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September 25, 2015

I pray that T will call back and we can talk again. Their is a lot more that needs to be discussed. Everything, is according to your will. Amen.

healing relationship

September 24, 2015

I need help in my relationship. My boyfriend and I have been having some problems,mostly in communication. I have been praying for healing and restoration of our relationship and proper communication. We are moving forward and he has been communicating more. I feel he is still in a place of hurt and anger and uncertainty. I pray that he listens to me and understands that I love and care for Him and want this relationship to work and be a blessing through God. I pray God is at the head of our relationship and that He wants us together. I feel He brought this Godly Man into my life and I want to have this relationship and grow in God with him. I ask for your help praying that he continues communication with me and we can resolve and heal this relationship. I ask for your help in praying that he wants us to have time together. I would like to spend time with him tomorrow and I am in prayer that he says yes. It is an important part of healing to spend time together but he had been turning it down and saying that I am pushing him. I have been trying to be patient and not push him into decisions or a relationship he doesnt want. I just need to know what is going on and understand what is going on in his mind and heart. I know some of it is he is scared of getting hurt and thinks I dont understand him. I want to know him and understand him but it is a two way street and he has to want that as well and participate in the relationship for us to heal and grow. I want to be there for him and be supportive of him and I ask for help in praying that he sees and understands this. I ask for God's help and all of you as well. Thanks you.


October 07, 2015

please pray for Catherine as she is struggling in the 5th grade with homework and taking tests. She is up late in the evening attempting to get her work done and she gets upset when she does not understand the work.

Praise Report

October 05, 2015

I just want to thank all of you who prayed over our home this past weekend. No trees came down on it nor any of our property nor our vehicles. And thankfully we did not receive as much rain as was forecast for our area as we had already received 10-25 inches last Tuesday in our county in that one day alone. We are also thankful for God's provision that the Hurricane turned on Thursday. The local weather station was saying had this hurricane come up through here it would have been disasterous. But again, thank you for praying for us. We were able to lay down and go to sleep and know that his angels were protecting us because people were praying and God answered.

Request for a healthy baby

September 26, 2015

After 4 years of marriage, my husband and I are expecting our first child next year! We know this is the greatest blessing that God could ever bestow on us and we are thrilled beyond measure! for our prayers to be answered with His great gift to us! The first trimester has been extremely difficult due to extreme morning sickness (I was diagnosed with hypermesis-gravidarium) causing me to have to miss a lot of work and also to be on IV for a few weeks for help with hydration and nausea. Requesting prayers for us to have a healthy baby and for the morning sickness to subside. Thank you so much and God bless!

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