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Thank you God...

February 25, 2015

I did ask my 'friends' to settle our differences, so that we both be at peace. So far, they haven't. Cowards. But, I am leaving this to God. If they don't want to do it the right way, then I have no choice just to walk away for good. Why is this messy crap in my life anyway? I pray God will help me find an answer to that one, I think HE'S testing me. What do you think? -IJNIP, AMEN. =Jason J

Thank you God...

February 24, 2015

Just want to thank God and your prayers for keeping me on the right track. I just want all negativity, lies and manipulation away from me. I just want those to continue to judge me without talking to me about it, just to stay away from me to. God know I've done nothing, I will keep telling God that to. If that woman want to remain in charge of everybody and tell bad stuff about me, let her. She better not cross my path. I am better mentally than she is. But, just want to thank God for keeping me away from them, I'm just sad that they had to get the kids to lie about me to. Oh well! I'm praying for you all to! IJNIP, AMEN! -Jason J


February 23, 2015

If I've learned one thing in life, it's: Stand for something or you'll fall for anything. IJNIP, AMEN! -Jason J

Work Environment Part 21

February 20, 2015

Dear Prayer Warriors, I am asking God for a change of jobs and in a different organization. The workplace has become extremely toxic and I am struggling to keep working there. The work environment is so oppressive that it is taking its toll on me physically and mentally. I am asking that you petition on my behalf that there would be a change in job very soon if it is in His will. Please pray that by God's grace that He would find me a new organization to work for. I request that He opens wide another door for me. This is only to be done in His will and not my own. If there are further things He wants me to learn from in the current circumstance, I pray for strength to handle them and that I would glorify Him and that He would hold be as righteous. Also lift up in prayer, the subordinates that work for me, for they are under attack as well


February 27, 2015

please pray that my sisters bunnies get sold! to good homes that will treat them kindly and love them!!! they keep multiplying !

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