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please true intercession not hot wind

November 25, 2014

Im sorry God...ive lost a lot of faith in you..and the years of satans whittling have done me in...your yoke was not easy and the burdens were way too heavy...Im tired of people and tired of you and your enemy that i feel you use against me.... BUT I have seen the effectual prayers of the truly born again...washed in the blood i will have faith in them to do this one thing for me... I WANT TO SEE MY KIDS THIS THANKSGIVING AND HAVE THE MONEY TO DO SO. I AM A HARDWORKER AND ABLE BODIED AND I WANT MY OWN BUSINESS TO GROW SO I MAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE FOR THEIR CHILD SUPPORT.

Update on Prayer Request

November 25, 2014

I would like to thank Pastor Dodge for his prayers and notes of encouragement and direction. Your notes of encouragement give me hope that God is hearing me. I would also like to thank the lady that sent me a note about restoration and to not give up. The song you spoke of "Restore", it just so happened that I heard that song for the first time just a couple of days prior to your message to me. I would also like to thank everyone for praying for me and my husband. It is still so difficult and the pain is almost more than I think I can bear at times, but I know that God is hearing me and is working on my situation, I just need to allow Him to take over. Please continue to pray for my marriage, as I know there are huge obstacles to face and overcome and that I have to be steadfast in my prayer and commitment to the Almighty God to open my husband's eyes and heart and my own. Please Heavenly Father, restore my marriage and heal what needs to be healed in me, my husband, and our marriage. Please give me strength and wisdom to handle what the future holds. Thank You Lord for all You have given me, In Jesus' Name Amen.

Restoration of Friendship

November 25, 2014

I am in a serious conflict with a woman who I consider to be a dear friend. We had some serious misunderstandings. We worked together in a very unique ministry. She shared with me that she was uncomfortable with meeting a famous Christian person and I pushed her to do it anyway. It was very clear that God spoke to her that we should not do the meeting. It caused a lot of problems. This ministry is at a standstill right now and we cannot move forward without her. She is extremely important to this ministry. I have tried many times to apologize to her and asked if she will meet me face to face, but she won't respond. I suspect she may have a hard time forgiving me. I do understand why it is hard for her to trust me because I disregarded her valuable counsel. Please pray for God to bring reconciliation to our friendship. I am the one to blame for our conflict. This lady is a very strong Christian woman who has a very compassionate heart. I really hurt her deeply and I wish there was a way I could undo my stupid mistake. I wanted to ask that you really pray for us and that God would bring reconciliation for our friendship and that we will be able to work together again in this special ministry. Please pray God will remove all barriers that are preventing her from meeting with me and that God would open up her schedule to allow her to find a day and a time she can meet me.

sons surrender to the Lord

November 22, 2014

Please pray that my sons would see and understand that following Jesus is the only way to find real peace and contentment and that they would be delivered from the bondage of alcohol. Thank you.

Please Lord, be present, move my mountains

November 24, 2014

I have found myself in a few dark places and I guess the Lord knew as my best friend called me to go to church. As I walked across the street I thought to myself, why am I even here? Am I going to be thankful for the fact that I have no money to pay my rent, no income, no unemployment, I have no money for gas for my truck? Thankful for the chick who hit my car and has not paid to fix it, thankful for the fact that I have zero funds to cover any of my bills? Thankful for my husbands infidelity that is causing so much stress in our marriage, thankful for clients that DONT pay? As I sat down and listened to the sermon it was about Thanks/giving and how we should give thanks and give to those in need and all I could think was I am one of those people, my family is on the brink of destruction, i am one phone call away from eviction and I am still praying and trying to keep my husband from going off the deep end, sheltering our child from our ever growing complicated lives and I need to know where God is in all of this. Lord I NEED HELP!! I was told that no adultery goes unpunished, but Lord why why why?? With all that we have gone through and experienced why Lord do we have to keep getting knocked down I am drowning! The infidelity is eating at me, the possible pregnancy is eating at me, my miscarriage is eating at me, my lack of income, job prospects or clients is eating at me. I am trying Lord. I am asking for your grace, your movement in my situation. Make ways Lord, move the mountains, protect my marriage and family, help us to hear you and walk along the path you have for us, bless us with abundance, open doors for us Lord and seal the doors that should have never been open. Be with my husband Lord, heal and help him. Please break the generational curse that is upon him, fee him Lord. Help us to love one another how you intend for a husband and wife too. I pray and believe that no weapons made against us will prosper, but Lord that is all that has been happening. Guide him along the path that you have for him. Help him with his addictions and his anger. Lord he needs you. We need you Lord, we are in a very desperate situation and we are drowning. In Jesus' Name I Pray.

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