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February 17, 2015

for martin to read my email and understand unblock me from fb

Block my mind..

February 16, 2015

Please God, block my mind from seeing that hateful woman, you know the situation! I can't stand to see her face on Facebook. -Jason J

Caregiver Mom Needs Renewed Strength

March 02, 2015

Please pray for me as I continue to oversee my adult disabled son's care-- a 24-7 job. Sometimes I get so weary that I am not as understanding and patient with him as I want to be. He is a diabetic and is on dialysis 3x week. I am a single mom, working 2 part-time jobs to help support us as I care for him. I am in my 70's. Please take a minute to pray for me;, I am becoming very weary Thank you and may God Bless you.

My work situation

February 28, 2015

Please pray God will be in my work situation for the season coming up. There is someone who worked with me last year who caused me problems and pain all summer. He was supposed to move away but now he is still around and I heard he is wanting to come back this year. Please pray God will not let him or anyone else who will cause me harm to come to work this year. Every year there are new employees so I ask that God send ones who will be a blessing. Please pray God be with me and my co-empoyees this year and let us have a great season. Thank You


February 25, 2015

lord i applied for three different jobs. i'm doing my part to help myself and try to get out of my department. now it's up to you and what u want for me and what you feel is best for me. where do you want me to be? i see myself as a leader, and oe position is leading. lord do ur will.

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