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Grandad/Grandpa in hospital still

October 17, 2014

My Grandad is in the hospital with fluid on the lungs, fluid on the brain, weakness, and kidney failure. He's only communicating through grunts and has stopped eating. Please pray for his recovery and that the family have wisdom concerning feeding tubes. Please pray for his comfort.

family prayers

October 16, 2014

please pray for our family. We love and talk to Jesus everyday. As a young Dad and Mother to raise up our two girls during these troubled times. we need all the prayers we can get. thank you so much..

Prayer for strength and healing

October 16, 2014

Our son has struggled with depression for a few years now. This results in him not wanting to get out of bed most days. This causes strife in our home, with arguments that occur daily just trying to get him to go to school. We are consulting with doctors, but our son refuses to take medication, so the battle rages on. Most mornings, I drive to work crying, wondering how I can fix things. I know God has a plan, and it is said he never puts more on us than we can handle, I'm just not sure I am as strong as he thinks I am. I want so badly for God to heal my son and help us to all have better days. I have seen God move mountains and I know this one will be no exception. Please pray for my son and family. We need a miracle to overcome this fight.

Pray for Jason.

October 14, 2014

Mental issues. Thought of suicide.

Move on...

October 13, 2014

I need to move on God, break this wall in front of me. I'm tired of the bad memories coming back in my mind. Lead the path God. My name is Jason. INJIP, AMEN

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