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May 04, 2016

Please pray for me- I have been battling weight gain for years, I lost 75 lbs 5 years ago and felt amazing and gained it ALL back, I feel worthless, fat and just want to give up. I need the strength to feel strong again. I feel like I have failed as a Mother, failed as a Wife. I need to dig deep within myself for ME and do this. I want to be healthy once again and Love myself. Thank you


May 03, 2016

Dear friends, I would like your prayers for a peaceful heart. I have had a hard life with many challenges but have always loved the Lord and took refuge in him. I have struggled over the last 15 years struggling to survive from constant financial loss, I work 3 jobs (15 hr days sometimes) but every time I seem to get a head something happens I can't control. I am so worn out and just want to give up the struggle. I am not looking for a glamorous life but would like to pay my bills. People (family) don't understand when I can't drive to events because I don't have gas money. My main job hasn't given much for raises in 10 yrs so life is starting to feel hopeless. Thank you for any encouragement. I don't want Satan to win this battle.

My children's heartbreak

May 03, 2016

I would like to ask for prayers for my children and their father. He is overcome by alcohol addiction and doesn't know how to fight it. He will be away for the next few years and will be missing my daughters high school graduation among many other special moments. This is breaking my daughters' hearts and his as well. He is a great father but this battle is hard for him. I ask for prayers for him to beat this disease and to restore the relationship he has with our girls. Please give him strength to get through this and hope and strength for my girls as well. This I ask in Jesus name. Amen

Prayers for Pain Relief, Please

April 30, 2016

I have a rare "Adult On-set Involuntary Movement Disorder"; and it began back in 2006, "out of the blue". However, my doctors more or less concluded that it most likely came upon me due to rare side effects from the 3 different medications that I was prescribed to take by a former doctor (only former because I moved out of that area). Anyhow, 3 years ago, shortly before my dear Mom passed away; I sprained my right ankle badly. Well, several weeks later, during my Physical Therapy Evaluation, the poor Therapist could barely complete an examination on it; because my ankle was moving around so much. And, stress has been proven to cause involuntary movement disorders to become worse. :( Well, my doctors finally realized that they do not know how to help lessen the pain that comes with an "involuntary movement disorder". So, praise the Lord, I finally have been allowed to get an appointment with a Movement Disorders Specialty doctor ! However, that is still more than a month away. And, strangely enough, this ankle "spins" involuntarily; and this causes tendinitis, which is very painful. And, it is also a "chronic disorder"; meaning that it does not stop; nor am I able to stop these odd involuntary movements from occurring on my own. Surroundingthe ankle/foot with ice packs helps lessen the pain somewhat; but not enough . . . I would appreciatehaving some prayers . . . Thank you !

Friend troubles

April 30, 2016

My best friend of 3 years has always been very abrupt and negative. I didn't mind it originally because I was so similar to her. Now however, the more I listen to life 102.5, and the more I expose myself to optimistic, encouraging people, the more I realize the negative effect my once best friend is having on my life. I have tried to help her become more positive, however she is suffering from chrones disease, chronic migraines, and other diseases I don't even know about. She's so young and has such a heavy burden on her shoulders that she's trying to deal with alone. I've tried to help as best I could and tried to get her to seek professional help, however she refuses. Our conversations have been fewer and fewer and are now almost nonexistent. I have stayed with her because I feel as though I can not abandon her in her time of need, and I am one of the only friends she has. I have tried so hard to help her, but I can not. I have realized this past week that she is forcing me not to do what I want and instead to do what she wants. I have not been experiencing the things a normal high schooler should. She has also restricted my conversation regarding my church, which is something very important to me, so when she asked I don't talk about, I was extremely saddened and taken back. She is Catholic and I am a Christian so don't know exactly why she doesn't want me to talk about it. She has also been very passive aggressive about my decision to go to prom, because she doesn't want to, and she's been making me feel very guilty about my decision. I have put up with her for a long time and am not sure how much longer I can do it. I don't know what to do because I feel as though I can't leave her, but I also can't stay friends with her. I have been praying about this for a while, however am not sure what God wants me to do. Any advice anyone has would be much appreciated. Thank you for praying for me and also please pray for my friend who is going through unimaginable pain every day.

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