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Healing and Restoration

October 13, 2014

Please pray for healing and restoration in my relationship, and for my faith not to fail in this time of brokenness. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ I ask that we be reunited in the unfailing love of God

Grandad/Grandpa in hospital

October 13, 2014

My grandfather is in the hospital with weakness, fluid on the lungs, kidney failure, and some mental decline. This all hit him suddenly last week. He's now only communicating through grunts. He lives on a farm with his wife, who does not have the strength to help him. Please pray for his recovery and that his strength and mental ability return so that he not have to move from his beloved farm. Please also pray that they find the financial help they need to deal with all of the medical bills.

Seeking Prayers for Our Marriage

October 13, 2014

Thank you all for your prayers and notes, I know that The Lord is watching over us but it seems like once we get comfortable and relax into everyday, the devil comes knocking in the form of a former mistress reaching out to ones in laws. Thank you for getting us this far, please open my husbands mind and heart to understand the pain and humiliation that he has put me through. Lord, please surround my husband and I with your angels, keep your arms around as as we navigate through this journey of life that you have put us on, protect our marriage and continue renewing it. Give us grace and peace in our lives. Lord, release this woman from our lives, please touch her in a way that you only you can. teach her to respect marriages, not just mine but others as well. Work in my husbands heart and mind, I know that he is doing what he can for his family, but Lord, the devil seeks out men to destroy the union of family and he almost took ours, please cover him with your protection, lead him on the right path Lord, let him not be swayed by this woman, through you all things are possible and Lord I am coming to you asking for you to be in the midst of our union. Lord bless our young child keep our family under your protection. Lord bless our finances may ways for us Lord, our needs are great and our funds limited. Bless my small design business, keep me creative and open to new design ideas. Guide our minds, thoughts and ways, heal me Lord, my mind, body and womb bless me with the blessing of giving my husband the son he has been seeking, completing our family. Amen

pray for me and my family

October 13, 2014

Please pray that my daddy gets a job soon he has been with out one for many months and is getting discouraged please pray for me to be calm and relax knowing that God will meet our every need i pray for protection over my kids tyler karlee hunter and noah please keep them safe healthy and strong please pray william gets a truck soon for work since his was repossessed help us to get out of debt have more than enough so we can help others this week were are over $500 short for the money we need for bills food gas i know you will provide we shall not want i know it will all work out for our good and Your glory thank You so much God in Jesus name i pray thanks for standing with me God bless you all

Pray for breakthrough in husband full repentance

October 12, 2014

tand with me in agreement for breakthrough for my husbands full repentance to the lord. Come against Satan and his demons who are trying to divide my marriage and family and for rebellion which is witchcraft in my husband. He has the stronghold of adultery, lust and fornication and ungodly soul ties, anger, bitterness, resentment, division pride, destruction and calamity over my husband in Jesus name

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