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July 27, 2014

Please pray that the Lord will heal me from the cause of Sciatica. Also, pray the Lord will lead me and my family in a "big" decision we are in the process of making. Thanks.


July 26, 2014

lord let tony understand my email and make some sort of commitment to me by this weekend

Pray for conviction of the Holy Spirit of what my husband is doing to me

July 26, 2014

Saints Pray for my husband to be convicted of the way he is treating me. Its awful. He knows the lord and is falling away. Pray for godly laborers to cross his path, I cant take it no more,

Divorce, my Husband of 20 yrs wants out

July 26, 2014

My husband and best friend told me out of the blue on May 9, 2014 that " it is over, I want a divorce" I was so shocked and sick with the thought of losing him. I have suffered with both fibromyalgia, depression and chronic cluster headaches and migraines for over 5 years now. He said that he was tired of me not doing things with the family (4 kids 17,16,11,10) and laying around too much. That my depression and mood swings where too painful to deal with any longer. I got so depressed that I went to kill myself. My husband and I are both believers and have been saved. I got help and I'm continuing with counseling, but he still wants out. He says that I emotionally abuse him and he's afraid of conflict with me so he has been keeping his anger or frustrations with me to himself. Then on June 2nd I saw a number on the cell statement that was being called and texted on average 40 times a day. My husband is a army reservist as a chaplin assistant and he is also counseling PTSD patients. He and another counselor had or maybe still are having an affair. Adultery! I would have never thought that he could hurt me and betray me with another women. I trusted him with all my heart. We have had many trials and I know life gets tough and people get tired, but adultery? We have had a child die when she was 8 months old from medical problems at birth, we've had 4 miscarriages, he was deployed to Iraq and was gone for 18 months while I was stuck in a town with 4 small kids no family and no military support, we've lost a house to foreclosure, he's lost a job and he quit a job to go to graduate school, he was sent away for a year to Georgia by the army, while I have kept a full time job trying to raise the kids without help when he is gone. My depression has gotten worse and instead of my husband saying anything about me or us getting counseling he seeks comfort from a peer counselor that isn't married and has no kids, she is kind to him and they have so much in common. He tells me that we don't have anything in common anymore. My heart is so broken. I love him still unconditionally and I pray for healing of our hearts, conviction for his heart and for him to remember that marriage is a covenant and you don't walk away you fight for it! He has already moved into an apartment with the support of his Christian friends and filed for separation so our year begins. I have forgiven his infidelity and I want complete forgiveness and reconcilation. I also need help during this separation to stop worrying and to lay my brokenness and fear at the Lords feet. He is my God and I am struggling with keeping my faith that his plan which he already knows will be for my good. I need to remember that He will never leave me and everyday to give me strength to go on.

continued prayer for tony

July 26, 2014

lord, you answered my prayer and after two months had tony contact me, thank you so much. You are awesome. I waited patiently, and you showed me you listen. Lord, I told him what I wanted. Lord, have him understand and agree and let me know by tonight, he is on same page as me. Thank you

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