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February 07, 2016

I need physical and marriage restoration

Need Guidance

February 04, 2016

Please pray that God gives me guidance. How do I discern if it is in God's will for me to go back to school for a Masters/PhD in Mathematics in order to teach Mathematics at a Christian University? I am 45 with a good job. I will have to work while getting my degree(s) part-time. I would love to shape young minds intellectually while discipling in a Christian setting. Am I being foolish? I have been praying for quite some time with no clear direction.

strength in being an appropriate bearer of my cross

February 04, 2016

yesterday was one of the most challenging days of my career,both emotionally and spiritually,thankfully i started the day with a prayer that i didnt know at the time made all the ,while still a challenge, offered a multitude of spiritual rewards the likes of which i would take a thousand yesterdays for one today thank you lord

Surgery and pre op 2/09 2/12 and........................

February 04, 2016

Salvation and the truth of the Gospel for my grown son Seth, his daughter, children. Then for my surgery that is scheduled for 2/12 and pre op 2/09 to go smoothly and on schedule. I am a mature female that had to return to school may grant go through for 2016-2017 school year and summer school grant this year 2016. Renewel of lic for skncare due 5/31/2016 to go through as it does every 2 years.

Prayer for my granddaughter, Marlee

February 03, 2016

From my daughter, Kristi: "Marlee through this night. She has had asthma issues and had to leave church. She has been coughing bad and hasn't completely stopped even with breathing treatment. We may end up back at Cook's like the last time she did this. She thinks it is throat irritation, and doc told us last time when inhaler and breathing treatments don't work, then it isn't the asthma causing it." Please pray for guidance to know what to do, and for healing. Thank you.

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