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Turning points - Sisters needing support

July 19, 2016

For Christina - she is in severe financial need. She knows Jesus loves her and wants others to love her too. For Karen - she strayed from the Lord and wants Him. She feels alone, persecuted and uprooted. Me (Mary) - I need more of Jesus and less of me. Thank you so much for taking me and these children of God to His throne room. My love to you!

Prayers for crossroad on journey and peace

July 17, 2016

Peace in my life with my family, fiance and job. Need know where God wants me go in this journey on life as I am in crosseoad. Thank you.

Broken marriage

July 14, 2016

Please pray for our Lord to perform a miracle in my wife's hardened heart. She wants to seperate/divorce. Through this I have grown closer to God. Yet, I have seen her grow more distant from Him. To the point where she can barely call herself christian when asked by our pastor. This goes against her core beliefs she has held her entire life. But why? That part is unclear. She is broken and feels that distancing herself from me is the answere. I feel otherwise. My faith is that God has made promises that have yet to be revealed and I am holding to those. Clinging. Fear is around every corner. Hurt. Brokeness. Yet the growth of my spirit is entirely because of where we are. God please help her. Help us. Resurect our marriage. Heal our brokeness. Wrap your loving arms around our family. Do not let the devil have his way wih our marriage. Crush him and silence him.

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