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September 08, 2014

lord, i'm tried of married men, unavailable me, or men that don't want to commit after me. lord, i want a boyfriend and i want one now and that will be there during this difficult time for me, dealing w/ my mom having cancer. lord send me a man that will commit to me. lord hear my prayer

Relationship Healing

September 06, 2014

I ask for your help in praying for the healing of my relationship. Please, Father allow and help my loved one and I to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife, and fill our hearts with love for one another. Help us to overcome our obstacles by laying Your healing, divine favor, and mercy upon our relationship. In Jesus Christ's powerful name we pray

Job Interview

September 05, 2014

Please pray for me, I have a big job interview today at 12:30. I am asking for help articulating what needs to be said. Letting me fully understand what they are asking and be able to give them the answer that they are looking for.


September 05, 2014

Please Lord calm my Anxiety! I have prayed, you have opened doors that I did not know were there. No I have so much anxiety walking through those doors!! Be my rock and my strength through this difficult time and please calm my anxiety.

Desperate prayer for a friend in need

September 05, 2014

For finances and renewing of the mind in Jesus name let it be done TODAY!

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