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House Closing

May 18, 2015

Please join us in prayer...the Lord miraculously provided us a beautiful home for our family in FL as we transition there from VA to serve in a new church plant. The home inspection uncovered some significant and costly (and unexpected) roof damage that we are praying the seller will cover in Jesus' name...he is a lawyer and fought hard to not lower his selling price but God touched his heart through our testimony in leaving everything in VA to serve as one of the pastors in this new church plant in FL. We are just asking for prayer that the roof repair and other small items uncovered in home inspection will ALL be fixed and that we won't have to pay ANYTHING. I pray that even through this the seller will be blessed for blessing us, first w/ salvation for him and his household but also w/ God's peace, joy, love and even finances. I pray the same blessings upon all those who join us in fervent prayer for this need. We are scheduled to close on this home in FL on June 8th so time is critical! Thank you and blessings in Christ Jesus!!! amen!

my mother

May 18, 2015

Asking for prayers this morning for my mom. She is 65 and just found out she has breast cancer. She goes into hospital this morning to have outpatient surgery and see if it has spread anywhere else besides the breast. I'm 1200 miles away and can't be with her but I love her so much, she raised me and my two brothers on her own, went to nursing school and was a wonderful nurse who is now retired. I have followed in the steps of nursing because I love caring for others as she did. Please pray that God removes this cancer and heals her. Thank you

Open for another chance...

May 16, 2015

God knows my story. it's unspoken. Just need to move on with my life, I've said goodbye to some friends! It needed to be done. I don't care if they ignore me, block me on facebook, cause that's there typical behavior if they don't get what they want. It really get's old to. In Jesus name Amen! -Jason J

open for another chance...

May 15, 2015

God knows my story. it's unspoken. Just need to move on with my life, I've said goodbye to some friends! It needed to be done.

Prayers for Debbi

May 13, 2015

Please pray for Debbi (and anyone else) who suffers from a Bipolar condition that makes each day a struggle to maintain control and balance. She's a wife and a mother, in Jesus's name we pray that the Lord will put his healing touch on her to mend her mind, body, and soul. Through God, all things are possible.

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