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The Devil's Bullseye

May 06, 2015

More than a year ago, I met someone on PrayerWorks who as I would learn over time spent getting to know her, has pretty much the worst luck in the world. She had a gun put to her head by her own mom, her dad left, she was raped several times (and chose to not have an abortion), had an accident that messed her up financially, was driven out of her last house by her landlord, and now is unable to pay her bills with two young kids and no other family in the vicinity except an elderly adopted mom who has a kid of her own, and now she's in danger of losing everything. Her pastor and I have been helping her a lot, but her many needs have strained us greatly and are just too much for us to handle. No churches are willing or able to help. Now it's possible that it will all end with her committing suicide. With everything she's been through, although I don't think suicide is the answer, I can't say I blame her for considering it. From a worldly point of view, what's the point of living when the world treats you like its garbage can, when every light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be an oncoming train instead? She's done fighting now, and if God is going to show up, now would be the perfect time, when she's at her weakest. A long time ago she was prophesied over and was told that God had an amazing plan for her life, but she wasn't allowed to know what it was. I still believe that's true, that the demon world has been literally focusing a good part of its resources trying to prevent that from happening, and that somehow this is going to end in God's glory. But we could really use your prayers. She's part of our family, our family in Christ but also our PrayerWorks family as well, and family shows up for each other. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and for your prayers. I believe that not one word you say on our behalf will be wasted.


May 05, 2015

Please pray for me to find my way in life to grow closer with the lord and the strength and courage to overcome all obstacles along the journey. Thanks

Please pray that I get a blessed job!

May 05, 2015

Pray for the lord to open a door for a good job that i enjoy with good pay and benefits,location,good trainers, good hours,Pray for favor and wisdom and retain memory from what i learn and the strength to get up everyday to do the job in Jesus name.Pray I get good sleep as well.

Trip to Asia

May 05, 2015

Loved one going over seas to Asia this month. Please pray for traveling mercies there and back again and that God would use this person in mighty ways to further His Kingdom in Asia. Pray they would shine like a beacon, spreading the light of Jesus everywhere they go and that God would bless and establish the work of their hands. Thank you, prayer warriors!!

Lifting up a man of God

May 05, 2015

Dear Precious Heavenly Father, May Adam grow to LOVE the sound of Your voice in his ear! May he cultivate such a heart of peace and a heart at rest that he fully trusts You, Jesus, to lead him in the way that he should go. May Adam lose his taste for the things that weaken him and develop a hunger and a thirst for all You have for him, God. May Adam receive a fresh revelation of Your tremendous love and promises for him even as we're praying now. May he fully know that he is gifted, treasured, loved and called to impact the world in a way that only he can. May this world not change him Father but by Your power that works so mightily within him may he change the world. May Your love, Jesus, constrain Adam and compel him in the days ahead. May You open his eyes to the new territory awaiting him. May his sleep tonight restore and renew Him and may he awaken tomorrow with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. In Your Matchless, Mighty Name we pray, Amen!

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