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I can't go on

November 25, 2014

What am I supposed to say? I've been depressed for 6 years now.. I've tried killing myself 12 time, the last one was nearly successful. I was in a coma fora couple days. But more than my depression slowly killing me, it's slowly killing everyone around me. My mom cries all the time now because of me. My dad is pissed off and withdrawn because of me. My sister is angry and starting to rebel BECAUSE OF ME. My friends are sick with worry for me. They are all better off if I leave. If I'm dead, they won't have to worry about me 24/7 and they can get on with their lives. I'm pulling everyone down with me here! I need to die in order to free them. Will God forgive me for taking my own life? I don't want to have to kill myself but I feel like this is my only option. -TH

help me

November 20, 2014

It seems like no matter what we do we are always falling behind in life. We have OK jobs to get by. I work two jobs and I'm a full time student. We have two beautiful girls that we will do anything for. We live in a two bedroom apartment. We are doing everything we can just to get by. I'm grateful that my daughters are healthy, I'm grateful that we have this little two bedroom apartment that keeps us from the cold. I'm thankful that we have jobs which helps puts food on the table and pay bills. But it seems like we never are swimming above water, always drowning no matter what we do. I have been applying to get a better paying job, no answer. Such a disappointment. I'm a hard work, I truly do my best when I'm at work. I have been at my current job for the past 7 years, last time I called in sick was a couple of years ago, and it was because my daughter was sick. I wish they really see who I am. All the jobs that I have applied for are jobs I know I can do. It just feels like one disappointment after another, when will we see the light at the end of our tunnel? I keep telling myself, it's not the right job for me, GOD has something else plans. But nothing else comes up. I just need a better paying job to help us get by and not work two jobs. Please help me, help my family. I just applied for two new jobs, please pray I get one of them. Thank you GOD and prayer works for listening. AMEN.

Please pray for healing from a Mass on Pituitary Mass

November 19, 2014

My friend found out today she has a mass on her pituitary gland. She is meeting with the neurosurgeon soon. Pray for complete healing she has 4 children 3-18. Her husband also left her 2 years ago for her friend. She already has gone through sooo much! PLEASE PRAY!!!!! thanks so much!

A Job, and contenment.

November 15, 2014

My plant is closing January 5th. There are 59 of us losing our jobs. Also a girl from my past 13 years ago is holding on to something that is making her an angry person.

Trying to overcome addiction

November 13, 2014

JESUS PLEASE BREAK OFF ALL ADDICTIONS OFF ME AND MY HUSBAND! I have issues with uppers, caffine, energy drinks, coffee, blah blah, WE NEED To be healthy. we are still young, but I am turning 30 next year. I seriously am worried for my hubby, he is 3 years younger then me so he is fine and dandy but heart issues runs in both of our sides. PLEASE PRAY WE WOULD BE DELIVERED TO A HEALTHY LIFE!

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