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James 5v19-20

June 27, 2015

Please pray for my return to The LORD. I am under deep demonic bondage and have fallen into all manner of sin, worldliness, caranality. I have fallen back deep into homosexuality to which The LORD delivered me before from. I have been just drifting further away from Him and further into The world, sin, the flesh. Please pray for my repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for my deliverance from homosexuality, for God to heal my backsliding, for me to repent and turn back to The Lord with all my mind, heart, soul, and strength. Please pray for a flood of Godly sorrow and Holy Ghost conviction and humility to enter my heart, mind and soul.For me to stop being double minded man and like the prodigal son to return to The Father. I am dead and numb inside. Its hard to draw nigh to God and repent. i am depressed and alone. I have just been sinking further and further into the mud. I am cold and indifferent inside. Please pray for me and thanks.

Prayer for family

June 26, 2015

Please pray for my sister's father-in-law. He has fallen and shattered his hip. He will have surgery tonight or Saturday. He is 91 years old and has been a very important part of our church. Also please pray for our mother who is still having severe pain from a fractured pelvis and possible new hip socket fracture. She has been suffering with this for a month and is getting discouraged. Please pray for our country, too. Thank you for your prayers. In Jesus' name...

Pray for a job for me

June 26, 2015

Please pray for a job for me and that God will show me where he wants me to be. I want him to use me for his will and purpose which is always for good and he knows better than I where he wants me and I want to do his will. I would love to be where I could bless others and really enjoy my job and be of help to others.

Pray for healing of my father

June 26, 2015

My father is sick right now with a "mild respiratory" ailment at the nursing home where he resides. Please pray for healing and restoration upon his body. I had to really get on the nursing home yesterday because I don't think they were treating this as aggressively and accurately like they should have and thanks to my intervention (with God's help), they put him on an antibiotic, cough syrup with codeine, did a UTI test (because of how sick he's been), and asked Physical Therapy to work with him. He has suffered for 3 weeks with this stuff and he had gotten so sick that his ribs hurt and dad is paralyzed and it's like I told them he could break a rib and not know it. I had to make them order a chest x-ray on Tuesday night to make sure he didn't have pneumonia or bronchitis. He should not have been allowed to get this sick. The doctor saw him last week, but I think he got it all wrong, and he was seen again yesterday and I thank God for that wonderful PA he sent to see dad because she talked with me via phone and we finally began to get things turned around. And even the PA told me sometimes it's hard for people to bounce back after being this sick, but she was so kind and understanding. So please pray for healing and restoration---he really need it.

Healing for cat

June 26, 2015

We have a 14 year old cat at home who is very sick from congestive heart failure. The vet told us this morning she may not make it through the weekend, but he also said she may (and he's a Christian and a wonderful vet). Please pray for healing of our cat and restoration. She has been such a wonderful devoted loving animal and we would surely miss her if she passed but we realize she's in God's hands and it can go either way right now. If God can heal her here on earth, that's what we would like, but if not, we accept his will. We just love her so much and feel so blessed that God entrusted her care to us.

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