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peace love patience kindness and the knowledge of gods word and trust in god in my family

February 01, 2016

I ask for another prayer today for my family. Teach us the salvation and hope for our family. Please restored mine and my fianc whom left me relationship make it better then before. pray that we become a martial union under god to raise our kids and give our family peace love happiness and keep there dad and my fianc away from alchol and strip clubs. I ask to rebuke the devil out of my life my kids life and his life in Jesus name amen


February 01, 2016

One of my close friends has had a hard past. His girlfriend got him to know God, and he loves Christ and goes to church every week. He's had lots of struggles though like cutting, pornography, self confidence issues, and his parents drink every day. Last night His dad screamed at him and called him an idiot and to never do this again. His dad is in kind of hard spot right now as well as his girlfriend. She has had a terrible past, and struggles everyday. Just recently our church was talking about temptation, and she had anorexia issues and decided it was a good challenge from Satan to eat one meal a day. Pray for her too. Anyway this friend stayed home from school today becuase he started to get sick and then decided to take three painkillers on top of it. Pray for all these people they're in s hard spot right now and they really need it! Thank you so much

prayer for peace and healing

February 01, 2016

I ask for prayer today because I am struggling badly with condemnation and conviction. I am losing my strength and faith in the lord and ask that I get a prayer for help with restoring my trust and fait in the lord and help with fighting my enemies of fear and weakness. I am losing my battle and I need so much strength right now. Thank you.

Keep banging my head against a wall.

January 31, 2016

I'm going through a ugly divorce right now. My husband left me for another woman. The pain of this as been at times so unbearable that at times I feel like giving up or I hurt myself. I had a really good few days here and today my soon to be ex is talking crazy. I pray all the time to help me get though this but days like this is so hard on me. I feel like it will never be over with.

OOPS! Pray that company dr approve me going back to work

January 29, 2016

OOps! Pray that the company dr will aprrove me today to go back to work. Thanks.

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