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Under attack

August 28, 2015

I am asking for prayer for my girlfriend (Reena) we have been together 3years and in those 3years we have had so many blessings from God and so many prayers answered. All of a sudden she has turned her back on God and just seperates herself from me and surround herself with worldly friends who go clubbing and drinking all the time, there is no reasoning with her when i comes to hearing anything about God and she stopped going church, this change is just doesnt seem normal and even when i speak with her she says she doesnt feel herself, i know there are strongholds through generational curses that we have always prayed over as they need breaking, i plead the blood of Jesus over her life and pray for her to return to christ and that the Holy Spirit will speak to her even if she is out with friends and touch her mind and show her the path of destruction she is choosing. Please help

My sister starting her IVF treatments

August 27, 2015

My name is Katie and my sister Courtney will soon be starting IVF treatments in October after years of infertility. Im asking that the SpiritFM family rap your arms around her in prayer that this process grants her the opportunity to be the great mother she deserves to be. She wants this so bad that it makes me hurt to see her get upset when that pregnancy test comes back negative. Please pray for her please! Thanks in advance.

relationship help

August 27, 2015

I am going to visit my boyfriend tomorrow. I need his heart and mind to be open. We have been in a bit of a fight and he has kind of shut down. I will be going to try to talk to him and I need help praying that he will be open and receptive and that we can spend the day and weekend together to try to bring our relationship back to a healthy state. I ask for prayer that his heart and mind are open in love and understanding and we can talk. That he doesnt turn me away or be cold and distant

New Dimension

August 27, 2015

Dear Father in Heaven , in Jesus mighty name i come and ask you for new financial mobility in this phase of my ministry , you always meet all my needs according your richness in glory , i trust you God that you will release a financial miracle in my way very soon , i do believe in new dimension i am stepping in by your Holy spirit , you will send the rains , in Jesus name , Amen

Request for prayer support / agreement from Sean in CA, USA.

August 27, 2015

08/27/15 Request for prayer from Sean in CA, USA -- Please pray for the Lord's grace / mercy / love, full household salvation, complete healing and good health (even His quick physical healing), good quality / enjoyment of life, peace / rest / comfort, financial help and support, safety and protection, and all that's good from God for: Israel, Jerusalem, the USA, the Body of Christ (all who belong to the Lord), and me (Sean) and all my family / relatives / loved ones and all who are with us. Pray that the Lord would physically, mentally, and spiritually heal and restore us all; forgive us of all our sins, write our names in His Book of Life, remove from us all our pain, sicknesses, infirmities, and afflictions; grant to us all our prayers, needs, and desires of our hearts according to His good will; deliver us from oppression, distress, fear, anxiety, all evil, and the Evil One; draw us to Him, and keep us safe and free in Him. Thank you.

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