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August 20, 2014

Sigh---yet ANOTHER financial set-back--i keep a close eye on my checking acct. ysterday discoverd un-authorized acctivity on it. more money gone,. Not big, but to us it is. With me being the only income, w r having a hard enough time keeping st=ff paid! The amount was enough for food for a week!! Our CU is trying to work with us, but I hope I dont have to take tim off work to go there and change my accout ovr?? Didnt sleep last night all worried about this!!PLEAS PRAY THIS DOESNT HAPPEN AGAIN!!TYVM!! Linda

Finding God in Eating Disorder/Depression Recovery

August 19, 2014

I have been struggling with anorexia and depression for too long now. I have always been a "Christian" but in the past year especially I felt like I lost God and I'm trying so hard to repair my relationship with him because I can't go on like this anymore. I have had so many suicidal thought that I would never act upon but life is just so hard and overwhelming and I'm trying to change through God but I just don't feel him. I'm trying to take a step towards him and I'm getting baptized for a second time as a re-commitment to him this week. Please pray that I would find God and develop a relationship with him.

for our niece

August 18, 2014

Please pray for our niece who is battling drug addition, she is in the hospital again, trying to over come this enemy. thank you

So many needs

August 16, 2014

So many needs right now -- job instability, gay daughter I'm trying to be understanding of, while her dad is very angry, tension in marriage....prayers appreciated.

calm and direction

August 09, 2014

Lord, I know there are greater needs in this world. I have been searching for my hard drive with all my family's pictures and my work on it. While I'm reasonably certain it is not list for good, the fear is tormenting me to sheer panic. With so many struggles, that represents what joy I have had in life. It is the work that I have trying to fight for my brothers and sisters in uniform who continue to seek justice. It is my work to bear witness to the cruelties of this world. Please calm me as I look for this. Please help me locate this. Please, it may not be the most important thing You need to do,but it is so important to me and my goals. I'm devastated and panicked. I need your help to know it will be okay. Through Christ. Amen

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