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Jobs and life need prayers

May 05, 2016

Need prayers, my husband lost his job last August from a family owned company that has been in business over 100 years. They basically took his business plan for a new business and ran. 9 months later let him go.... called him on the phone on a vacation day. Life has been tough since. I have recently tried to get another job, but today I found out that I have the wrong WI license to get the job. Yikes, feel like giving up. Thanks for the prayers.

I Received Huge Blessings After I Stopped Asking Jesus To Fix My Circumstances And Started To Bless Others

May 03, 2016

Do you how dangerous it was to be a first century Christian? Paul said, 'Confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and you will be saved.' He knew full well how dangerous it was to say this out loud with the many groups of people looking to kill all followers of Jesus at that time. Today, however, we have it easy and a lot of people declare that Jesus is the risen Christ and that he conquered death and wiped out our sins. All that is fine and good but that isn't all and Jesus is calling us to cry out to him and ask the Lord to change us to his liking. Yes, this can be very scary and your flesh will be screaming, no doubt. But, that is how we find him. And that is when he brings the blessings that you have been asking for your life. If your won't grow with him, he won't bless you. It is that simple. So, if you are on your knees today asking Jesus to bless whatever is going on in your life, stop asking him and, instead, ask Jesus what you can do for him. Also, read Scripture out loud each day and declare that he is Lord throughout the day, Jesus is not our buddy, he is our Lord. St. Paul never thought of him as our buddy. He had a healthy fear of the Lord, just as Moses et all did. It could very well be the the bad circumstances you find yourself in is Jesus testing you to see if you'll ask him to change you to a person in line with God. If you do this, Jesus will deliver blessings that you never saw coming in your life. Can you please pray for my marriage and mental illness I'm dealing with?

Prayers for surgery today

April 29, 2016

I am heading to surgery again today, and would appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery and recovery. Thank you in advance for your prayers, and God bless!

Mom's hip surgery

April 22, 2016

Please pray for my 90 year old mother who fell today and broke her hip. She has surgery tomorrow at 1:00 pm. Please pray for my 90 year old father and my brother and me as we are so worried and love her so much. My parents have never been apart. Thank you.

Financial Miracle

April 22, 2016

My Heavenly Father , I come and ask you today in the mighty name of Jesus to release a financial breakthrough in my ministry and my life , you are the source of all goodness and all the blessings , so I come asking you not asking man , you know all my needs and know all my ambitions and dreams and you always want our success in all aspects of life , so bless me financially and facilitate my way in this aspect , make miraculous deeds in this area in my life , fill all my needs according your richness in glory , make a financial mobility into higher level in my life , support me always as you did since my childhood , recommend your angels to open all the doors of blessings in my life , give your angels charge over me and over my path to work in the area of finances in my life , because you are Jehovah Jireh you will do this , you will never deny your name , simply I ask you fullness of richness for the sake of your covenant with Abraham and with your only beloved son Jesu s Christ . Amen

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