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November 28, 2014

Lord bring me my boyfriend -husband you have for me now. I'm ready. My mom passed. I need him now. Lord hear my prayer


November 28, 2014

Lord My brother has been off since my mom passed n hanging in her living room. I'm worried. Lord you know he had his own den. Lord I pray he goes back to den n things back to normal Lord hear my prayer

My family is on the brink of complete ruin

November 27, 2014

Please join in praying for my amazing family. We have three beautiful little girls who are the most wonderful joys that have ever graced this earth. The problem is that their mom and I have lost our timing and because of this have let the daily stresses and evils prevent us from being able to come back together. We were incredible at one time, but now have turned to blaming each other for everything instead of holding each other up. It's a sad thing to sit and watch your family fall apart and feel like there is nothing left to try. She truly is the love of my life but I feel so lost, so overwhelmed, so helpless. I so desperately want my family to remain but i don't know if that's what his plan is for us. Lord please help me see things clearly, please let our timing meet up before we're so full of hatred for each other that we miss out on such an amazing eternity


November 20, 2014

they maybe right, maybe i'm just a stupid, mental intellectual that I really am. I guess she was right along. maybe that's what they wanted. I got over a dozen friends and a church that believe I am, so I might as well admit it. -Jason J.


November 19, 2014

protection for my entire team and myself from errors all throughout the year, nov and dec. lord hear my prayer

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