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April 09, 2014

Departure on April 23rd checkin to go quick and smooth, angles around in inside the plane ministering and safe arrival to LAX on the 24th arrival checkout to go quick and smooth. Stay with son to be peaceful bonding and God to help us both to com Him. Move back in with old roommate no issues and stay permanently long term until financially stable. Employment immidiately temp or on call anything but working and concurrently finalize hours needed for license test God knows the details.

Marital struggle

April 16, 2014

Please pray for my wife, Me and our three children. I'm unsure of our families future, but trust God to take care of us. It is the lack of trust and obedience to His leading and promises by each other that I fear.

Feeling down

April 16, 2014

Sometimes I feel as though no matter how hard I try I cant win for losing. Please pray that God may give me strength to learn from my hard times that I might be a better person. I try so hard to always be positive and never let people know that I am feeling down but there are times that I am really hurting inside and only God truely knows how I feel. Thank you for your prayers.

love life

April 14, 2014

lord let me get answers today by laurie. u know what i mean and need. thank u

losing faith

April 11, 2014

i'm losing faith. god why haven't you answered me? i need closure. can't i get that at least tonight?

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