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sign on husband

November 18, 2014

lord give me a sign on who you want as my husband? is it Jaime, sal, tony or someone new? can you please give me a clear sign as i'm confused, thank you

my mom

November 18, 2014

for my mom to give me the sign i asked her

She likes me! :)

November 18, 2014

Hey guys, thanks for praying for me. She clearly showed she wanted to kiss me. She showed she has feelings for me. She said she liked me, and whenever I'm around, she dresses up well. YES! I BEAT THEM! The popular chick who said I'd never have a chance with her likes me. God makes the impossible work!

half brother and jr

November 18, 2014

for jr to tell eloy and i the truth about our half brother. where he is, his name and the story behind everything. lord i want to know my half brother and have a relationship with him one day. lord hear my prayer.

Situtation Resolved...

November 17, 2014

I am asking God to resolve the situation between my former church and friends, ASAP, this has to END!. So, there will be peace among us, IJNIP, AMEN! -JasonJ

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