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Yochanan's Bond: For HIS eyes are upon the ways of man, and HE seeth all his goings. (Job 34:21)

November 15, 2014

If it is according to THY WILL Faithful Heavenly Father God in Jesus Christ: Please lower "Yochanan's" bond or dismiss "Yochanan's" bond altogether. We "become servants of whatever we allow in our lives". Thank YOU Lord. Respectfully in Jesus Christ Amen For THOU art GREAT, and doest WONDROUS THINGS: THOU art GOD alone. (Psalm 86:10)

tony and son

November 15, 2014

for tony son to bring me up to tony and tell tony he liked me. lord for tony and i spend more time together with his son now. lord hear my prayer.

facing eviction and homelessness due to no one will rent to me

November 27, 2014

Please pray for my family. I have been in a bad marriage with an alcoholic for over 10years. We have an eleven yr old son together, who has been the true victim. His father got laid off in July and did nothing to keep the bills paid to keep a roof over our head as he was the sole provider. He continued to drink and make our lives VERY difficult. He has since left, abandoning our son and all responsibility. I have been struggling to keep it together, with the Lords help. We are going to be evicted even though I have had the rent to pay my landlord, she is still going to throw us out. I have been looking for a place to live, with no one willing to rent to me. I have the money and 2 incomes to pay the bills. Please pray for the Lord to open doors so we will not be homeless with my son for Christmas or any other time, my heart breaks for my son. Thank you, God bless

Apology to Prayer Warriors...

November 21, 2014

I wanna apologize to my fellow prayer warriors for bringing my drama episode to the forum and I'm sorry for my many postings here. I was just trying to get people to listen to me & that I have done NO wrong to nobody. as I said in my earlier posting, wish I should've kept my mouth shut & moved on, wish I would've never gotten involved with that church I went to. Wish I've never gotten myself involved...PERIOD! They brought out the lie first, they need to repent. They did a number on my mind & I can't shake out this out of my system. How can they live with themselves from doing this is beyond me. Guess God needs to worry about that not me. I think they just wanted me to think I am a crazy person, I don't know. Never in my life will I call someone mental. That is a cowardly, hurtful thing to do to someone. But, I just pray to God that I can give this to HIM and only HIM. Bring them down to there knees, they need it. But, I hope you all can accept my apologies. INJIP, AMEN! -Jason J

To the person that emailed me a note today, Thank you...

November 21, 2014

That was very nice of you and very comforting. Just want you to know you guys that send me notes are also my counselors. When this first started, I guess I should've just kept my mouth shut and moved on. What kind of people make up lies about someone and believe them? not me. You know, I really don't care if they walk or drive by me and give me hateful looks. I'm just gonna walk by them with my head held high, they were the first to lie about me, they need to repent, I don't want no apology. I already repented & God set me FREE on my court day back in March, but this stupid/idiotic thing still bothers today. I got me good friends and my parents church that got my back. I guess what comes around will go around someday. But, your note today, did help. I do thank you for that! Merry Christmas to you! INJIP, AMEN! -Jason J

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