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September 09, 2014

Please uplift my mother-in-law today. She needs a mighty touch from the Lord.

Dad's Job

September 09, 2014

Please pray that my dad gets his job back at Hot Spring Spas. Thank you.


September 09, 2014

Please pray that I get the full time position at Fifth Third Bank. Thank you.

Let this opportunity not go to waste

September 09, 2014

Please pray that things go the right way in my personal situation. I have an opportunity at the moment to do something about it and I need Gods hand to sort it out. Please pray the moment won't be wasted and will resolve perfectly with no harm done. It's hard to explain and personal.

Trying to get by

September 08, 2014

I have had a hard time after my husband and I separated and eventually divorced. Trying to keep up with bills and 'his' lifestyle for the children was hard on me. I must admit I didn't have my budget in order. After 4 years, I declared bankruptcy and got a hold on my financial situation. I am still struggling to stay current with my bills. I am a teacher so my money is limited, but I pray every day and night for God's guidance to help me through, and I try really hard not to worry. But today, I heard a financial advisor segment on Spirit FM, giving advice to a writer about turning in their car back in to the dealership because they couldn't make the payments. The advisor (I think it was Dave Ramsey) told them what his best plan would be. At the end he cited a scripture that said "wicked people do not pay their debts", quoted from somewhere in Psalms. It hit me very hard; am I 'wicked'? The last 12 years I have scraped and saved and worked to try and pay off everything and I just couldn't get ahead. So now I feel like my having gone bankrupt is gonna send me straight to hell. I already have guilt from the break-up of my marriage, then the divorce, then the bankruptcy. I'm trying to move forward, not backward, and after hearing that I feel really bad. Prayers and honest, unbiased words of advice would be helpful in moving past this feeling of unworthiness. Prayers of intercession are needed.

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