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Need a Miraculous Intervention by God!

December 18, 2014

I don't normally branch out this far in prayer, for I believe God to answer my prayers as I am praying them! I do believe in the power of corporate prayer as believers in Jesus Christ! we Gods sons and daughters, their is His power in our Prayers. I am careful in my own prayers for others in that I am praying words that bring Gods power into their life's and situations they are facing. I would ask any that feel His prompting to Pray with me for His power to intervene in a not good situation my family facing. I believe the prayer has already been answered , what is needed is additional prayer to bring it forward. My heart is broken, God loves the broken hearten, I know He has drawn near to my brokenness, Psalm 34:18. We are in need of a Huge Blessing that would bring a Miraculous Financial Intervention, even more so the heaviness we have been under for such a long time would be lifted off In Jesus Name! My husband whom has been trying to do what he can since he lost job 4 years ago due to a closing of plant, he went back to school after losing his job, for a profession that I believe God is using him in. Its been a ruff adjustment both financially and on our marriage. God has given us so much strength, I know that is what has been sustaining our relationship and keeping it strong in God. I lost my job just shortly after my husband getting a job, due to so much stress overload from the job. That set us back about 2 years worth of income we needed. In the process we almost lost our rental last year, but God was sovereign in that we were able to work it out with our Landlord. Praises God!! Now, though we had our car taken and cannot work out the balance so we are surrendering our car, we are upside down in the value of the car, when it goes to actuation we will have a Huge balance due and no car. We need the second vehicle and are believing we will be able to find a good used one to get around in. I ask for prayer for our balance for the car we rightly owe on to be covered in Jesus Name and for a good used vehicle to come our way In Jesus Name! I am battling a lot of failure, and have so for years. My husband took a step of faith when we bought the car, now is battling Huge failure in his own heart. I know there is probably so many people going through so many final stuff around this time of year, I run into them at my work all the time, I wish I could help them financially. The greatest gift I can give them is the gift of prayer, that is the most powerful gift you could give. I have seen God bring Miraculous answers to their prayers. So a "Big" Thank You from our hearts to yours for all your joint prayers!!

Prayers for my family

December 18, 2014

Please pray for my family. My husband filed for divorce a few weeks ago and I need strength to get through this difficult time so that I can care for our little daughter. I pray that God can soften my heart towards my husband as I have a lot of anger and resentment towards him for the emotional affair he's having with a married coworker. I also need prayers that he turns towards God again as my husband has lost his way over the past couple years and needs to let God back into his life. I trust in God's will but need help with this things. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer for healing and rekindling our love

December 13, 2014

My Boyfriend who was my bestfriend and i have been trying to work on our relationship. His health has been a big factor. The children call him dad and he has been since we got together almost three years ago. The added stress does not help him and I try and pray we can rekindle the love we once had, we were supposed to be married but not now with all we are dealing with. I pray GOD who says we are supposed to be together as a family will help us heal and help us reconnect. I am always one who loves helping others, and now I hope we can get the help we need. Lack of employment has been the other big issue we are trying to deal with as well. I pray 2015 will be a much better year for us all. Thank You

please pray for my family

December 07, 2014

My niece who is just 2 years old had just passed a way on Friday morning. She was so smart and beautiful, so was so much fun to be around, so full of life. It happened so fast. She took her last breath in her daddy's arm. it's so hard to see such a little girl leave the world at only 2 years old. she just had a baby brother about 26 days ago. we are so sadden by her lost. Why god, why just at such a young age... I know death is something we all cannot escape but why at 2 years old? she is supposed to bury her parents not them burying her at 2. please pray for us prayer works. thanks for listening...

Wanting to stay together as a family

December 04, 2014

My boyfriend and I have been together 2 in half years. He is what brought me to Wisconsin. I have four children and he has been a great dad to them, and showed them dads care and don't not want to hurt their children. Lately we have had fights and broke up. We are now trying to work out things together and stay a family. It has been hard since he has Bipolar Depression and has not made the choice to love himself enough to get help. He is a great person and we love him. We just want to stay together and the children have done so much better since we got together. Please pray for my family. Thank You

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