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Behold, I set before you this day a BLESSING ... (Deuteronomy 11:26 KJV) PRAISE REPORT! My son's new job! Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

December 21, 2014

Thank YOU Almighty God in Christ Jesus. Thank you too, everyone who faithfully engaged in intercessory prayer on behalf of my son's full time employment; which is now, I am quite pleased to report, his livelihood and his enjoyment. AMEN! In my son's words: "I love my job! ....... I can't wait to go back tomorrow!" How many of us ever/never say that about our current labor/profession? By God's Infinite, Almighty, Providential Grace, Goodness and Mercy that endureth forever, my son is a self started and it is obvious to me by faith, that God WHO is Omniscient, has willingly given my son, out of HIS Heavenly Treasury: the knowledge, the skills, the necessary motivation and so much more! to thrive and survive! in my son's chosen vocation. "Elated! Speechless! Humbled!" What more can we say? Thank YOU Faithful GOD Forevermore! Thank you Almighty God's Army of faithful prayer warrior saints! Hooray!!! In Jesus Christ. Amen. --- Now the God of HOPE fill you with all JOY and PEACE in BELIEVING, that ye may ABOUND in HOPE, through the POWER of the Holy Ghost. (Romans 15:13 KJV) --- Unto THEE, O God, do we give THANKS, unto THEE do we give THANKS: for that THY NAME is near THY WONDROUS WORKS DECLARE. (Psalm 75:1 KJV) Amen Again!

Dad- Results from PET Scan- Thank you Jesus!

December 18, 2014

Dear Pastor Dennis and all that have prayed and continue to pray . We got the results yesterday from Dad's Scan and they said it was good the treatment is working! The best words ever! Dad will have the remaining results told to us on Tuesday and how the treatment has worked but they said the word Good. I feel so thankful and blessed today! Dad will have another treatment on Tuesday December 23rd to find out what the future treatment will be and how long but this has been the best news in 4 months. I praise my Lord! Dad will go through more tests but with God's Grace and his healing hand it will keep coming down from heaven. I thank you father, for answered prayers I thank you for good news the word good is so wonderful to hear to our ears. We thank you a million times over for this blessing. Thank you father our sweet Jesus we love. Thank you all for praying for Dad he did not feel well yesterday and has a lot to come and tests but this is a mile stone to all of us and we are so thankful. We will know a lot more next week please keep him in your prayers. Thank you all. Rosea

for my son

December 17, 2014

need prayer for my son his fever is 102.7.started suddenly 3 hrs back,lot of headache too.pls pray

court date/ peace

December 16, 2014

I am a born again christian that did a very foolish and uncharacteristic thing. For the first time in thirteen years my wife and I were to be apart on Thanksgiving. The day before I left home for a drive, I gave in to temptation and bought a few beers and ended up getting a dui,I am in no way attempting to justify my actions! I suffer from severe panic disorder and am very concerned about going to jail, especially without my medication! I have asked Gods forgiveness and am doing the best I can to trust Him through all of this, however I am having a very difficult time. If you are impressed to pray for me please do so!Thank You! MICHAEL W.

Please Move in our Home Lord

December 15, 2014

Lord, where are you? I need a miracle, movement some grace in my life. I have stayed strong and have prayed. I have stood for my husband and my family and slowly have watched as everything has fallen down around me. Our rent still has not been paid and here we are another month is due in a few days, our power was off, I have no new clients coming in, my car insurance was canceled. I have no relief Lord and I am begging for you to move in my situation. Christmas for my daughter is not going to happen, she understands the meaning of Christmas, but Lord she is only 6 she never asks for anything and at this point she will be lucky to have a roof over her head, but she doesn't understand that especially after just getting settled. My marriage Lord is a struggle, I pray that you can keep your angels in the midst of our union. Give us peace Lord, unify us. Cover us with your blood and grace. His mistress is still holding on Lord, still wanting my husband to remove himself from our marriage. Still hoping that there is a future for them Lord, put people in her life that can give her direction. Release her from our marriage, union and lives. Harden his heart towards her and give him the strength to see the error of his ways, our lives have continued on a downward spiral, since she has been a part of our union. Lord open his eyes and help him to heal from his infidelity, help us all to heal. Please Lord keep your arms around my husband. Protect him, He needs you, be his guide, let your voice be louder, quiet the lions that seek him and heal him of the demons that stalk him, his addictions, his frustrations. Lord please be with me as my thoughts have turned to very dark, very desperate places as of late, things that I am not proud of. Lord I seek your forgiveness and ask that you cover me with a peace that passes all understanding. Please be present here Lord. Lord bless my company with clients so that I can support my family, so that I can keep a roof over their heads, so that we can pay the fees for my husbands CDL license so that he may resume working and so that he can feel a little better, so there are lights will not have to be off and our little one can have a little Christmas. Lord our situation is desperate and depressing. I don't want him to turn to wrong ways to keep a roof over our heads. Lord I am begging for you to help us. We need your help Lord, please move. Open doors for us and seal ones that should never be opened. Give us Hope Lord for I have lost mine. Please Lord. In your name I Pray.

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