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Prayer for boys in school

November 24, 2015

Could you please pray for my two little boys? I have a 6 yr old and a 4 yr old and they are so very young. They are wonderful loving sweet boys who are being "pegged" as children with ADHD in the public school system . I am so CONFUSED> Yes, they are fidgety and wigglly but they are also young and immature and BOYS. Is our school system trying to fit square pegs into round holes? How can the teachers be better equipped to work with these high energy boys who need a little bit more work and attention? Are our teachers so overworked and over whelmed that the solution seems to always point towards medication? I am at a crossroads and trying to decide if a medication would be the answer for my oldest to "fit in" better . I don't want them to suffer or even fall behind academically which has not yet happened but is very possible because of the oldest one's inability to focus on instruction and work independently. The younger one has not yet had that suggestion made to us by the school, but I foresee it in the future of his educational career . Please pray for my little ones as they face school, teachers and friends on a daily basis and begin to navigate their path through life. I know that God has a plan for them and he will take care of them. But, please pray for me , that I would have the inner strength, wisdom and courage to make the best decisions for my little men.

May God restore my life

November 20, 2015

Pray for me in the name of the Almighty so that my whole life be restored in Jesus' name.i terribly face new challenges( fears,depression,homosexuality,ill-thoughts)that created barriers on my way to enter God's blessing in my life.May God grants me wisdom,courage,patience,protection,good heart,sound-mind,a good job and good partner.

Intercession in complex blended family issues.

November 16, 2015

I have two adult sons with addiction challenges. They both need prayer to remain strong in recovery. My current husband reacts negatively and angrily whenever an issue arises where I am asked to help one or both of my sons. He yells and curses and says he wants a divorce...then goes silent. This has been going on now over a week. He sleeps on the couch,throws away food I cook for him and won't speak reasonably to resolve this. I been praying..I am waiting on God and I keep taking care of me....but this silence is deafening and this childish behavior is crazy! I need wisdom and guidance and discernment on how to be and what to do/say here. I appreciate prayers.

struggle for balance of family + work

November 16, 2015

Please pray for wisdom. I've just gone back to work full time after 5 years at home with our son. I found a great job at a bank and have just hit 30 days there, but I'm struggling with balance. Our family has had a complete change of life going from military family to my husband medically retiring (found a great job praise the Lord); we've moved back home to family (thank you Lord), bought a house (praise God in the right timing), and my son had been enrolled in a great Christian daycare and preschoo (he is having a hard time adjusting)l- but my heart is struggling and I'm having an incredibly hard time adjusting. There may be a local opening at a bank down the street for a part time position and I'm inquiring and praying over it. God always answers on His divine will. I am praying for balance and for a good work atmosphere. Thank you!

prayers please

November 15, 2015

for a niece hospitalized (again) for a severe infection after recent blood clot issue. Her foot/leg is still very swollen and she is not getting better. She struggles with many emotional/mental health issues also. Prayers for wisdom for the doctors and caretakers and peace, comfort, and healing for her as well as for her family who are concerned and feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Thank you.

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