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July 27, 2014

Please pray that God will help my future to take off. I need his guidance in my career and my future wife and kids. Please pray also that I can quickly get a temporary apartment and a better job.

Calling the things that be not as though they were

July 27, 2014

My husband loves me and the lord like christ loves the church. My husband desires me and me only as his wife and only woman. My husband hears gods voice and only gods voice and a stranger he will not hear. My husband seeks no other women for himself. My husband is a godly man and gives no place to satan. My husband puts the the lord first and seeks godly wisdom. He has understanding of what a marriage is and how to treat me. He hungers and thirsts after righteousness. He detests evil and its desires. He hates sin. He has agape love. He is coming home in jesus mighty name. He puts the lord first me second and family 3rd. I declare and decree these all all so in Jesus Name.

continued prayer for tony

July 26, 2014

lord, you answered my prayer and after two months had tony contact me, thank you so much. You are awesome. I waited patiently, and you showed me you listen. Lord, I told him what I wanted. Lord, have him understand and agree and let me know by tonight, he is on same page as me. Thank you


July 22, 2014

lord i ask for protection/errors at work. i got an hour, and i just gotten off audit. lord help me get out of this error. i'm trying my best to do my job. i have been here for 21 years, and they seem to nick pick things that don't make claim pay wrong. lord please help me. i need this job to take care of my mom. lord hear my prayer

Gods will

July 27, 2014

Lord show me your will for my life

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