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New football coach help him to guide these boys

September 04, 2015

Please continue your prayers for highschool football team that needs encouragement following release of former coach. Help the new coach guide the boys with integrity and sportsmanship . Bless all who prayed for a resolution before. Thank you ,God guide this coach as he guides these young men.

Reaching out for prayers to help cure my painful disease.

September 03, 2015

I have had IC (painful bladder syndrome) since I have been 27 years old. I am now 35 about to turn 36 this month, and I have went through every treatment, surgeries, medications, and nothing has helped. I am at the end of my rope and the medical doctors can't help me anymore several doctors told me that bladder transplant is the final and last option. I can't take the extreme constant pain and fatigue. I am young I want my life back and I want to just live and be me again. Somewhere along the line I lost myself due to this illness with no cure. I am so sad and I pray and ask for your help for God to shine on me. I have been a fighter and I am just almost out of fight. I start HBOT hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments next week (expensive and not covered by insurance) 180.00 a session. I need over 35 of them. I pray for the good lord to heal me of this illness, my brain, my finances, my relationship with my husband so I can have my life back. I have no one who understands and no support: except my husband. Please pray for me. Blessings,

Non Christain family members

August 30, 2015

Please pray for my grandchildren whose parents were raised Christian but who claim to be atheists.So far my grand daughter (7) believes in God ( through His grace. ), but she has to keep it a secret from her mom and dad to avoid confrontation. Her brother is too young to understand. Pray that their parents change their hearts and except Christ as their Lord and Savior. Also pray for the protection of those two children. Also pray for more opertunities for us to talk to them about our Lord and bring them to His house.

SJR and CC

August 30, 2015

since they are both a young couple and both starting new schedules pray the Lord protects and strengthens their love and relationship and soon to be marriage together and that the Lord keeps all cheaters, liars, evil, temptations away and blocked from them both, keep them faithful to each other, keep their eyes on the cross at all times in JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR AND KING of kings MOST HIGH NAME, WE PRAY, AMEN! ALL GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST AND PEACE TO US ALL ON EARTH.

My European Missionary

August 21, 2015

Thanks to all who prayed for my daughter's transition to Berlin, Germany. She arrived safely on Wednesday evening and has begun her three year term with Greater Europe Missions. God's rich blessings abound...on the plane to Berlin she was seated next to a gentleman from Germany who gave her advice on learning the language. He just 'happens' to be a German language teacher. Coincidence? I think not. Her amazing roommates are two young women from Germany who share her faith and passion. Everything so far has been going very well. Continued prayers would be appreciated for her and the work God has called her to do. Prayers for the family left behind would be great too! It's not going to be easy...but I know this has been God's call on her life since the moment of conception. Blessings...

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