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Strength and trust in Him

August 30, 2015

It took me to have a mini stroke to hear Him.Since I made it through that turmoil, He has been my strength. Tomorrow I have to retake a test for work for the last time. I pray that I pass this final chance so that I can continue what I have loved to do for the past 5 years, being a RN. Thank you all for your prayers! ! Good bless!


August 30, 2015

Help me pray that my boyfriend talks to me today, texts me, and let's me come see him so we can continue to heal relationship. He said he would but I'm anxious due to what's been going on. He doesn't talk when we aren't together and it's hurting.

Holy Psalm92 Phil Zach

August 29, 2015

Holy John17 Holy Ephesians 6 Holy Psalm91 Phil Zach of Nebraskaand Family& Friends in Music and other interest Holy God Bless out come and ideas in Holy Jesusname Holy crossamen

Holy Psalm91 Maurices

August 20, 2015

Holy John17 Holy Psalm91 Holy Ephesians6 God Loving will and desire this clothing company help all sizes in Holy Jesusname Holy Crossamen


August 20, 2015

Dear God, I am in doubt, I don't know why business is so slow Lord. Please show me the way, give me the tools Lord to take the direction you need me to take in my life. It is not up to me Lord; I need for you to guide me. I know I have made mistakes but please forgive me, I know that you discipline your children; I know it is because you love me. My family and I, are in your hands In Jesus name Amen

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