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Single mom ripped off for certain.

July 09, 2014

I am a single mom who did something extremely stupid. I went out of my way to help someone whom I thought was a friend. They told me they had a check and would pay me back all my money. Now, my kid and I are on the verge of getting evicted to person fled to Tx and I live in W.V. I have no money and I'm having to sue. I lost my car helping them. If this is the price I pay for helping people I do NOT want to help people. Me and my kid are suffering bad. He need baby wipes. I KNOW God is in control and all that, but it hurts bad & it is hard to see. I don't know who to talk to b/c I know it is going to be turned around that I liked this person b/c it was a guy, but he told me he was stuck in Oh in a hot car. This situation has literally made my life hell. & I hate the other person. I'm trying so hard not to, but I had money saved up for my child and I. This hurts sooo bad & I don't know what to do. PLEASE, PRAY. THANKS

Devil is beating me down

July 08, 2014

I have been asking for prayers for my 28 year old son who is battling a drug addiction. He has made so much progress and I am proud of him. I still pray that he is surrounded with positive people and that he sees the need for salvation. The issue is just when I think he is making progress, something comes up to set us back. I hurt and beat myself up over his choices. I know that he is grown but it is hard to watch your children make poor choices. The devil continues to fight me and hurt me. I'm a Christian and know that God is in control but I feel so alone. Please pray for my son to get his life turned around and for me to lay these things at God's feet. I can't keep doing this.

Daughter-in-law and her family

July 07, 2014

There seems to be so much jealousy and resentment toward us from my daughter-in-law. She doesn't even speak to us most of the time and will not answer her phone. Please pray for the Lord to heal her heart and bless us with a good relationship with her and her family.


July 07, 2014

For him not to be playing with my feelings again. Lord he contacted me Friday, after he broke up with me in May. Lord Thank you, but I don't know what to think. Lord hear my prayer


July 07, 2014

let me see kevin before my ny trip. have kevin come to the valley and see me. lord hear my prayer

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