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September 05, 2014

lord, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. i will not have time for a relationship with any guy out of state like tx bf i had or colorado friend. lord, bring me a boyfriend here in CA and when you feel i'm ready and really have time. i accept your will and i know my mom needs me now

Need a word from the lord if i should apply for a certain job

September 18, 2014

Please pray i hear from the lord about a good job that i was told to check out. I am going to school and not sure if the lord is trying to give it to me. Its a good position. I need clarification

need a miracle

September 18, 2014

i need a miracle that errors i got were system issue, and i can ge them removed or that they give me fyi, so i don't get written up. lord u are so great and i know u can change things. lord change things. u know what i need. amen

pleaes pray for my pastors to save our church

September 06, 2014

Please sent me the strenght and hope to find a job and to find a man of faith to bring godly hope and happiness

Healing, Relationship and Financial

September 05, 2014

Please pray that my brother and his family can get spiritually and financially stable. I have been helping by the grace of God for years, but the need is so much greater now. Please pray for my relationship of a future husband I have prayed for a long time. Also, I have a health need that has been ongoing for a couple months that I am trusting God to heal. Thank you so much for your prayers.

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