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Lord, Please Have Mercy!

February 19, 2015

Today I am feeling really depressed. Frustrated and feel like all hope is gone. I have slowly come to accept the fact that I am unable to rent an apartment due to my credit challenges and poor rental history. Desperately, me and Lil Man and I need a place to call home. Being homeless is taking its toll on me emotionally, mentally, and physically. What do I do? How do I cope? We have no place to call home. My prayers have been continuous; but seem to fall on deaf ears. If this weren't enough, I still remain without adequate finances in which to obtain car insurance (lapsed 1/23), registration (expired 4/14), monthly obligations, toiletries, etc. Bill collectors are constantly ringing my phone including an attorney threatening prosecution. How much more can one person take? HELP! I need a MIRACLE! Lord, please have mercy! Your continued thoughts and prayers are extremely appreciated.


March 04, 2015

I have severe medical problems going on, very depressed.

Need peace with someone

March 02, 2015

I am having problems with someone and I dont know exactly whats wrong. It is getting to me so bad that I cant focus and I dream of it every night. Please pray God lets us have peace towards each other. Please also pray she will talk to me about it instead of running away. Please pray for a miracle.

Prayers for John

March 02, 2015

Please pray for my Facebook friend John, whose pipes froze up days ago (between his house and the street) and the water company is unable to fix. He's without any fresh water, and can't flush the toilets, or anything. Please pray that the Lord intervenes and does this work on those pipes and John too. In Jesus's name we pray.

Father forgive me

March 02, 2015

Need fasting & prayer. Heavenly father before YOUR anger destroy me, forgive all my sins, deliver me from devil's bondage, evil thoughts which I cannot STOP, take complete control of myself mind, thought, body, soul, devil may not snatch me, mentally & physically I am fed up with my life, help my daughter in her study, keep me & my daughter happy & healthy, protect us from all infections, deliver my cruel husband from adultery, COMPELLED him to confess his sin & repent, revealed the TRUTH & save our 20 years of marriage, throw fire on devil's plan against us, hide identity IJN Amen.

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