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Spiritual warfare

September 20, 2014

Please pray that The LORD protects Kyle from the enemy and his agents. Please pray that he grows in grace and in knowledge of The LORD and that the LORD guides, guides, directs and protecs him. Also that The LORD supplies for all his needs both spiritual and material. Please palso pray for his family's salvation


September 20, 2014

Please pray that I grow in grace and in knowledge of The LORD ad draw nigh unto Him. Please pray that He makes me into a man after His own heart, and calls me to be a pastor. Please pray that The LORD helps me to love and forgive my family and everyone who has wronged me, and not to hold any grudges against them. Please pray that the LORD protecs me from the enemy and his agents and my family. Please pray that I get a better job, my own place, and that The LORD blesses me with a Godly, Gorgeous, Wise, born again Christian wife. Please pray for my familys salvation, my neighbors salvation, my former associates salvation, my co-workers salvation and The Worlds salvation. Please pray that The LORD uses me for His name sake and that I abide in Him and bear much fruit for His glory. Please pray that Allen, Walter, Daniel, Angel, grow in grace and knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ, that He provides for all their needs both spiritual and material. Also that He protects them from the wiles of the devil and gives them (and myself) wisdom and discernment. Please also pray for their family's salvation. Please pray for the villion, leahy, brown, Serrano, Solano, Barquero, Brothers, rodriguez, hla, Rodriguez, regus, Rosario, colon, diaz, dara, Vaughn, zaffarese, wong, tackas Robledo, abbott, Santiago, meeting, Guevara, collazo, Santiago, bandelr, lam, familys as well as my enemies salvation. Please pray for Jeremy's, joe, jack, aven, William, ricky 's, warnells, micachels, carol, annies fernandos s, charlies, nicks, joes, nick tracys caramellos, (and their family's) salvation. Thanks and God bless you.

To be prepared

September 20, 2014

I believe this is the woman God wants me to marry. Even though he are keeping us apart for now I believe he will bring us together again eventually. Please pray he prepares us, helps us love him above all things, and that we dwell in him, until he brings us together.

Daughter & possible salary cut

September 20, 2014

My daughter has a meeting on either 9/22 or 9/23 regarding the lower numbers in the afternoon care at the school where she works. She fears her salary may be cut & she already lives on a shoestring budget. Please pray for her and this situation.

So hard...

September 19, 2014

You know, it's so hard when you are lied about. Then you try and tell your side of the story and no one believes you, no matter hard you try, no one wants you around, as in my case. I'm trying to forgive and forget. but, i understand if they won't accept, I'll just move on. Just tired of trying God, like i said is up to you! INJIP, AMEN! -Jason

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