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Pray for sick husband

January 28, 2015

Please pray for my husband who is really sick with a sinus headache and flu. Pray for the pain in his head to go away too. thanks so much

Family Crisis

January 28, 2015

Please pray for a family I know who is in crisis. There are 6 children living in the home and the father is verbally abusive. All of the children have emotional issues due to years of this. Please pray for the Mom to have the strength to do what's best for her children. Thanks so much.

Prodigal Son Deep in The Mud

January 27, 2015

Please pray for me. I have fallen and backslide back into homosexuality. The LORD delivered me from it when He saved me two years ago. Please pray for my repentance and deliverance from this devil and any and all demonic strongholds. Please pray for humility and Godly sorrow and brokeness to melt my hard and stubborn heart. The LORD has been reaching out to me but I have been stubborn stiffnecked and proud. Its like I am just going through the motions of the old man. I am not happy and I am dead inside. The LORD showed me He wanted me to fast, seek Him, and get in the Word and instead i have backslid further from Him like a petulant child. I know there is nothing difficult for Him (Luke 1:37KJV) and that He can restore me (Jeremiah 3:22, 18, Hosea 14KJV) like He did Peter and like He did for me before. I am a double minded man unstable in all my ways. Please pray for Psalm 51 to happen to me. I need tohumble myself, repent, fast, pray and seek The LORD. Please pray and thanks. God bless you (James 5:19-20KJV)

please stand with me

January 27, 2015

Please come against the strongman of pride in my husband and spiritual blindness to be broken in Jesus Name. Bind the spirit of confusion,seducing and mind binding spirits over him. Break the ungodly soul ties between him and the other women. Pray for god fearing laborers to come across his path and speak gods word into him and pray he has ears to hear what the lord is saying to him. Pray for a deep love for the lord to penetrate his heart and for eyes to see gods hand in everything and for him to get clarity about his walk for the lord and the true love for his wife and kids and grand children and family. Pray he doesn't rest until he repents and may the lord continue to give me strength and clarity and wisdom to make the right choices from here in my circumstance Thanks saints for standing with me,

Please pray for my son

January 26, 2015

My son has significant mental health challenges and addition. He has several major decisions to make in the next few days that will impact his life significantly. Please pray that he will follow the way of God's will as he makes these decisions. Please also pray for his healing and mine. Many thanks in advance for all your prayers and bless each of you!

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