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I need God to soften my creditors' heart and also bless me

November 16, 2014

Blessed week to all of you! It's me , Rick again. Please continue to pray for me, situation is still the same, creditors are still threatening, stressing and harassing me and my family. I need God to soften my creditors' heart, (they are: SF, Joeline, Ivan, Jan, AY, Benson, Lena and a few more), there is also a Court case against my sister as she is my guarantor, please pray that the case will be adjourned and close miraculously. Please also pray for me and my family to have wisdom, good health and also a supernatural financial miracle. Thanks again in advance for praying.

My Dad

November 12, 2014

Please pray for my dad as he undergoes radiation for kidney cancer that has spread to his brain. He has been battling stage 4 kidney cancer in his kidney and lungs for months now, and we just found out it is now in his brain. Please pray for wisdom for his doctors and nurses, and pray that God would heal my dad. Please pray for understanding and peace for my mom, brother and I as we push on through this next hurdle. My dad is not yet a Christ follower, so I also pray that this journey open his eyes to the Gospel and brings him to God.

I really need prayer for strength (This is hard)

November 09, 2014

I found out my husband is still living with the other women, I need strength and a word from the lord what to do next, Not a fleshly word but a word from the lord. I need peace wisdom and understanding. also pray for my sons favor in getting custody of his daughter. Pray my granddaughter and her brothers safety please..

Large debt to a dead company? Sounds fishy...

November 07, 2014

My wife gave birth to our son almost two years ago. We paid our debt in full and then got reimbursed by insurance. Now, after the bankruptcy of that childbirth center, we have received two questionable bills from people claiming to be them. Two large, expensive bills. The most recent one wasn't even so much a bill, as it was just a phone message from some shady fourth party saying that if we didn't pay they would send us to collections (which is an illegal thing to do, by the way). The whole thing stinks. No legitimate company sends a bill via answering machine for services rendered almost two years ago. I am in the process of contacting several government agencies and procuring legal counsel. Please pray for peace and wisdom, as this whole stupid episode has ruined an otherwise nice day off for me and my family.

Attention Prayer Warriors!!!

November 06, 2014

Please come against the strongman of pride in my husband and spiritual blindness to be broken in Jesus Name. Bind the spirit of confusion,seducing and mind binding spirits over him. Break the ungodly soul ties between him and the other women. Pray for god fearing laborers to come across his path and speak gods word into him and pray he has ears to hear what the lord is saying to him. Pray for a deep love for the lord to penetrate his heart and for eyes to see gods hand in everything and for him to get clarity about his walk for the lord and the true love for his wife and kids and grand children and family. Pray he doesn't rest until he repents and may the lord continue to give me strength and clarity and wisdom to make the right choices from here in my circumstance Thanks saints for standing with me,

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