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Pray for my mom and anyone with cancer

August 23, 2016

My mom has surgery this Thursday at 11:00 for removal of a cancerous tumor on her paratoid gland. The PETscan also showed a tumor in the area of her pancreas and bile duct. If you could add her to your church prayer group list or your own personal prayer list to provide strength to my mom and others with cancer and to give her doctors the wisdom to safely remove the cancer from that area. Praying for a fast removal of a hopefully self contained tumor. And pray to keep the other area in her body free from pain and growth and shrink that growth in the name of Jesus, Amen. Thy Will Be Done. Peace Be With You! Praying for a Miracle.

Hosea 14 KJV

August 18, 2016

I messed up my life across the board. Emotionally, academically, financially, physically and most importantly spiritually. I'm deep in sin, the flesh, and the world and under demonic bondage. Please pray for my return to The LORD and my deliverance and restoration unto Him. For my repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ. I need to move out and find a place to live, I need The LORDs protection guidance and wisdom. I'm really stuck in pride and He has shown me He wants me to fast. I've been stubborn, stick neck, and proud. I need The LORD to fix my life across the board

God has this situation in His Hands now

August 15, 2016

Please God dont ignore me and my prayers, God, I know I'm a wretched person, so it's understandable, but Lord You are loving and forgiving and all Power is Yours, You are an awesome God, able to hold stars in Your Hand. Anyway, if You are willing to crouch down and extend Your Mercy to me, I would like to lift up this prayer to You now: if my daughter, Sarah's man is not over his ex, or not being faithful or truthful to my daughter, then please remove him from Sarah's life now. Please expose his lies. If he is over his ex, and he definitely is faithful and truthful to my daughter, then bless, strengthen and protect their love commitment, relationship together, now. I bind up confusion and in'betweeens and I take away the enemy's power and cancel all his plans. Lord, please quickly bring honor, wisdom, self-control and strength to Sarah regarding this situation. And don't let ANY time be wasted. Praying all this in the Most Powerful Name of Jesus Messiah, Amen.

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