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Peace needed in a pregnancy crisis

September 26, 2015

My daughter is in her first trimester of a pregnancy. She and her husband have a nearly 2-year-old little boy who was born 6 weeks early. They miscarried several times before their son and at least once since they started trying for number 2. Because of her history, she is deemed a high-risk pregnancy, so they are always monitoring her. Initially the current pregnancy was considered a "chemical" pregnancy in that her hormone levels were elevated indicating being pregnant, but not at levels that said it was going to be a successful pregnancy. Without an obvious miscarriage occurring, she followed up with her physician and her hormone levels were checked again. The key lab values were up (but not at the rate they should be). When she went in for an ultrasound this past week and had labs drawn again, a key hormone value was up again indicating that the pregnancy was still in tact; however, upon doing the ultrasound, they couldn't find the embryo in the uterus. Her doctor now suspects that this might be an ectopic pregnancy (a fertilized egg that has attached itself to a space outside the uterus, such as in the fallopian tube). and wants her to have an injection that will aid in stopping the embryo's further growth. If it is an ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube and the body doesn't stop the pregnancy on its own, then there is a risk that the embryo will explode the tube and could lead to permanent infertility. My daughter is a teacher at a Christian school. She is a great Mom and wife. Her struggle with fertility has strengthened her faith ... and her response to the doctor's news yesterday was to do a Bible study on trusting God. Please pray for God's hand involvement in every aspect of this situation as being obvious to all.

Finances and favor

September 23, 2015

Please join me and pray for the finances and jobs of my family as a whole. Lord make a way for Sam and Jake as they are in the real world just out of college. Have favor on them and protect them at their jobs. Provide them both with even better jobs that will be able to support a family and give them a good work life balance. Bless them in their current jobs and guide their success. Heal them both of the depression and anxiety that paralyzes them at times and steals the joy from their daily lives. Also, protect my job and my husbands and our finances. Please bless all of us abundantly to pay off debt and be able to be a blessing onto others. Provide a way, guide us all, protect us all from addictions, harm and bless us with good health. I stand in faith and believe You hear my prayer Lord and will answer. In Jesus' name I ask this.

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