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SJR and CC

September 03, 2015

Lord, stand before all darkness, all adultery, all lust, all dishonesty, all demons, all seducers, all harlots & wayward people, all doubt, all sneakiness, all temptresses, all thieves, all liars, stand before all this evil , & every evil & temptation, that is getting in between my youngest adult daughter and her current boyfriend, who is her soon to be husband , & cause it all to flee immediately & permanently. Lord drown it ALL in Your unapproachable Light, Your Word is unchanging & True! It is done! Lord! Stand guard! Strengthen & protect my youngest adult daughter's relationship with her current man/soon to be husband together & protect their faithfulness and love for each other! Let them speak gently to each other in love,self control,devotion. Lord dont let them speak to each other in haste, or bitterness or anger. Lord when they look into each others eyes, let them see, by God's grace, their soul mate. in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.

Please come now, Lord

September 02, 2015

Please pray for me. This is just unbearable now.I am continuing to pray over two prayer requests. 1. The Lord came to me in two dreams in Nov. 2013 and promised me a specific amount of money for a specific home and furniture. (He showed me the home and even the real estate agent.) I know it was the Lord that came to me in these dreams. It wasn't pizza I ate the night before. And it's not a selfish dream (I would NEVER ask Him for money like that.) 2. For my disability to be approved (been waiting for almost 3 years.) I am asking for one person to stand in agreement with me over these two requests. I'm standing on the promise of Matthew 18:19.

Relationship distress

August 30, 2015

My boyfriend won't text or talk, trying to move forward from argument and can't unl he starts talking. Please pray for God to open him up and get him to talk to me. It hurts so much and causing so much stress, anxiety, and worry. I don't understand. Please help me pray the Lord guides us through this and he starts to talk. I'm losing my mind and self over this and don't want to be this way.


August 20, 2015

Need prayer for dire financial and job issues. Also some possible health concerns as well. Nothing is going right at the moment

Love, Healing and Reconciliation

August 20, 2015

Please pray with me that the Lord would heal the heart of my wife and I toward reconciliation. Please pray that I will have the strength to humble myself before him and his work in my life. Please pray that He will implant a love for me once again in my wife and that she will reach out to me. I am praying to restore my marriage / divorce and it will take a miracle to bring it about. Thank you for your prayers and comments.

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