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Pray my husband and I can overcome our marriage failures and stay together

April 15, 2015

This is the second time since February that my husband and I have separated. We have terrible communication issues that lead to my mistrust and his anger. Since we moved almost two years ago, it seems we are no longer growing together, but just growing apart. I have found some resources for us to use that might help us communicate better but I just don't know that he is open anymore to working on this. He has been angry and pulled away from me and our son. I have said terrible things and treated him with disrespect. We are meeting tomorrow to talk about things but I don't know if he's already made up his mind that this is over or if he wants to work things out. Communication has been like poison lately. I just want our love to shine through again and overcome our problems. I want my partner and teammate back home to share our life together again. Please pray that God will soften his heart to join me in the work we need to do and that He will give us the strength, wisdom, and unconditional love for one another to succeed in our marriage. Thank you all so very much.

liz z

April 09, 2015

lord open liz z eyes on what she has done. show her she is not being a godly woman or friend to me or my brother. let my silience have her reflect on what she has been doing. show her the path to righteousness


April 09, 2015

for art to flake again i did not like his demeanor and now i don't want to hang out with him tomorrow

Please continue to pray for a blessing to be bestowed from the Lord

April 09, 2015

I truly have faith that the Lord hears all of our prayers so please continue to pray for us..........because I believe it will help. My wife and I have if rough right now. We have a lot of bills from both medical problems and school. We were hoping to have children and went through all the procedures and succeeded in her getting pregnant, but lost the children every time. Insurance wouldn't cover the cost so we have been left with the bills on our credit cards as well as my school costs. Work has also been very rough right now as well which doesn't seem to help. Working with unbelievers just causes more stress as they bust about what you believe. I am so worried about things that I am making myself sick. I know there are going to be trials, but these last few weeks have had just too many. This has even led to me and my wife arguing over silly things that we should have taken up in prayer. We just pray for a miracle f or our finances to help pay off a few these bills off. I have become depressed, angry over things that are out of my control and worried about everything and pray for Satan to be bound away as well and our marriage to be strong and me to be a better person to my family and for the Lord to bless us financially, enough to help with the bills, and my mom's medical bills and to help others in our church family. Thank you for your continued prayer s they are appreciated more than you know.

Holy John17 Tyler Hubbard

April 07, 2015

Holy John 17 Tyler Hubbard family Friends God's will not mine in Holy Jesus name Holy Cross amen

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