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Need Prayers

January 22, 2015

I need prayers that I will get a job in the lacrosse area. My significant other resigned from the job they had and has family in the Lacrosse area. We had just bought a house there before they resigned from job. I have interviewed at a place 3 times but didn't get the job. I received a call today from another company that wants to interview me. I need prayers that this is the job for me. We need to get moved to Lacrosse and on with our lives. It has been hard going back and forth.

my uncle

January 19, 2015

please pray for my uncle. He has tried to commit suicide today in prison. He robbed three gas stations and the last one he was armed. he has a problem. he robbed those places so he could buy more heroin. Please pray for my cousins. They will grow up without a father. Nobody deserves to be without a father while you are growing up. Please pray for my Aunt. She is devastated and doesnt deserve this. Please pray for my family. please pray for me. I should of talked to him and spent more time with him.

please pray for my son

January 19, 2015

Please pray for integrity and honesty for my son. He has been corrupt due to his drug addiction. Please pray that he will gain honesty and follow God's path for him. . . today especially! His trustworthiness is being put to the test today. Thank you so much for your prayers and God bless!

Prayers for a friend

January 16, 2015

I am asking all of you prayer warriors to pray for a friend. She has been out of work for months and her unemployment just ran out. From what I know, she has been sleeping in her truck the last few nights with her two dogs. She has had alcohol problems as long as I have known her. But, she just did get a job today and starts Tuesday. Please pray that she keeps this job, finds appropriate housing for herself and her pets and finds the Lord. She is a non-believer. Please pray the holy spirit touches her and that her life can get back in order. With God all things are possible. Pray that she can get rid of the grasp of her alcohol addiction. Thank you

Please Pray For Well-Being Of Our Babies

January 16, 2015

We so appreciate your support and please pray that the courts see through the lies of the babies father and his parents. They have presented false information to the commissioner and now we are ordered to allow the babies to be in his care with his 'father' as the supervisor. The babies safety and well-being are at risk. They are now being allowed into the hands of an individual with severe anger management issues; alcohol abuse issue; a man who has threatened suicide and sliced his arm open in front of me to prove his toughness. I just received a notice in the mail that the courts are allowing him to have the 3-month old babies; whom he has NEVER CARED FOR to be in his possession 4 evenings a week starting today. Please, please, please pray for the safety of the babies as well as for me to obtain sole guardianship of these innocent babies. Pray also that his attorney and the courts will see through the fraudulent stories and keep these babies safe. You have no idea the fear I have of this man as I know what he is capable of; I put this all in God's hands and I ask for your prayers of support to keep me calm, keep the babies safe.

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