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November 30, 2015

Looking for extra support in prayers today for my 16 year old daughter who's been though so much sadness as well as mental, emotional, and physical pain throughout her life because of issues with her biological dad. Today is the day we hope to find out from a court hearing that will be in her favor and grant me, her mother, sole custody of her. We have waited for a long time for the truth and justice to be served and this is what we wish for today and for the rest of her life, that she be watched over not only by me but the Lord as well. That he grant her peace, strength and comfort when she feels as though she has lost all of these. May the grace of God be on her today and always watching over her and caring and that others will help support her though their prayers and offer the strength she is not able to hold on her own. Allow those is charge to know the difference and do what she is in need of which is to never have to see her biological dad again. In HIS name we pray, Amen!

A life full of anxiety

November 23, 2015

Over the past 7 months I have gone through a lot of changes. I graduated from college, I have moved out on my own, have a full time job, and found the love of my life. To people who look at me first glance, I'm always smiling, always laughing, and loving life. Only my family and a handful of people know that those laughs and smiles only last for a certain amount of time though. Anxiety has really overtaken my happiness in life. It's a constant worry that snowballs into even more. Daily anxiety attacks where I find it hard to breathe, hard to focus, and constant tears. In the last month, I've had an overwhelming feeling to ask for help. So I took the leap of faith and talked to my mom about everything that was on my mind, and started seeing a therapist. I think it was God nudging me and telling me it's okay to ask for help. It's been difficult opening up to a stranger, but I think I'm finally getting the sense of relief I've been praying for. If you have any time, please pray for healing amongst me as well as the millions of others who suffer from anxiety. God bless.

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