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husband and marriage

September 01, 2014

My husband does not feel like he is in love with me anymore and is trying to decide if we are getting divorced. We have been going to therapy for two years and I feel like there needs to be an intervention by God in order for our marriage to be saved. I am giving God control of the situation because I do not know who else will save our marriage. I want to stay married for the Glory of God. I want to stay with my husband for the rest of my earthly life. I believe there is power in prayer, so I'm asking for prayer for my marriage.That we stay married, that my husband chooses to love me again and tht he let go of resentment and anger that he feels. Pray that he stop listening to the lies of the devil and instead listen to the voice of reason, Jesus. Please pray whatever is on your heart for my marriage to be restored that the devil be overcome as I'm certain the devil doesn't want our marriage to survive. My husband is also not saved, as far as I know, so we are not in the same place spiritually. So we really need a lot of prayer if you are willing. Thank you!


August 27, 2014

My grandmother is in the hospital. 90 years old body is shutting down. Lift her up in prayer and comfort for my family

Need a second job

August 26, 2014

I need to get a second job to pay off my bills faster and be able to provide school things for my daughter. I have a decent job but had to take a pay cut five months ago when my boss of ten years retired and closed his office. I just need a second job on the weekends to make up the difference and start getting ahead again. My savings is gone. I have been looking but I can't seem to find one. Please pray that I can find a second job to supplement my income so I can get ahead on my bills again. Thank you.

Testing time

August 25, 2014

Please pray for my daughter in law who has to take her final exam today in nursing school. I am so proud of her going back to school--she is a mom of 2, (1 special needs child and the other is 2 years old going on 14!) My son works full time and they struggle, but know that God is watching over them. Please pray that she passes her test. Thank you.

Marriage Ending

August 24, 2014

Need strength to get out of a destructive marriage . I feel unsafe but see his depression that I cannot help. I can't change him to see his blessings. I live in anxiety of never knowing what will set him off. I don't know why I'm not good enough and overwhelmed that I will have to loose everything we have built together in 24 years and it will tear the family apart. I need peace and love so I can breathe.

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