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Pray for my relationship with my son & my marriage

April 12, 2015

Seven months ago, I committed a horrible sin against my family (non-physical)and my wife and I have been separated ever since. We are both believers and we have a 2-year old son. I immediately repented of what I had done and have been in Christian counseling and Celebrate Recovery (I just got my 6 month chip) ever since. My wife and I are on good terms and talk on the phone about once a week, but she has not allowed me to see my son in more than 6 months. I had to temporarily move 500 miles away to live with my brother when I began having suicidal thoughts. I have been praying nonstop for months that God would convict my wife to work with me to save our marriage, but after a recent conversation when I asked her if I could make a trip to see my son for his second birthday, she threatened to file a restraining order against me, and made it evident that she has no intention of reconciling with me. At that point I came to terms with the fact that I will soon be facing divorce and a custody battle, and I began to focus my prayers on getting to see my son and redevelop my relationship with him. I was a very good dad before I got kicked out of the house. My dad died when I was a child, so I understand how important it is for me to be actively involved in my son's life. A few days ago, I pitched the idea to her of allowing me to see my son at a facility that offers supervised visitation. She didn't say yes, but sounded like she may actually be considering it. If she agrees, I'll probably need to look for a job in the area so I can move back to be near my son so I don't have to drive 500 miles every couple of weeks. The other day when I was praying on my drive to work, I had the radio turned on--something I never do. After praying to see my son, I started to pray for my wife to have a change of heart about our marriage. At that moment, a pastor came on the radio teaching that God is a God of restoration, and that nothing--no matter how impossible it may seem--is impossible for Him. I assume God was speaking to me about my marriage through this pastor, but my wife still has a very hard heart about reconciliation. At this point, I'm in a fog about how to pray. I do want God to restore our marriage--and believe it is His will to do so, but God is not going to override my wife's free will to choose. I feel as though God had just given me peace with the idea that I'll soon be divorced--so I'm afraid to get my hopes up again. Please pray for God to give me wisdom. Please pray that my wife will allow me to have a close relationship with my son--no matter if we stay married or end up divorced. And please pray that if at all possible, that God would soften my wife's heart and give her the desire to work with me to save our marriage. Also, please pray for wisdom about whether or not I should begin the process of moving back--I'm afraid of moving away from my support group. Thanks.


April 09, 2015

Hello All!! I hope everyone is doing well and had a nice Easter. I wanted to please respectfully request your prayers that I graduate this semester and pass my graduation test the first time. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate it and have a wonderful day! God Bless You All! Joyful James :)


April 09, 2015

Please pray for my Dad who has appointment with heart doctor on April 11th this is to decide if he can have procedure for his heart next week. Also, they have moved into a retirement community - please pray that they continue to adjust and for my Dad not to worry about his money. Pray that they both will put faith and trust in the Lord that he will provide for them.

Family in need of prayer

April 08, 2015

Today Heaven received an exceptional nurse angel. A wife, mother of two young children, daughter, exceptional friend and co-worker. This was sudden and very unexpected. Please hold Laura Peak and her family and friends in your prayers.

Job increase salary

April 08, 2015

I first want to thank everyone for praying for me for increase on my job. After waiting for a meeting with my supervisor since September 2014 we meet today. She is all for me getting the raise but HR has to be the one to approve all my duties. So I am asking for prayer again that whomever the paperwork is going too that Jesus will touch them mightly and that the raise will come through for 25.00 a hour and that they will go back to September 2014 to retroactive the raise. My supervisor said the lady she is working with is slow in doing stuff but I know once she touches my papers Jesus is going to allowed her to work quickly on it. Praise God for his mighty blessing. In addition I had email you also about my son Maurice who wife left and he living with me he need a place of his own for himself and 3 year Joaish. His credit isn't good and he still owes money on the other apartment. Please pray for a financial break though for him and that my landlord would allowed him to rent my apartment because I am moving to another one. In Jesus Name he goes to so much the loss of their 3 year old baby girl a year and half ago and to find out that his stepbrother was seeing his wife behind his back.

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