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Falling apart

July 26, 2016

I am overwhelmed. Two months ago, I had a home, a wonderful man to share it with, our our family has been ripped apart by assumptions and misunderstandings. We are all suffering in our own way...he and I, our children. He is battling something within himself that I have no knowledge of. I only see what it has done to him. Controlled by anger and resentment. He focuses on my past mistakes, using them as weapons against me. Refusing to see that I am not that person anymore. That person I was has been gone a long time. It hurts to have those things thrown at me. They are being used to validate his actions and words, when they no longer apply today. I pray for forgiveness. For my own sins, and for his. I pray the Lord will touch him. Allow him to see what is really behind the anger and bring healing. I ask God to bring our family back together. Renew it. Take whatever has been broken, and make it whole again. I ask for wisdom in dealing with him. That the Lord will put the right words in my mouth, so that all he feels is love. He has kicked me out of our home. It was so unexpected. Cruel. I will not allow myself to hate him for it as I know there is something deeper going on here. But I am afraid. I am hurt. I miss our family and I miss the man I use to know. I am unsure what to do next. I need guidance. All of this I ask In Jesus Name.

Broken Family

July 25, 2016

A situation has come up that I don't know how to handle and it is family related. There were some issues at home that we are working at resolving with what we have. In addition I was unable to get my mom out to see them when they were at a local campground. The only thing is that it will cost us about $1500 to resolve properly. The hardest part is that my mom's family knows about it and now they want nothing to do with us. There are some additional issues. They were lied to about some things that they are taking their anger and frustrations out on us to the point where they want nothing to do with us. What could we have done that was so bad they want to do that? They reported the issues to APS and they are threating to have use kicked out of the house and having my parents put in a home. While my mom is wheel chair bound my dad and I perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. Is that even a possibility? I hope and pray that it doesn't go that far but i am not so sure about anything anymore. We have tried to make things right by reaching out to them and trying to talk about things, but every attempt has been rejected. They are even keeping the inheritance that my mom is due from the passing of her mother a few months ag. We were supposed to go to upper Michigan for a celebration of life for my grandma but they basically said. "we don't want you there" for whatever reason. It is at the point where I cant handle things on my own. I want so badly to make things right with my mom's side of the family but I cant do it all on my own they have to meet me half way. Cause without family what else is there? At what point do I just say "you know what if that is the way you want then so be it" I just need guidance and wisdom from the most high on how to handle things. Cause I want to do it the right way and whatever I can to make it right cause the whole is hurting my mom that her family is rejecting her like this. And honestly it is hurting me to.


July 22, 2016

Please pray that my previous relationship is restored - if it's the Lord's will. With each prayer, I grow more confident that this is "it," but I see Satan placing fear/apprehension in the heart of my ex. He will go from "knowing I'm it," to "needing time." When I pray for him, it's never long before the Lord leads him back to me. Please pray that the Lord's will be done, ask Him to give both me and my ex wisdom, and ask that He give us His holy confidence in where to go next. Please ask that if it's His will, this time of separation be short and make our relationship even better than we could have ever hoped for. Thank you for your prayers!

Praying for Courage

July 19, 2016

For quite a long time I've prayed and felt called to a career change. Now that things are beginning to happen, I am fearful. All day long I kept thinking stay where you are, it's stable, you have benefits, etc. The issue is I feel God calling me to a change, to serve Him in a different way. I felt this for the past few years and yet the security aspects of my current job keep me there. I want to leave everything behind and follow Him, but I am scared of the unknowns. Please help me by praying for clarity and wisdom, and, most of all, courage to trust my savior, Jesus Christ.


July 19, 2016

Please pray for Michael to receive God's wisdom, clarity, and a holy confidence in His will for him. Please pray specifically that the Lord will sit heavily on his heart and mind and show him the way he should go. Please ask God to banish any fear, selfishness, or doubts and replace those feelings with confidence, selflessness, and gratefulness. Please ask God to open Michael's heart and mind to all that He is leading him to. Ask that God helps Michael restore the relationship he has abandoned. Thank you!

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