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April 13, 2015

Please pray for my husband to invite Jesus into his heart and to accept God's grace and forgiveness. My husband repented of his sins against our marriage after a two year affair but now he feels like he is unforgivable and he wants to be by himself instead of staying married to me. He has chosen to love another woman instead but has also decided to break that off because of all the lies he has been telling both of us. He has hit rock bottom and really needs to ask Jesus into his heart. Please pray for a miracle and divine intervention by God for his salvation and for our marriage to be saved if that is the will of God. In Jesus' Name.

the worst news

April 11, 2015

My husband and I saw his pulomulogist and the worse news was delivered Pulmonary Hypertension was the verdict also he wants to do some tests CT Scan for a closer look at his lungs he also believes there is some underlying lung issues so many possibilities and not good ones. My husband is from North Carolina and he worked in the cotton mills for almost 7 years doctor believes that might be contributing factor. The lung problem is causing a problem with the right side of his heart end result it is forcing blood back into his body. These are just the latest problems he suffers from chronic pain and has problems with his feet. I pray every minute of the day sometimes I falter in my belief in the Almighty. I wonder why my husband has to suffer so he is a good man. I suffer from chronic pain due to mild arthritis unfortunately it is in 65% of my body. I exercise every day but some times i wonder if it helps. I want to thank all the people whom have prayed for my husband before and I hope they will continue. Grace


April 08, 2015

In the name of Jesus, I claim my husband and our marriage. In the Name of Jesus, I rebuke you satan from his life and thoughts and our marriage. Please pray for a miracle of God's saving grace as my husband has walked away and thinks that is the only answer to all the resentment he has towards me and towards himself. There is so much to our story, but I believe that somehow, God wants us to save our marriage and my husband. Please pray in Jesus, Name. Amen.

deliverance for a Prodigal Son

April 08, 2015

I I am sorry for posting a request again so soon but I feel that I really need intercession. I backslid and turned from The LORD and back into homosexuality. He delivered me when He saved me (sometimes I wonder if I am born again) but after some tribulations I got puffed up with pride and angry with Him about my life I fell back in that sin. He showed me it was pride that was the root of my backsliding and I fasted and humbled myself repented and He delivered me again. My situation now is similar but worse than that previous backsliding. I have been puffed up with pride and He has been reaching out to me to fast, humble myself, repent and seek His face but instead I have been playing games with Him and been in willful Sin. I am so numb, dead, and full of fear inside of me. I stopped reading the Bible and listening to sermons and I feel like giving up. He can do anything and he healed my backsliding before and delivered me from this demon twice before. It's very hard for me to repent, humble myself, fast, pray, get back in the word and seek His face. I have been really depressed and lonely. I know what I need to do but I dont. I know I am under deep satanic bond age and I need to do what is written in James 4. I know the LORD wants me to submit to Him and draw nigh to Him and fast a pray and seek His face. I need to stop playing games with Him also. Thank you all for praying for me and the notes. My email is if you like to contact me. Please pray for Godly sorrow, Holy Ghost conviction, to flood my heart and mind. Please pray for my repentance toward God and faith unto The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for the deliverance e, healing, return, and restoration for this prodigal son. I am really lonely, sad, and depressed and full of myself. I am so dead and unhappy inside. God bless you all and thank you for being there for me.

There is HOPE in Divorce

April 07, 2015

Will you please find it in your hear to pray for our family? Our journey started over a year ago when my husband filed for divorce. The Lord has worked in wonderful ways showing me the way he wants me to live and how I can be a better person for our children. I know that my husband still loves me and that he is in a spiritual battle right now. Could you please pray for him that God continues to work on him, that God is able to help turn his heart from stone to flesh and that my husband realizes the reasons we first fell in love 12 years ago. Our daughters and I miss him terribly and know that God has a plan for us, a better us going into the future. We are in the final stages of our divorce. I have seen a change in him, a realization of our mistakes and he has told me that he still cares for me. I know that through God all things are possible! Pleaes Lord, please touch his heart, help us to find one another again in our love and compassion for a better us, a better family! Thank you Jesus! Amen.

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