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October 01, 2014

please lord, i beg u, please let me my mom walk by end of week. lord hear my prayer

good reason

October 01, 2014

lord please let there be a good reason tony never replied to my text or called to f/up


October 01, 2014

Please pray for my marriage


October 01, 2014

Please join me in prayer for a young single mother of two having great financial difficulty. Her power has been cut off, she owes her landlord and can't live in her home. She is about to become homeless.


September 30, 2014

Please pray for me. I have backslidden (although not too deep I think). I have been so angry, full of lust, worldly, polluted by the world, puffed up with pride, negelecting The Word, please pray for my repentance, for humilty to flood my heart for The LORD to Draw me close to Him and rain such a flood of conviction on me that it brings me to my knees in weeping, brokenness and repentance and faith unto Him. Please pray that I love and forgive all people and hold noi grudges against anyone and that any and all satanic strongholds or bonds are broken and that I walk in the SPirit once again abiding in The LORD beraing much fruit to His glory.

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