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Praise and Request for Family

September 24, 2015

Thank you for your prayers for my meetings with my children. The times have gone great! PTL!. The meetings have been full of grace, forgiveness and love. Please pray for my relationship with my divorced wife. Please pray that God will invade with grace and forgivenss toward restoration. Today we will see each other. May His Spirit control, guide and work. Thanks for your prayers and notes.


September 23, 2015

My professors are very strict and very difficult people to deal with. They act very cold toward us in the program sometimes. It's made me very angry and bitter towards them. It's also affected my mood and my attitude towards school. I pray that God will help change my attitude and perspective and that I will truly believe the best about them. I also ask for prayer for my professors. That they will be more understanding and more helpful. They are nice people, but it feels as though they don't care about us. Thanks for praying, y'all!! Love this prayer support and I love praying for y'all too!!


September 23, 2015

Please pray for me my hands hurts from work. I am tried of being bully at work. I keep to myself it is efficient my life outside of work. I don't want to be near anyone. Please pray that I will find another job.

change in position

September 23, 2015

Three years ago I was transferred to a different position at a different place of work because the former place that I worked at closed. I put in for the same exact position that I was doing and I thought that was the set and I was excited. Two weeks before the job was to start I was told I was being moved to a different position. I didn't get a choice. I have been in that different position for three years now. I feel like I don't fit in. I also feel like my full potential of what I know is not being utilized. I feel like all of my education is being wasted. I directly feel that pull to return to the a position similar to what I had before. I know that God sometimes takes us out of our comfort zone. I feel God has so much more for me. Please pray that God will lead me in the right direction to fulfill my desires that God has placed in my heart. Thank you Jesus for bringing this far and I know you will get me through.

Mother has been sick for 3 months

September 23, 2015

My 85 year old mother fell in June and broke her hip. Since then she has had C Diff for 2 months and it's now raging again. My sister is at the ER with her right now. She is so weak and very I'll from this. Please pray for God to heal her!

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