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NorthCity Baptist Church ...Shameless Audacity

April 16, 2014

I found this really awesome new church in Sun Prairie WI near my house. My aunt invited me. It's called NorthCity Baptist Church. It meets in the gym at Horizen school. The Pastors are great and they have a great children's Sunday School program too. This Sunday, April 20th, they are having an easter egg hunt after service for the kids. The sermons for the last 28 days have been about Shameless Audacity in asking God for the things we want that are within His view. In my heart, I pray that anyone who reads this and is searching for a great church like I was will find Northcity this weekend and come visit for service. I have been trying to pray with shameless audacity for God to fill the church overflowing with many hearts searching for the Love and salvation of Jesus Christ. Hope to see you there

Prayers for a healthy, happy baby

April 15, 2014

My husband and I just found out we are expecting after many, many months of trying. We had fertility treatments and finally received the great news of a positive pregnancy test. We are considered in our advanced maternal years and are worried about the health of the baby. Our first Dr. appointment is later this week. Please send any and all prayers. The power of prayer is amazing! Thank you for all your prayers.

young lady struggling to make ends meet

April 14, 2014

Please pray for my sons friend who is going for a new job interview today. she is trying to keep her financing going. and is going for a new job interview today. pray that she can get something that will take her to the next level and she can get ahead of the financial strain she is in. she is such a delight and she tries so hard to do everything on her own and respect her parents. thank you


April 11, 2014

We where married over 20 yrs with many trial and he chose to not move with us. Because of circumstances we have not been together as husband and wife for over 3 years. We both contributed to our problems but he chose to not try anymore. We have a wonderful special needs child. I have been convicted about 8 months ago that I had never been his Help Meet that God asked me to be. I want to try but he has given up on us and started to move on, yet he has not filed for divorce. I am not his conscious but I don't think he is living a Godly life. I am trying so hard to be faithful in all ways. I have asked him for a chance to talk so we can either try to restore our marriage or for him to free me yet he has not responded. I can't nag him so I wait for him to respond. He is a good father and a wonderful man but the sin needs to be dealt with. Prayer is that God would bring him to his knees and if that requires something that be devastating, then let God do what he needs to in order to bring him to the foot of Christ for support, do it however God chooses, do it speedily. That all of his sinful activities become so bitter to the taste and that sin is no longer fun but painful. Mostly pray that he returns and we restore our marriage with GOD in the Center. Prayer for me would be - for Wisdom in my behavior, speech and attitude so they are not done by hurt or resentment but only as God would have a wife act. And that I would stay focused on Christ and not allow my flesh any control over me.

prayer for an open window.

April 11, 2014

I say "window" because its a thing between God and I. :D But anyways, I am asking for a door to be open to help with my Skin Therapy Licenses back in check. My school shut down years ago, and I have no way of figuring out how to study or get things organized to start my dream spa / makeup area. I work full time, and I am trying to figure this all out. Please Pray GOD WOULD GUIDE AND OPEN A DOOR FOR ME. I also started smoking again, ( i smoked 8 cigs yesterday due to stress.) I do not want to be this person. amen

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