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mother with cancer

October 23, 2014

First I want to thank you for the wonderful uplifting music you play it has helped me through this difficult time. My mother has had dementia since 2011 and about two months ago we found out she has cancer in female, colon, bladder,lungs, and a tumor under intestines. Hospics has been a blessing and we always promised mom she would never go into a nursing home so about two years ago my daughter and I moved in with her to care for her. Its so so hard watching her die and in so much pain. I know I couldnt have made it this far without our heavenly Father. I just pray that she wont suffer and be in pain and God will hold her hand when its her time and be in peace. Please say a prayer for this wonderful, sweet, loving woman and me and my brother and sister to have the strengh to go through this..Thank you and God bless you.I just pray she is proud of me for trying my best to take care of her..

Prayer for self and relationship

October 22, 2014

please pray for me to control my mouth and not be negative but be loving to everyone even when they do me wrong help me not to gripe and complain but be joyful help out others be a good servant to God. please pray mine and williams relationship grows stronger and more loving and trusting i pray that he only has eyes for me and shows me more affection and attention and love. pray we find a good church to join so we can be part of the church and fellowship with other christians. i dont have any friends i would love to have someone to talk to share things with hang out i just feel so lonely sometimes . help me to have joy peace happiness God please bless william with a truck for work he doesnt have a vehicle right now help us with all our needs i know You will provide thank You for all You do Father God I love you and thank you for all that pray for us may God bless each of you in Jesus name Amen

Sanity, Love, Peace and Wisdom

October 21, 2014

Jesus Please fill my mind and heart with sanity, love, peace and wisdom. Please allow me to feel love for myself, for others, and for You Jesus. Amen.


October 20, 2014

Help me. I can't stand it

Got to press on...Just got to...

October 19, 2014

hey guys, it's Jason again, hopefully for the last time. I just wanted to thank everyone for there prayers and notes you've sent me. I appreciate it. But, I just gotta move on, I just need to. I'm not gonna get any answers and NO one wants anything to do with me. But, I've told the truth, I've done nothing, I'm gonna keep saying that. I refuse to let people bring me down, I'm just gonna keep holding my head high and keep thanking God for keeping me alive. AMEN! :)

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