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ER prayer

March 15, 2015

Lord, Liz is out of control stalking my brother on FB and texting him. Lord this is an ER prayer, keep her away from my brother, she is not a good person or "friend" she is a liar and cheater (when she has a boyfriend) and making moves on my brother.Lord protect my brother from her.


March 15, 2015

march 24 tony exam, he pass and i can see him after

Letter sent out on angels wings through the Holy Spirit directly into Pablo's hands....

March 28, 2015

May he open it and be able to understand and givet the postcards sent to the four people, one having a ministry, may he read note and be able to do tha, forward it to them. It left today to South America. God knows with His gps where this person is and location, may he open it receive Salvation and give this to other four as a hello from here mainly. I recieve it as done when it's prayed for by many.

twin brother

March 21, 2015

Lord, have my twin brother stop contacting Liz and realize and feel how it makes me uncomfortable and see right thru her lies, lord hear my prayer


March 18, 2015

for natty to take me out on a date/drink

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