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November 23, 2015

I have been dating this guy for awhile now and love him but today he told me he never wants to get married but I do so I have been praying for the right path to take everyone tells me to follow my heart but I just don't know what to do I was married for 21 years and I love being married!! I just want to be happy for a change!

God's Movement

November 23, 2015

I just learned that I will not see my wife and kids this Thanksgiving. I was praying and hoping that God would allow it as a small step toward reconciliation. I am hurting today. I desire so desparately to reconcile with my family. Would you pray for me today, this week. I pray for God to move beyond what I can see now. I pray for peace and comfort during this wait / suffering. Thanks.

God's hand be upon all involved

November 16, 2015

Today (11/16) at 4:00 pm, I have a meeting with a committee at work. I've been having a coworker parking her car by mine and waiting for me, staring, every time we work together. She is also who is always yelling at me at work, She hides after she leaves, waiting for me to walk out, and follows me. I reported it to the work police, to ask them to walk to my car with me. I also called my local police to ask for protection. Anyway, the boss does not believe me, and wants me to talk to this committee to get their opinion on me. I am speaking the truth, and wish someone would listen. I need them to believe me, and get her to leave me alone. Please ask God to be with me, for he knows I speak the truth. This is really freaking me out. Thanx. God be with me and you please.

Please be in agreement for my marriage. Help me pray

November 15, 2015

Today in Jesus name I break the demonic stronghold that is on Doug's life. I now recognize a deluding spirit that is blinding his mind. I take authority over you and tell you that you no longer have any power over Doug's mind. I command that you leave him now in Jesus name. I speak to the demonic spirit of DIVORCE that is trying to destroy my marriage. I break the stronghold that you have had over my marriage in Jesus name. The Bible tells us that when Jesus went to the cross He took away all demons weapons and powers and left them empty-handed. Therefore I know that NO WEAPON THAT IS FORMED AGAINST MY MARRIAGE WILL PROSPER and any words that have been spoken against my marriage are now condemned. I now claim total and complete victory and restoration for my marriage in Jesus name. In Jesus name I reclaim my marriage for Christ. No man, no woman, no demon and no stronghold will separate what God has brought together. Satan, I now command you in the name of Jesus to get your hands off of my marriage. Foul spirit of adultery I command that you leave Doug's mind. Your powers were broken two thousand years ago at the cross. You have no right to touch or torment Doug's mind. I now cover my marriage, our home, our family our finances and all that we have under the blood of Jesus Christ. I claim complete restoration for my home, my family and my marriage. I speak healing between me and my spouse and Lord I ask that you would bring your healing touch upon our relationship. I pray all of this in Jesus name. Amen

Just Lost, Desperate, Need Prayers

November 13, 2015

Lord, I am asking that you be present in my life and circumstances. My husband says he loves me but we can not seem to get along. We have a lot of stresses between us, as usual I feel that we can push through but I guess he can't. We have two small children, we are having serious financial problems and Lord I am tired. Lord, I have been praying for my marriage our difficulties, praying for your intervention, praying for miracles for some time and it seems like things have gotten horribly worse. We prayed for the first time as a family today and not 15 minutes later my husband asked for a divorce. Lord I'm just tired, I want peace in my life and in my marriage Lord. If it is your will please be present. Please Lord, cover my marriage, my family and our finances with your grace. Make ways for us Lord, please remove our mountains. Amen Please Lord, show me a kindness and release some of my burdens.

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