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February 25, 2015

lord it's time you brought him back for good. i gave him space. now it's time to unit us. i've done my part. now it's ur turn.

Thank you God...

February 24, 2015

Just want to thank God and your prayers for keeping me on the right track. I just want all negativity, lies and manipulation away from me. I just want those to continue to judge me without talking to me about it, just to stay away from me to. God know I've done nothing, I will keep telling God that to. If that woman want to remain in charge of everybody and tell bad stuff about me, let her. She better not cross my path. I am better mentally than she is. But, just want to thank God for keeping me away from them, I'm just sad that they had to get the kids to lie about me to. Oh well! I'm praying for you all to! IJNIP, AMEN! -Jason J


February 24, 2015

today for my boss to forget to do my one on one today. i am not in the mood to deal w/ him today


March 04, 2015

I have severe medical problems going on, very depressed.

My mom-test results

March 03, 2015

Please pray for my mom. She is only 52 and just had her blood taken to be tested for rheumatoid arthritis, She gets the results in two days-on Thursday. Please pray for the results to be negative. She's such a sweet, caring, selfless God-loving person and it's so hard to see her in pain. She has always been so healthy. Please pray for God to spare her from having rheumatoid arthritis. Thank you so much.

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