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Homeless church

October 26, 2014

I have helped support a small church for the past couple of years. Their landlord demanded more rent which they couldn't afford, and now they are without a building. Please pray the Lord will lead, guide, and direct this situation. Thanks so much for your prayers.

Request for Healing

October 23, 2014

Would you please pray that God will heal me of the sinus headache I've had for 3 days now---it has been so painful. The right side of my head has been so sore and it has been in my jaws and teeth which at times has made even eating somewhat painful. Yesterday it was even in my right eye. See I have a breathing problem that needs surgery and I have suffered from headaches since 2001. Without health insurance I cannot have the surgery I need because I can't afford it. But when I get sick or have these other headaches like this one, it just makes it that much more excruciating. I know we have a kind and loving God and I know he is my healer. Just pray for this headache and soreness to please go away and for me to be restored. Thank you.

Math & Finances

October 23, 2014

All my life I have been mathematically challenged. This has affected my ability to properly maintain my finances. (I don't have the ability or understanding in balancing a check book). Yesterday I started a new system that will hopefully help me get back on track and stay on track. Please pray that God will give me the understanding and ability (and discipline) in using this system and be able to turn my financial status around and go in the right direction. Thank you for praying!

Loss of a son

October 23, 2014

Please pray for the Blanco family who has lost their 5 month old son Eli Xavier. He was "Eli Strong" in his life but is now victorious with our Savior in heaven. Please pray that He may comfort them in this time of great loss.

Daughter's marriage, health, and family

October 22, 2014

Please pray for my daughter's marriage. She discovered her husband was unfaithful with one of her best friends a few months ago. They are working to restore the marriage, but my daughter comes in contact with her on occasions at their children's school functions. Please pray for Peace, healing, and forgiveness. Also, pray for her health as she is suffering from an UTI infection.

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