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April 06, 2014

I am having so much pain from Sciatica --please pray for the Lord's healing. God Bless U.

Need Prayer to Overcome Complete Despair after Failed Marriage

April 05, 2014

My husband left home 33 days ago because of another woman. We were only married for one year. He left one day after our 1st year anniversary date. From the very beginning of our marriage, his ex-wife harrassed him to no end because he had gotten remarried. She even withheld his visitation rights with three their children. The pressure had become so great, that he started compromising our marriage by seeing his ex-wife on a personal level while we were still living together. I knew this because he had called my by her name on several occasions. He would let her borrow our new car and give her extra money which took away his ability to pay bills in our household. As a consequences of their actions, my husband secretly abandoned our household by not coming home from work one night and went back to his ex-wife. He has not returned to my home since. He left me with over $16,000.00 worth of bills (which includes the balance on a new car). He also left 95 percent of his personal belongings at my house. He has made no effort to pay these bills, pick up his belongings or help me in any way. Although I have spoken to him over the phone several times, he refuses to cooperate with my getting a divorce (which I have filed for already) or reconcile with me in the least bit (moving back home to work things out). I am severely embarassed, humuliated, disgraced, depressed and discouraged over this horrific situation. Please pray for me for I do not know what to do. My life is in complete shambles. Thank you.

Pray for my unborn granddaughter

April 04, 2014

Please send up prayers for my unborn granddaughter Angelia. She is my son's first child, and he is the joy of my life here on earth. Her mother has a chronic disease and it is only the grace of God that she is pregnant. Please pray that God will protect this child that he has created and deliver her healthy and whole in July. Thank you. Praise God and His blessed son Jesus.

thank you and pray for elisha

April 03, 2014

First I want to thank you for all your prayers for me for my new job.I always ask prayer in this site and I want to thank you for your prayers because I know that the Lord is with me.I am a new insurance agent and it's hard but thank God for His guidance and leading.I love to share the gospel and so when I talked to people and have the opportunity to share it by the Lord's grace I do it.Today I share the gospel to Elisha.Please pray that the Word shared with her will not be snatched by the enemy instead will bring forth salvation to her.Thank you if you pray.all glory goes to God!

Praying for faith

April 03, 2014

Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Allow me to trust you. I need you my Lord, everything I own is yours. Please have mercy father and show me where is it that you want me to go or do. I am yours father. Please allow this company to stay in business...I need your provision to support my family. I love you Lord...please give me faith In Jesus name

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