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hostile home life

September 20, 2014

please pray for all of the anger in my home to be replaced with peace and love and happiness. please ask God to watch over my babies and me and keep us safe and guide us towards a future of happiness together. IJNIPA

Dad- Lymphoma cancer

September 19, 2014

Please pray for my Dad. We found out when he had the bleeding ulcer that he has Lymphoma Cancer. Next week we go back to Asheville for more tests he will have a pet scan and a bone biopsy test done to find out what stage the cancer is he also has to have an echo test of his heart. Please pray that this is not as bad as it seems please pray God will touch my Dad, my parents, me and all of this pain please. My heart hurts so bad for him. Please pray he can do the chemo treatments they say at this point we know it will be for 4 months so far. Please pray for our family. Thank you for all your prayers.

finances and family

September 19, 2014

Please pray for my family. We are going through hardships that we not sure if we can't make it through or not. We're loosing everything and lost a lot. There is are too many altercations in the home as well as financial fights. My wife and I have been togather going on 8 yrs. and she is extremely bi polar and my step son is special needs. Our home is really getting ripped apart by the devil and his evil works. Please, please, please pray for my family and all of our struggles that we face as I will continue to of pray for us and others listed. Through prayer we are United and are stronger !

Marriage Renewal and Grace

September 16, 2014

Lord, I continue to stand in prayer for my marriage, my husband and my family. It has been a tough road Lord, full of trials and triumphs, but i am waiting for a breakthrough. This past week Lord, I gave up, I let my anger and frustrations get the best of me, I went to a very dark and evil place, I thank you for bringing me out. I thank you for reminding me to give my problems and sorrows to you. Lord please continue to work in my marriage, keep working on my husband and continue to soften him towards me. Please allow us to continue healing and moving forward. Lord please keep a hedge of protection around him, our family our finances and our marriage. Please keep the mistress at bay Lord, please let there be a way that she can be permanently out of our union and lives. Allow her to seek someone available to her. Give us a clean break from her. Please Lord give us your grace, bless our finances which are looking very scary.... our rent is due and I don't know how we are going to pay it. I know Lord that you have us I give it to you. I pray that you will work on the contempt and anger in my heart and help me heal from this betrayal. Give us your blessings Lord. Amen

Daughter traveling

September 16, 2014

Please pray for safe travels for my daughter as she travels for work this week, and for all travelers. Thank You.

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