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Relationship breakdown

April 26, 2015

I feel like this is too small of a topic for this great site but thought i would give it a try and maybe get some insight. I broke up with my GF last month as her insecure behavior drove me away for about the 12th time in two years. I feel like i am week because i couldn't stay. I feel like God looks down on me as this week person. I just couldn't do it any longer. I love her! When she's not like this she's a wonderful woman. I know she needs help and I've told her its probably more than just counseling as its probably requires medication greater than the stuff she's on. While she acknowledges this she still says I'm half of the problem. After undergoing counseling myself they said to leave because the examples i bring up counter that accusation. She needs help. I don't know what to do. I talk to God everyday, Read "The Secret" and try to move on. Why do i feel like God is saying hold the horses, this woman is the one i picked for you? Any prayers or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Under attack

April 24, 2015

Please pray for me. Every area of my life, even my life itself is once again under attack. I've been hospitalized twice with very painful cellulitis and the infection that causes it, been unable to walk, I made it through that only to be held hostage at gunpoint. Then had a very serious motorcycle accident. My estranged fiance' was coming from China. Our K1 visa was approved 12-31-14, now she has turned against me after 3 years. I love the Lord and refuse to quit. But sometimes even God's warriors get a little worn. Please pray for me, every area of my life. Just as James says, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Amen

Struggling with knowing and being able to execute a plan. I know He has a plan for me...

April 17, 2015

Please pray for my struggling with hope, house/job stresses, health mentally, anxiety. Single dad, 10 years, 2 young teens, stuck emotionally and physically, praying for God to "guard my heart and mind through Christ", for peace and rest in Him as His child through Christ, for someone to come alongside, for mercy from poor planning/actions due to struggling for survival... trying to Simplify and find renewed peace... thank you...

im coming in a crossroad in my life and i need to know where God wants me. I am surching for my purpose in life. My calling.

April 16, 2015

2 years ago I started my own bakery. It has been a dream of mine to help people less fortunate then me and I love to bake. I was a baker for a coffee shop for 8 years before this and I felt very strongly that God wanted me to open y own bakery and He would not only provide for my needs and my 3 kids but also bless me with extra so that I would be able to help the needy in my community. I prayed for a long time for God to place road blocks in my way if this was not His intentions. There were no road blocks. So I started what I always called "God's bakery" and I started each day thanking God for the bakery and asking for his blessings. Financially things did not go very well. I've prayed and cried to God every day for 2 years to help me and show me what I am doing wrong. I still don't know. I do know that without a miracle I will be shutting the doors by this fall. Why does God put such a strong desire to help and serve and does not give you the means to go after your dreams. Please help me find my calling. I'm tired of crying to God every day and I cant hear Him

visiting my husband

April 15, 2015

Last May, my husband was convicted of a crime he did not commit. But because of his PAST criminal history (before he became a father) the judge saw it fit to send him to prison for 3 years, not taking into account all of the wonderful & positive things he has done with since having children. H has been gone almost a year now & for some reason this prison believes that I am going to "hinder his rehabilitation" and will not allow visitation between us. Our children are him, thankfully, and my mother is allowed to take them in. I still drive them up there... 2 hours there, to sit in my car for 2-3 hours, just to turn around & drive back home another 2 hours, every other Saturday. And even tho it is killing me inside, I do it with a smile & words of encouragement. I feel that just because this prison say that I cannot see my husband, doesn't mean that my children don't deserve to see & keep their.relationships alive with their daddy. It is eating me up inside, I can't take it anymore, it's not fair, I did not do anything wrong, I deserve to see him too. I miss him more & more with each breath that I take... So please pray for us. Please pray that God's Will be done, I know He does not want me to suffer like this. Please pray that God will touch the administration of the prison & the DOC of WISCONSIN & allow them to see what they are doing to my family... I THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!

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