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the worst news

April 11, 2015

My husband and I saw his pulomulogist and the worse news was delivered Pulmonary Hypertension was the verdict also he wants to do some tests CT Scan for a closer look at his lungs he also believes there is some underlying lung issues so many possibilities and not good ones. My husband is from North Carolina and he worked in the cotton mills for almost 7 years doctor believes that might be contributing factor. The lung problem is causing a problem with the right side of his heart end result it is forcing blood back into his body. These are just the latest problems he suffers from chronic pain and has problems with his feet. I pray every minute of the day sometimes I falter in my belief in the Almighty. I wonder why my husband has to suffer so he is a good man. I suffer from chronic pain due to mild arthritis unfortunately it is in 65% of my body. I exercise every day but some times i wonder if it helps. I want to thank all the people whom have prayed for my husband before and I hope they will continue. Grace

Baby Angel, Earth Pain

April 09, 2015

My family and I have gone through the worst storm I've ever been through recently. This past Christmas I found out I was pregnant with my third. At 11 weeks we found out something was wrong. At 13 weeks we found out it was a brain abnormality. This brought forth a bunch of appointments and tests. All of the blood tests came back good, and we found out it was a boy(our first, the two children we have are girls) at 15 weeks, during an ultrasound, we were told that our son didn't develop a frontal lobe, and the brain he had was completely fused (diagnosed alobar holoprosencephaly) to which they said there was no hope, he would not live.That most with this condition don't make it past 10 weeks. He was holding on, but struggling.Soon his body stopped growing but his heart kept beating.... I prayed and cried for a miracle, but God's plan for my son, was in Heaven. My son Avery was born into Heaven on March 24, 2015 at 17 weeks into the pregnancy. I am having such a hard time getting through this, as is my family. I've been seeing so many wonderful signs from God that He is with Avery. And my faith is stronger than ever, but the grief is more than I can bare at times.I'm trying to stay strong, I feel like I have to be the rock during this, and the weight is too much..I just want to hold my son.. Please pray for my family and I during our pain. Thank you!

housing needs

April 06, 2015

asking for prayers for my son. he is doing well in so many ways. he struggled for many years. but now is stable and well on his way to a better life. he has a job but the hours are never consistent. he loves what he does but it is difficult at times to make ends meet. his lease is coming up and the rent is going up to the point he can't afford it... prayers he can either get a new living arrangement or that his job will produce more hours. or that God will open a new career. Just pray for all moms out there that continue to hold our children's struggles close to our hearts. God bless..

Urgent Prayers Needed-Medical Crisis

April 05, 2015

Please allow me to take a moment to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for taking the time to continue to hold me (and Lil Man) in thought and prayer. Now, a new crisis has arisen. On Friday, 4/3, I was rushed by ambulance from DC's Union Station (my job is literally across the street) to Georgetown University Hospital. I was suffering from severe abdominal pain that I initially believed was attributed to my IBS. Sufficed to say, after undergoing several tests while writhing in pain, it was discovered that I have an Ovarian Cyst. I was further told that it is about 16 centimeters and (possibly) filled with fluid that was causing my pain. If the pain had not been managed or controlled, there was much discussion about performing emergency surgery that day. I am scared; and, as everyone knows, I am homeless and lacking the financial means and trying to overcome credit challenges in which to secure a place to call home. Moreover, my funds have been depleted in which to maintain the hotel in which we have been staying. Sufficed to say, I am having an extremely difficult time dealing with this new stressor in my life. Why now? I have been suffering from pain all day today. Several times, I came close to calling 911; but who would take of Lil Man? Where would we stay? Thankfully and although I am in pain, it is more so a great deal of soreness from having my abdomen pressed, poked, pricked, etc several times while at the hospital. Mighty Prayer Warriors, I urgently and solicit your thoughts and prayers as I am now trying to deal with the medical crisis. Please stand in agreement with me that God will remove the pain and completely heal my body. Truth be told, I really don't have the strength to fight anymore. Your continued thoughts and prayers are and remain extremely appreciated. May God continue to bless you all.

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