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Holy Psalm91 RAK Thrift Store and Wecan Mound Mn Working together and Holy Helping bring affortable to low income Holy Plus

June 18, 2015

Holy Psalm91 RAK Thrift Store Holy Going there Holy Pray I receive what Holy Godf Father Son Holy Ghost wants in Holy Jesusname Holy Crossamen We can there working with to help needy I got a 25 dollars gift for clothes! and coach bed Holy God Bless Plus what God wants me to get here to make a nice home Holy Pray I am always responsible in Holy Jesus name Holy Cross amen Holy Jesus name Holy Cross amen

Holy John17 Kathy Miller

June 18, 2015

Holy Psalm 91 Holy John 17 :) i Kathy Miller pray you would do a Holy Fun for ever as i follow you ! Holy God Bless my Holy New home and i feel low in energy Holy Help your love in of Holy John17 and Holy Ephesians 6 Holy Jesusname Holy Crossamen

Her chosen one

June 17, 2015

Lord I know that you have chosen a special man for my daughter. I feel it and I have heard your voice giving me a promise. I have faith and I know that it will come to pass. I pray that until he arrives that you would lead her in the path toward and not away from him. In Jesus holy name. Amen

Healing and finance help please!

June 16, 2015

My name is Debra and I am disabled, I have fallen three times in the last six months and keep damaging my spine, along with several broken bones. The pain is unbearable and now I have to have spine surgery. On top of everything my rent has gone up $300.00 over the last ten years, I have been looking for a place to live for two years now and no place will take my disability as income and also I am not physically able to move. My rent takes my whole disability check and now I can't pay my electric, get food, or my medicine and not my electric will be turned off on the 22nd. I am at a loss and give all these problems over to God and ask that you please pray for me. Thank you, Debra (Salem, Virginia)

Healing for cat

June 26, 2015

We have a 14 year old cat at home who is very sick from congestive heart failure. The vet told us this morning she may not make it through the weekend, but he also said she may (and he's a Christian and a wonderful vet). Please pray for healing of our cat and restoration. She has been such a wonderful devoted loving animal and we would surely miss her if she passed but we realize she's in God's hands and it can go either way right now. If God can heal her here on earth, that's what we would like, but if not, we accept his will. We just love her so much and feel so blessed that God entrusted her care to us.

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