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May 21, 2015

I recently was downsized from my company after 24 years. I'm hard working, honest and dependable. Yet, somehow GOD is not listening to me with a request for a new job. It has been 6 weeks since I have been laid off. No job offers yet. Please pray that a new job opportunity comes my way. Thanks and God Bless.

Pray for my son please

May 17, 2015

My son just recently lost his job, he is only 20 years old and has been fired from 3 jobs so far, all for the same thing, his anger. For some reason he has so much anger inside of him and he can't control it. I don't know what to do for him. I want him to go get some help but he won't, so praying is the only thing I can think of doing for him. Thank you

Husband's kidney disease

May 13, 2015

I ask that you pray for my husband who is on dialysis for 4 years who at present with toxins because his blood isn't clean enough. The decisions he is making is affecting our household finances and it will probably be a matter of time when we will lose everything. Thank you for your consideration of praying what is right in God's eyes. Blessings.


May 12, 2015

My husband (and potentially me as well) will lose our jobs most likely this summer. We have four teenage daughters, three of them have ADHD and they test our patience all the time. There is a lot of stress in our household, and our girls continue to test our patience,especially mine. Since we adopted them 6 years ago they still don't trust us and continue to test us. They are all teenagers and have a lot of negative attitude and lack of trust. Please pray I can be a good mother and my husband a good father. We need God's help.

job for brother larry

May 11, 2015

Brother, Larry, Is in need of a job. He has an MA in Library Science, but hasn't been able to find anything in Wi. He got his degree in MN, but would rather be in WI to stay close to family. Twenty years ago he made a mistake and had to go to a correctional place for 5 years. Sometimes I think employers don't give him a chance because of mistake. He's gone back to school and finished his degree; and also, got a MA degree in Library Science. He's depressed because he hasn't been able to find a job that pays over $12 or more. He's on his own and unemployment only takes care of his rent. Not much to live on. He's not a believer, but use to believe in God before. Please pray that God will guide him to find the right job; possibly where another believer works at the same job. He's done payroll/ accounting before at a trucking place, and knows warehouse type jobs. Pray that he will enjoy his job, and that he will begin to trust in God again. Thanks.

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