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Our Son & Grandson

April 22, 2014

Thank you for your continued prayer. Things are bleak. Our son continues to make poor choices that will remove our grandson from his life and ours. Our other son that has been involved with pot has now taken to stealing and lying. We are heartbroken and doing our best to follow what God would have us do. Pray for protection for our grandson, that God would draw our sons to Him and for our marriage at this point. God wins! We need to stay in Him!

Financial Peace

April 22, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am asking for your prayer again. And thank you to those of you praying for my family. My husband and I will be filing bankruptcy in the upcoming weeks. After prayer and consideration, it seems it is our only viable option at this time. (We have been struggling financially for years and my husband's wages are being garnished, they have threatened to garnish mine as well.) We don't live frivolously, we just haven't ever made enough to save for emergencies. Anyway, we are emotionally drained and feeling terrible, of course. Would you just pray for us...please pray that we will be able to get into (and afford) a financial peace university class, and that God would give us a break for a few years. Thank you so much!

In need of God's mercy

April 22, 2014

Thank you to all of you that have prayed for my family over the last few weeks. We have looked at a rental within the same neighborhood as our current home (which has been sold) We were under the impression that the prospective landlord was going to rent it to us. (We have been given less than 30 days notice to move) but when my husband spoke with him yesterday, he said he was taking more applications...please pray that God would have mercy on us. We have no idea where we are going to live. Thank you!

pray for sister who is having heart procedure

April 22, 2014

Please pray for sister who is having a heart procedure today to prevent her heart from irregular elec. discharges. she is young and they are trying to prevent from placing a pace maker. thank you.

Disability (Extended financial benefits)

April 21, 2014

I've been on "short term" disability since Thanksgiving now as I have several health concerns. It always comes to a point after doctor appts, tests, labs, etc that the insurance company has to decide to extend benefits or not. I still have more doctor visits to come as docs can't seem to find what ails me and the symptoms (blurred/double vision and constant ringing in the ears) aren't going away. I'm needing my benefits to be extended so I can financially survive my living costs etc. I drive semi and the doc won't let me drive yet and if they don't find answers soon, they will pull my license. I can't change my career and do physical work due to an motorcycle accident I had 9 yrs ago and 4 internal surgeries, so it's crucial for answers, disability benefits to be extended, etc. Please pray for me to get me through all of this physically, mentally, and financially. Thank you and God Bless.

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