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praise report!!!!!!

September 12, 2014

Thanks and glory to GOD!!! Have been asking for prayer coverage for our grandson who was born eight weeks early, God is blessing us even more, he gets to come home this weekend! And my son has a very promising job lead!!better company with benefits. All praise and glory to OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!!!


September 12, 2014

My heart is heavy from a broken relationship. I have prayed and continue to pray that God will mend our relationship. I have asked God to reveal his desire to me...I have expressed the desires of my heart and I pray they align with His. He walks back into my life with all the promises of what I have been praying for... then disappears again for awhile. I need resolution and for God to work in his heart. For God to give him guidance and grace to know that he is constantly breaking my heart. I have layed it at the foot of the cross, I just need prayer to leave it there. I feel as though I am just constantly tieing a knot at the end of my rope and hanging on. I just want God to speak to me in my quiet still moments. I know He has a plan for me... I just wish I could see and tell the difference between is it me who really wants it or is God speaking to me to have faith and hang on.


September 12, 2014

Lord it will take a miracle to restore my broken marriage

Expecting miracles today

September 12, 2014

Father, I am coming to you this morning to thank you for all that you do and all that you are. Thank you for being my heavenly father and loving me when no earthly father would. Thank you for the gifts of my children and for loving them. Thank you for my dog, too. Father, I'm coming to you also this morning to claim miracles are coming today. Please remember your promises to me today. You came to me in two different dreams and gave me the money for a home and everything I need for it. I've also been waiting for almost two years for a decision on my disability case. I am claiming divine intervention over both of these today, Father. I am standing in agreement with the dozens of fellow believers that have prayed with me and for me over these two situations. I am asking, in Jesus' mighty name, for your favor today over these requests, and I pray you will show your mighty hand and provision to my children. Thank you so very much, Father. I love you with all of my heart, soul, mind, and spirit. You are my Jehovah Jireh. Blessed be the name of the Lord. For He is mighty to be praised.

Thank you God...

September 11, 2014

just wanted to Thank God that I am able to start talking to my 'other' friends again, wish it was in a different way tho. I am thankful that they've allowed me to express TO THEM of how I really feel about things. I'm having a hard time accepting her apology & forgiveness, she wanted me in jail for a crime I did not commit, I lost a lot of friends cause of it & my church would'nt help me, you know my story God. I just pray they understand what I am trying to tell them. I told them God it is in your hands. I just pray you lead me to the right direction. -Jason

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