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Good friend on life support

October 24, 2014

My best friends mother in law Alberta (she prefers to be called Bert) has taken a turn for the worse :( She is in her mid 50's and hasnt been able to take her diabetic meds due to not having insurance. Without these meds, for as long as she hasnt been able to have them have made her very sick. Last week she was in the Columbus hospital, and was able to talk..they had her stable..Wednesday night she took a turn for the worst of all..she was med flighted to St. Marys in Madison..unable to breathe on her own..She is now hooked up to life support..he lungs and kidneys arent working at all. She has a very worried husband, son, daughter in law, a daughter, and 4 grandkids. Who meant the world to her. Her son and daughter in law are not firm believers in Christ, I have tried to tell them to have faith..which they respond to..Why have faith..God is the reason she is sick..What does a person say to that? I keep praying, and I am asking all of you to please send out a prayer for Bert and her family. Thank you all so very much. Jesus on you all!!!!

Return to your First Love

October 16, 2014

Please pray for my return to the LORD. I have been drifting, carnal, and worldy. I believe theres a satanic stronghold/bondage at play here. I have been a friend of the world and caught up with The World. Please pray for me to repent and draw nigh unto the LORD and come out from among an from being unequally yoked with unbelievers. Thanks and God bless you.

Proof and re-proofs

October 14, 2014

LORD I seek YOUR Pleasures out in ever-diligent proof and re-proof of YOUR Word through YOUR Glorious Son, Jesus - the Christ, and the Holy Spirit's Guidance as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death - which is the world, a part from the earth - I am made safe from it's treacherous wilderness by, in, and through YOUR WORD. Holy, Holy, Holy is YOUR name for JOEL my Sovereign, my King, my LORD God Almighty. In thankful prayer to YOU, God, I through YOUR Son, Jesus - the Christ, humble myself before YOU in wondrous awe of the blessing(s) of the Gospel(s) of Jesus - the Christ and recognize again the truths, this day on earth in this valley of the shadow of death, of JOHN 8:1-59 in full recognition that YOUR Son, Jesus - the Christ [MATTHEW 10:34] came to bear sword. Hosanna to the highest, Hallelujah in YOUR Reign for the immeasurable mercies of YOUR Command in YOUR infinite Lovingkindness my LORD, my Father in my Savior, YOUR Exalted Son and in His name this day through Him , Jesus - the Christ, Amen.

Walk in The Spirit

October 14, 2014

Please pray that I grow in grace and knowledege in The LORD and walk in The Spirit. Please pray for The Salvation of The World and that The LORD's will be done on earth and in the church and in my life as it is in Heaven. Please pray for my family's salvation as well as my neighbors and The dalton family's. Please pray against everywork of the enemy. Please pray that The LORD provides for all of His peoples needs both Spiritual and material in Christ Jesus and uses them for His glory and namesake to preach the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that The LORD provides me with a new and better job and career, my own place and a Godly born again wise gorgeous christian wife. Please pray that The LORD calls me to be a pastor and to love all people to be humble meek patient and kind and always to be real and genuine and to forgive everyone that has wronged me and to not hold any grudges. Thanks and God bless you.

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