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February 14, 2016

Today will be a hard day its valentines day and my ex still hasn't came back to me and the kids. I pray godbrings him here today and I will have the best valentines day present I could for. That would be him coming home and truly being committed to me and the kids and god. I pray he will become a Christian man fully devoted to Jesus. I pray god restores our relationship and makes it better. I pray a pastor who is his neighbor connects with him. I pray they grow a strong friendship .I pray that our family has hope love peace and laughter. pray that god reaches down and touches him and guides him to my house. I pray the holy spirit shows up all the reasons to love me and come here today. I pray jesus touches tre and moves him to come home quickly. God please give Tre a revelation a clear one that will make him make his wife. guide me to be the wife he wants and needs and then make me make him want to make me his wife. bless our wedding day june4 2016 and let our wedding still go on. thankyou for my blessing and bless all who prayfor this. Please use every sign and memory you can to get him here today. Please use people he speaks with today to spread your word and make him come to me today. please put your strongest angels best fit to guide me and tre back together as a faithful and committed engaged couple together today. keep him away from anyone who gets in the way of this. Please keep the devil and his workers away from Tre. don't let the devil test or tempt him. guide me show me how to make him happy and in love with me. Please god answer my prayer today. in the name of the father of our savior. in the name of jesus our savior our chirst. in the name of the holy spirit. I pray amen!!!!!

Lord end the ignoring and indifference and usher in romance, agape love,faithfulness and pursuing now in Jesus Name,we pray, Amen.

February 12, 2016

Please pray that the eyes of Cody will be opened to the needs of my daughter Sarah. She feels neglected and pushed to the side. She feels unwanted. Show Cody that Sarah is to be cherished and appreciated, show him that if he doesn't someone else will. Show Cody how precious Sarah is to God. Show Cody that he is to die to Christ which means die to Sarah, just liked Christ died for the church. For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her- I pray Cody is willing to sacrifice himself for Sarah. I pray the Lord causes Cody to always actively pursue Sarah and cherish Sarah always. God's will be done. Lord protect, strengthen and bless their relationship and every relationship, life, and marriage in my family. No weapon formed shall prosper, no disaster allowed in or near our tents, deliver us from every evil and temptation. rebuke the de/vil NOW and cancel all of his plans,etc. No one wants their daughter with someone who doesn't ALWAYS and ONLY pursue them, with Jesus at the center of it all. This is getting ridiculous. please pray, in Jesus our Savior and Redeemer's Name, we pray, Amen.


February 11, 2016

Please pray that God lead us to the childcare He wants for our child, where he will be safe, loved, learn, grow and explore.


February 08, 2016

So last night there was a bad altercation between me and my ex fianc. I want to work things out with him and bring our family back to happy healthy and peaceful home. However he continues to listen to the devil. He use to be a great dad and family man. Now He wants to party and drink go to strip clubs and hang out with the wrong crowd. He has changed a lot. I almost don't what to say to pray for. I think he is confused he feels like he get pulled in two different directions. I ask that Holy spirit will take over and show him the error of his ways make him feel guilty and miss home with his kids. I ask that the holy spirit take over his body and show him all he has done to destroy his family. I ask that the Lord bless my family and bring him back to us. I ask that he becomes the provider he once was for us and the man that took our kids to the zoo and museums and spent lots of time at home with his family. I ask he finds a real job and misses home. I ask that he matures and stops a partying and I ask that he wants to come back home and will come back home.


February 07, 2016

I am seeking a resolution to my troubled relationship. I pray for my significant other to find peace and figure out what he truly wants even if that isn't us. For there to be a clear path to follow and for us to find peace.

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