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May 13, 2015

lord, i'm tired of drama from big liz and little liz, keep both away from me. i'm done w/ high school behavior. i do not need negative or stalker type friends. lord hear my prayers, thank u

please pray 4 Gods intervention in this situation and us

May 12, 2015

First,giving honor to Father God....please pray for me and my son who is battling an evil force and a horrible divorce situation... The mother is having a baby by another man and has 3 other children by different men....non of these men can be found to pay child suppport so the government has come after my son to pay support for these children that are not his...he has gone to two lawyers trying to fight this issue and he is being told that because his divorce is not come through yet...he is responsible because they r still married(living apart 4 18mos.) The mother is not very responsible and fair minded at all...until she needs money...

Accepting a breakup

May 12, 2015

Please pray the Lord will break any ties that bind me to my ex-boyfriend. May the Lord renew my mind, and help me not dwell on the past, and former things. May the Lord help me see that He is doing something new in my life. May I no longer be physically attracted to my ex, and hate the way he makes me stumble. I also pray that the Lord will give me a renewed hope that one day he will send me a spouse. Please pray the Lord will encourage my heart during this season, and especially on the weekend. May the Lord send my godly friends that will help support me during this difficult season. Thank you.

Prayer for a new friend who has lost her legs and fingers to diabetes

May 12, 2015

Through my church my fianc and I recently became acquainted with a family in crisis. A young mother of 3 young adopted children (one is autistic) became very ill and went into a coma. I am not aware of all of the medical information but due to this illness she had both legs and most of her fingers amputated in February of this year. The family lives in a small farm house and is in need of funds in order to pay for renovations. She is unable to get into her own bathroom due to her wheelchair. There are many other necessities the family needs. And of course medical bills are a concern as well. Cortney gives God the praise eventhough she is suffering physically. Her attitude is to be admired. She wants to be an inspiration to others, and I have no doubt the Lord is going to use her and her family in a mighty way!!!


May 11, 2015

pray natty misses me and he contacts me this week

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