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reconciliation with spouse

June 30, 2015

My husband and I have been divorced for a little over a year now, he has been against restoring our marriage. Please pray for us and our children.

Peace during vacation...

June 29, 2015

I just ask for peace and some time to myself during vacation, I go back to work July 9th! Also pray for my counseling/meditation this week. Thank you!

Asking to enjoy my vacation...

June 28, 2015

Dear PW's, Just started my vacation as of 4:52pm EST today, will be going back to work on July 9th. I just ask God to keep me focused on fun times ahead. Help me focus on my friends, family. Keep me focused on my counseling/meditation. Just keep me focused..PERIOD. As for them, I really don't care if this friendship get's restored. I've proved them wrong and I will not be afraid to prove them wrong again. Cause I feel 'SHE' is still blocking communication from me with the others, I'm just doing what's been told, I can't be in the friendship with "HER" in it, I just can't. I just don't care to restore my friendship with them, everyone is forgiven, but there loss. But, keep me focused God, it's all I ask for! IJNIP, AMEN! -JasonJ

Our marriage

June 28, 2015

Please pray for our marriage. My husband and I are both retired. His health isn't good and now is unable to do things. He has become controlling and jealous of my time and is angered easily. Pray for peace and harmony once again.

Deb & Lil Man-Updates

June 24, 2015

Humbly and respectfully, I extend to ALL my sincere thanks and appreciation for taking the time to hold me and Lil Man in thought and prayer. Certainly, I have been on a very difficult journey and by no means has it been easy. Albeit slow, things are finally beginning to turn around. Lil Man is starting to show signs of improvement; but, I am still intending to take him to a vet. I have been praying in earnest that God will make provisions for me to get him there soon. In the interim, certainly it was/is a relief to see signs of improvement when I returned to the hotel last night from work. The fundraiser that was established for us has generated a few donations whereby we are able to retain a hotel room while I am working to generate sufficient income from work to keep us there temporarily until we can find a more stable home. Also, the manager has allowed us to stay even when we are short on funds at the time due. Indeed a true blessing from God. As I have already mentioned, I began a new job on Tuesday, 6/23. My first check will be received 7/8 for 6 days. The next check will be for the full (80) hrs on 7/23. The pay schedule is semi monthly. Also, by God's grace and mercy I am receiving nearly double in salary from my last position. I received the position due to having a Top Secret Clearance (required) and due to my resume. Everything that has happened as of late is all due to GOD and I give him all of the praise. Your continued thoughts and prayers will greatly be appreciated. Thank you and may God continue to bless. -Deb & Lil Man

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