely abusive and cruel to them has decided to in the last year to be a dad. I know this will only help them be a productive adult and have stood by and prayed he would not leave them hurting. He has remarried and has step children. My kids and their step siblings are in their twenties. My problem is my children now do not want to spend time with me because they have more fun at their Dad's. They told me it is no fun coming over to my cramped little apartment and that they have much more fun at their Dad's where all the kids can play games and party together. I'm tired of begging for them to be a part of my life and left broken hearted .


January 21, 2015

My name is Craig. I'm a self-employed carpenter with a severe calf strain. Been in a boot with crutches for 1 1/2 weeks so far. Can't work to support my family. No disability insurance and out of work for up to 8 more weeks. Coming off the holidays and extreme weather, income has been a concern even prior to the injury. My family and I appreciate as many healing/restoration prayers as possible. Thank you for praying for me.

Please Pray For Well-Being Of Our Babies

January 16, 2015

We so appreciate your support and please pray that the courts see through the lies of the babies father and his parents. They have presented false information to the commissioner and now we are ordered to allow the babies to be in his care with his 'father' as the supervisor. The babies safety and well-being are at risk. They are now being allowed into the hands of an individual with severe anger management issues; alcohol abuse issue; a man who has threatened suicide and sliced his arm open in front of me to prove his toughness. I just received a notice in the mail that the courts are allowing him to have the 3-month old babies; whom he has NEVER CARED FOR to be in his possession 4 evenings a week starting today. Please, please, please pray for the safety of the babies as well as for me to obtain sole guardianship of these innocent babies. Pray also that his attorney and the courts will see through the fraudulent stories and keep these babies safe. You have no idea the fear I have of this man as I know what he is capable of; I put this all in God's hands and I ask for your prayers of support to keep me calm, keep the babies safe.

Relocating family out of state

January 16, 2015

My family is moving 2000 miles for my new job. Give us peace in this time of transition and anxiety. Help my husband find employment to help support us, help my children adjust to new schools, and help us find a safe home to rent. This is an exciting time but also completely overwhelming and stressful as we leave family, friends, and try to sell our first home. Help us remain faithful trusting in God's plan for us.

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