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Jesus Christ, The Great Physician

April 08, 2014

My daughter says - according to her doctor - she is a borderline diabetic. Thank you Heavenly Father God in Jesus Christ; O Great Physician; in advance, for giving my daughter the help and the motivation she so desperately needs daily, to remedy this medical condition. On behalf of my daughter, I humbly thank you too, faithful prayer warrior saints, for your coveted, intercessory prayers. Respectfully, in Jesus Christ's Holy Name. Amen. Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. (Mark 9:23)

prayers needed

April 06, 2014

. I just ask that you pray as you read this that God could speak to you, its long and confusing and it makes no sense at all. My spouse Katie and I were married for 14 yrss. We have two kids that God blessed us with a boy and a girl. My wife was raised Catholic her dad and mom married from the convent. I was raised under the world wide church of God, then identified myself as Evangical. During out 14 yrs of marriage, I had issues with porn,(internet) and I was not the Godly husband I should have been. She was always tired, I got frustrated tried to add porn into our lives and that was a big lie. She left in 08 because she said she was done, she asked me to go to counseling, but I thought I could solve this on my own, as I look back I don't know why I didn't go to counseling. We went to counseling at Genesis in 08, but she didn't like it and I didn't push it. I felt really bad. She found another man, that made me so mad and then I went and dated other women. There was a point when she told me there was trust building yet she was telling me to go out with friends go have "fun". I told her about the other women a repeat of what happened in our 1st yr of marriage, where I felt attracted to another woman but not in love with her. This has been a mess, there is a wall between us from her. She doesn't want me to love her, doesn't want me to wear my wedding ring, says it hurts the kids, yet she is divorced in her heart, we are still married by the state of Washington even though we have not been together in 6yrs. She still wants me to come over for B-days, holidays, kids games, yet no marriage, we aren't even friends. I dread being around a stranger and she acts like this is ok. No one understands whats happening. For 6yrs its been nothing but silence from God, its like God doesn't care and wants this. I hate my wife I hate her and I feel ok with hating her. People say I shouldn't have all this bitterness, anger, well Im sorry, I don't have joy and happiness living like Im divorced but still married to her on paper. And Yes I have tried 3X to divorce her I gave her the papers to sign, she never turned them in nor gave papers back to me WHY? This is a woman who says she cant be in a physical relationship or trust me, yet she hasn't divorced me and wants divorce, tells people we are not together. And its no big deal to her, but it bothers me. I let go of her, by hating her not caring wether she lives or dies, I don't care what happens to her, there are plenty of other step moms who take over and she can have another man, its what most so-called Christians do now anyway. Divorce is the answer to solve problems, God is not saving troubled marriages including mine, he blesses people with other spouses, step parents, blended families, so divorce most be ok I hear other Christians tell me to divorce, let her go, do this do that, Im sick of other Christians who act like divorce is no big deal, and that God blessed them with someone else. Im tired. Im depressed. I have no hope left I don't care about her at all, im at peace with hating her, its better than continuing to love a obstinate wife who doesn't love me back. Im wasting my time. I need prayers I need Gods help Im sick of living this way, I don't know what to do, please Im asking for prayers, I acknowledge my sins I confess my failure at being the husband I should've been. Her and I strangers not even friends, our kids look at us and don't understand why we live like this, they have stopped praying for us not to divorce and get back together, I believe they've given up like me. They know that their mom and I don't talk unless forced to. I don't even know how to relate to her at all, she is dead to me and God thinks this is ok and bringing him glory??? Right, something is wrong, reading Gods word, helping poor people, church aint going to heal this, there needs to be intervention. I flushed my wedding ring down the toilet 6months ago, it will NEVER come back. I told her did it and she said that was stupid, but again nothing bothers her, God blesses her she can date other men which I know she is, she denies it but I know to well. I cant date, I cant event talk to another woman I have no interest plus I don't care, woman are problems with baggage, kids from other men, don't want it and don't care. I would tell any Christian man, don't do what I did wasting prayers on a obstinate wife who doesn't care and doesn't want to give you another chance, don't pray, just divorce don't fight for your marriage, that's all I got from other Christians. I know this is heavy but what I said is the truth, its hard to breathe, I hate her and I make no apologies say what you want, but I hate her wish I never married her and Im sure she feels the same, except tries to act like a family for the kids sake what a lie. I hate this situation, I have lived this for 6yrs with her and our kids. I begging for help, prayers

Healing for 1yr old girl

April 06, 2014

I have a friend whose 1 year old baby was admitted to the hospital last night. They do not know what is wrong, she hasn't eaten or drank anything in 2 days! The hospital has her on fluids and that is the only fluids going in. She needs a total healing and deliverance from this affliction! Please keep her parents uplifted in prayer too! Thank you

Baby brother hope faith patience

April 05, 2014

15 years ago my baby brother was born with a rare disease he has neurofibromatosis this genetic disorder affects the nervous system and causes skin and bones abnormalities. There is no cures out there and these rumors are within his nerves. A family of 8 with only the support of a single mom that has work really hard for her children without of the support of the dad the last thing is for her to loose her faith in our Heavenly Father. My mom is a strong women and has not given up on my brother regardless what the doctors tell her about her child with this genetic disorder I pray so much one day my mom can see that miracle happening for her child to get better. And also my sister of 22 years old has Down syndrome and she is not doing good she has high chorestorol and my mom is stressing out because she does not work and its just difficult for her ever since 25 years ago. Right now I live in the area of nc and my family is back in tx where I wish I could be there to support my mom. I believe one day god would answer my prayer. A prayer of a hurt and heart broken child that just wishes for her brother of 15 yrs old gets better and her baby sister of 22 yrs old can be healthy. I would love to come to the feet of Jesus Christ and accept him into my Heart and heal my heart of hurt betrayel and deception. Thank you

Lots of people to pray for (and 2 praises!) from my young adult group

April 17, 2014

* Sarah- Prayers for Dustin's Crohns disease has made him very sick; Dustin's healing. Christ at the center always in her relationship with Joey. Work, wedding plans, wants to be able to keep focus on Christ. Prayers for the non-believers at Reston Bible, may they have been touched by the program they came to. Grams has breast cancer (she is the only believer in her family, very special to Sarah), praises that it may only be stage one, surgery is coming up soon; Grandpa and his health and strength for Grams. * Jackie-PRAISE: had been feeling spiritually attacked and lack of hunger for the Lord, but this past week we give praises that He renewed in her a desire for Him! Prayers for time management to accomplish all she needs to do this semester with school and ministry. * Dean- Prayers for strength for Jonathan because his mom has cancer * Jay- Prayers for his family, they are having some inter-family problems. Prayers for his brother, Joel, who has been lacking faith lately, that Jay would be a good influence on him spiritually. Also, that Jay may have a new a refocus on the Lord first. * Ranell- Prayers for a job, wherever the Lord wants her to be. Also, praying for her sister who is pulling the midnight shift at Virginia Tech * Sam- Prayers for her mom's mood issues/depression/impulsive decisions because it is affecting the whole family. Prayers for Sam's strength (as she is the oldest sibling), that she can stay strong for her siblings who are all being affected by the recent changes in their mom. Also, prayers for direction whether she should pursue another degree or a job change. * Tatiana- Prayers against the spiritual warfare happening in her life. Also, for finding His will in decisions and being obedient to what it is the Lord wants of her. Also, for her father's salvation (he is the only one in her immediate family who is not yet a believer) * Thomas- Prayers for discipline to seek after God, a renewed hunger for Him. Prayers against spiritual attack, especially in the worship band that he leads within the Crux; for direction and unity and God's leading. * Tory- Prayers for her dad returning to church, possibly with her younger sister. Prayers for her cousin's brain surgery. Also, prayers over her co-worker Nancy, who has extreme bitterness whenever God or something God-related gets brought up. * Anthony- PRAISE: Anthony accepted Christ into his heart this past week, on 4/16, at our young adult group, the Crux! Prayers that he receives complete deliverance from the chains of drug and alcohol, and that he continues to grow in his walk with the Lord and yearn after Him and understanding of all he comes to learn. * Justin- Prayers for his TSA test; that he passes. Prayers for continual growth in Christ and within the community of believers. Prayers for his mom whose contract for work is up soon, that the Lord open up the doors for another job. For his father, that the Lord opens his heart to the Gospel. And, for his brother who has special needs and is looking for an appropriate job for him to be a little more self-dependent. * Samuel- Prayers for his schooling and that this semester ends well

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