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Surgery, March 31

March 25, 2015

I am scheduled to have my gallbladder removed, March 31. This will be a more complicated surgery due to scar tissues I have from an auto accident a few years ago. Also, pain medicine does not work on my very well. Please pray the Lord will have mercy on me and I would be pain free and a quick recovery. Also, pray for my family. My husband is not in good health either.


March 23, 2015

Please keep my family in your prayers. I have been struggling with a huge decision about my childs future envolving his education. I am praying for Gods will be shown and for me to listen and obey. Praying for my son that he will keep his head held high as he walks into school knowing that he is not alone that Jesus is walking with him and there is nothing that can harm him. Also praying for direction for my brother in law. Praying that although from a wordly stand point things seem like they are falling all around him help him to see that God is still there and He is holding him in His hands. God does have a plan and everything thing will work out. I pray that my brother in law and my family will turn to God and not try to fix things on their own.

Healing and Salvation

March 20, 2015

Please pray for healing and salvation for Lawrence (age 91) in the hospital with serious health problems and Kelli with numerous health issues. Also pray for healing, protection, and salvation for Ann who is in an abusive situation.

Lord Lift Me Up

March 20, 2015

I am usually the one trying to bring everyone up. Today I need prayers for myself to allow the Lord to work with in me. I pray for my husband as he is not in the same place that I am with the Lord. Its not easy going difficult times ones that you have no control over. Sometimes the only thing you can rely on is yourself you can't count or depend on anyone else.

Job Interview

March 18, 2015

Please agree w/ me in prayer for a job interview this week, that the Holy Spirit will come upon me in His divine wisdom and power to be able to confidently and competently answer any and all questions that are asked of me. This is part of an answer to prayer for a job in St Pete, FL where God has called me and my family to relocate from NOVA to serve as the worship pastor of a new church plant. Since salary is not provided up front, i need a job and this interview is an opportunity for this...but my desire and prayer is that the Lord WILL provide a source of income so that I won't have to work the 9-5 job while serving full time in ministry and instead be able to truly serve as a Full Time minister, and not in leading the worship service alone, but most importantly in serving and ministering to people in the community daily. I pray the Lord's super abundant blessings upon all those who faithfully join my family and I in seeking the Lord for this request. Amen...thank you!

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