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I really need my brothers and sisters in christ to help me fight this battle. PLEASE

October 20, 2014

The battle has been going on for 3 years for my husbands repentance and marriage restoration.He came back here for a week and moved in saying he wanted to reconcile and i found out he was still taking to this other women and he denied it and now His car got stolen this morning and because it is in my name i had to report it stolen and the address to give the police is the other women's home he has had an affair with these past 3 years. Pray for that relationship to be a disaster and they he gets exposed there for what he is doing to her and her family. His foundation needs to be shaken to the core to bring him to repentance. Pray for division between them and break this ungodly soul ties in Jesus name. I need strength and wisdom and peace and a word in what i should do. If i should wait because he is gonna turn his life back to the lord or get a divorce because this has gone on for sooo long. I need you prayer warriors to come against the rulers and principalities and strongman over my family and marriage also a spirit of division, destruction, calamity, bitterness, anger resentiment, pride. Please come against this for my whole family.

prayer for Justin

October 15, 2014

Please pray for continued filling of the knowledge of the Holy Spirit inside Justins heart to pour out those beautiful words of encouragement. To fill him with strength and wisdom and understanding. peace that that surpasses all understanding.

Pray for the lord to bring my husband to his knees

October 11, 2014

am going through a very hard time with my husband. I have been through so much pain and its happening again. I need to know if i am to just let him go now. Pray for my strength, peace and wisdom. This women he has had an affair with for 3 years keeps coming back. (pray for her conviction and please break this stronghold ie. ungodly soul tie) in jesus name. The stronghold is great on him The power of prayer can change this as he needs to come back to the lord.

Pray for my husband and daughter and myself

October 09, 2014

A spirit of division,pride and destruction is trying to come in and divide our home. please stand with me in coming against the rulers and principalities in this, Pray a hedge of protection around our family. Pray that my husband and daughter put the lord first in all areas of their lives, My husband needs to get to the place where he totally needs to submit to the lord, Pray for me i need strength and wisdom and peace in all of this in jesus name

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