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housing situation

July 30, 2014

I have been living at a friends and it is a bit stressfull between us. I don't feel I make enough money to get my own place, but I have been trying to look for apartments. I am worried If I take one, I will not be able to afford it. I want to stay with my friend, but It is hard on my heart. I ask for prayers that God would lead me to what HE wants for me. I am so tired of pretending to be happy. I need his guidance, and a sign of his will which way to go in my life. Do I stay here at his house, do I get an apartment, or just move back to Texas and start over and live with my brother until I can get a job. It is so hard being so undecided and not know what is the best thing to do. I need Gods help and your prayers! Thanks

Luke 1:37

July 29, 2014

Please pray that I have a deeper walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that I abide in him and walk in the Spirit always. Please pray for my families salvation (as well as extended families salvation) and deliverance from Satan and the charismatic cult that they are caught in (and anything else that they may be caught in). Please pray for the salvation and deliverance for everyone that attends EST. Please pray that God changes this Charismatic cult into a True Church of the Living God. Please pray for the salvation of my co-workers (Cato, Alison, Tyshauna,Edwin, Warnel, Quad, Rocky, Tim, Shawn, Curtis, Courtney, Baskh, Samaria, Marcial, Anatasia, Caridad, etc.) and deliverance from any and all satanic strongholds.Please pray for Robert's salvation and deliverance from the cult he is in. Please pray for Petey's return to the LORD and deliverance from whatever has him in bondage and that he is set free from EST.Please pray for Philip's salvation and deliverance from the cult he is wrapped up in. Please pray for my neighbors salvation and former associates and co-workers and class mates and enemies. Please pray that the LORD protects me from satan and his agents (both visable and invisable) and his schemes. Please pray that the LORD protects Daniel, Thomas, Mark, Ed, Steven,Omar and their families and draws them close to him and provides for all of their spiritual and material needs.Please pray for peace and reconciliation between Walter and I. Please pray that I am able to get a better job very soon, get my own place, and for a Godly Christian Wife. Thanks and God Bless you.

So Sad

July 29, 2014

Please pray that K. and C. would be able to open their hearts to each other (trust and issues of the past are hurting them deeply). Help them forgive and love each other once again, so the larger family will have unity and peace. Thanks!

Family needs

July 29, 2014

I keep asking for these same prayers, I pray God feels it is our time soon. Please pray that our son gets a full time job asap. Please pray that our house sells also asap. I ask for prayers for all that are battling health issues. I thank you so much for your prayers. I know prayers work. Thank you again.


July 29, 2014

I have been raising my grandsons for the last 6+ yrs, with very little influence and help from there widow mom. I have always prayed for Gods will and their best in this situation. I feel like my daughter-in-law, thinks she is now ready to take over raising them. Would you please pray with me that if she is not able and ready she continues to leave them with me until she truly is able and willing to commit to being a full time parent, and if she is ready, that it is Gods will and Gods best for the boys, and the boys always remembers that Jesus is always with them, and would u pray with me, that God helps her be a good mom and that the transition goes smoothly for the 4 of us. . Also that she continues to let me be an active part in their lives and see them often and help me to switch from caregiver to grandma. And that God calms my concerns of loosing touch with them and gives me peace. Thank you!

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