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Need a Job

March 28, 2015

I have been unemployed for almost two years and no longer have unemployment benefits. I look every day for a job, but don't seem to be the right fit for those to which I apply. I am a GOOD office support person and would do an amazing job for any employer. I am a hard worker and WANT to work, if only given a chance. Please pray that God helps me find a position soon. I am living with friends, so am not homeless, but I am losing heart and faith. I need to feel useful again.

Waiting for a Lung Transplant

March 27, 2015

My daughter in laws father has auto immune disease. She lost her mom to breast cancer 4 years ago. Her dad is in the hospital not doing well. Cant breath, lots of pain, needs to be stabilized. Needs a lung transplant waiting gets harder and harder. Desperate need of prayers.

Business and Financial Problems

March 21, 2015

Please pray for my son who has had numerous financial and tax issues due to his business not doing well. It was a very successful business five years ago but due to two bad partnerships he was involved in he has lost a lot of money and is having difficulty recovering and experiencing emotional issues from all the stress. He has a wife and two children to support - please pray for him.

car update

March 20, 2015

well,car fixed??cost 120.00. HOPE AND PRAY THIS IS THE LAST REPAIR!!!!so frustrated with it!!!!!! also, daughter very upset and depressed. did NOT get the job she was after. aspperntly they also did a criminal background check on her,and found that she has a ticket against her for resisting arrest, that hapened 13 years ago??and she ,we didnt even know it???So they accused her of lying about!!!she is soooo depressed!!!please pray that God will lead her to something better!!!!!TYVM!!!!

Please Pray for guidance and healing.

March 19, 2015

I need much needed prayer. After 6 years of being symptom free from MS I had my first symptom this week. It looks like a bad head cold caused the flare up. I have not been on any medications because I am terrified of the side effect but it looks like I have to make a decision because having a flare up is really scaring me . I have spent the last few days crying non stop. I am so scared of the medications and the side effects. liver failure,low red blood count ,flu like symptoms ect. I don't know what to do. I am sitting here trying to figure out what to do. I need guidance I have talked to my Dr. and she suggest I see a counselor and says i have to be on something. I am lost. I mean really lost . I can't think straight. I look at my children and cry. I want to be there for them I do not want to have MS I want healing and I pray and pray and am still stuck with this. I don't know what to do. I can't even think straight while writing this. Please pray for me. Please pray that God gives me answers. I just don't know what to do! I really don't!

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