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Our Sons and Grandson

August 15, 2014

Once again, I am asking for prayer. Our eldest son and grandson have been evicted and have no where to go as of this Sunday. We would take them in, but he refuses to move anywhere without his live-in girlfriend which we have said no to. Our youngest son was charged today with the crimes of thc possession and paraphernalia. We continue to minister to others in the midst of intense pain. Pray for wisdom for us, protection for our sons and grandsons from the evil one and that our prodigals would come back to Jesus. Many thanks.

Dad in Hospital

August 12, 2014

Please pray for my Dad in Hospital. Needs to get a pace maker. I pray for God's healing and protection. Wisdom of the doctors.

Babys Death

August 12, 2014

Please pray for my co-worker and her family, along with my entire office building. She received a call that her baby was not breathing at daycare this morning. The paramedics rushed the baby to the Hospital and mom was able to meet up and say goodbye. Please give spiritual wisdom to all who know this family, how to touch and agree, and how to give the words of encouragement at this time of need.


August 11, 2014

Dale has his Social Secutiry Disablity appt interview this am at 9am, Please pray that they will have the wisdom to see all of Dale;s health issues and grant him his SSD! This wil be Dale;s ONLY income which we are in dire need of!!TYVM!!

Please pray for strength and wisdom for my husband and me for our schooling and continued prayer for the restoration of our marriage

August 10, 2014

Please pray for my husband as he is starting school tommarow and working fulltime. I am also starting back in 2 weeks for a new semester. Pray for us to have strengh and for our memory to retain what we learn and for wisdom. We also need a covering over our marriage and the restoration and for him to make the decision to come home. please continue to stand with me in that and thanks soooo much for your prayers, The prayers of the righteous availith much.

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