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Reconsilation of my marriage.

May 28, 2015

Please continue to pray that my x-husband will see what he has done to our family. I have been asking for prayers for two years, and I'm still believing, trusting and waiting on God. We were married 39 yrs. He had another woman for a year before he left me. He is a Pastor-and the church did no discipline to him. Mostly because they are divorced. I love him so much and I never had a clue he was that unhappy. He told someone that he failed at our marriage but the truth is he never tried to save our marriage. I have cried everyday since he left Psalm Sunday 2012. Then he married this woman who has been married and divorced 3 times. Two days after our Anniversary. PLEASE PRAY, PRAY, PRAY AND THANK YOU SO MUCH

Prayers of thankfulness

May 24, 2015

Praise God for his love and healing! I have shared with all of you many times that my son has a heroin addiction and needs your prayers. Thank you so much for those prayers. I am incredibly happy to report that he has been sober now for 2 weeks (it's a good start), and am so thankful that he has $100 in his wallet and has not spent it on drugs. That is a true blessing from God. We have had a wonderful two weeks too. He also just found out that he is on the Dean's List, and one of his professors gave him true understanding and support, which ended up being a very good grade in her class. Bless her too. I am overwhelmed by all of your prayers and concern, and by the miracles that God has recently given my son and our family as well. Many thanks to all of you! Please pray for continued sobriety and success for my son. Many thanks and God bless! Our God is a beautiful and loving God! Amen!!!

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