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Turn Back TIme...

February 25, 2015

you know what God? you know what I would like to do? I would just like to turn back the clock to 2007 and start my life over. I'm starting to regret ever meeting these people at a Paranormal Meeting in my local area. Look has what happened. Everything is just torn apart, I've somehow became the problem. I have not harassed anyone, it's all accusations. It's hard God to let go and let you take care of them. I'm just stuck in the middle. Why can't they see the wrong in it? So, someone makes an accusation on me, they don't come and talk to me about, they go ahead and judge me about it and risk my life in jail. Over someone's parents mouth. But, it's hard to let go. Just wished I never had met these people. It just stinks. Been praying for a break-through for a couple of years now, when is it going to happen, as long as that woman is in charge, it will NOT happen. No one will shut me up, I refuse to let any treat me like garbage NO MORE! Under in Jesus name I pray! AMEN! -Jason J

Full Body Detox

February 24, 2015

A friend and I are starting a full body detox this week. One way we were going to do it was making healthy smoothies...taking portable blenders to work, along with fruits and veggies, and blending them at work. We have seemed to misplaced one of our portable blenders. We want to do this together and the blender is a huge part of our success. I know it seems small, but please pray that we find that Thank you so much...and I'm thanking God in advance for that blender being found today!! Going boldly to the throne with it! This detox will make our bodies...our temples of the Lord better, healthier, stronger. We will hopefully adapt our new eating habits into our lives as something normal and be better examples to other Christians. Thanks so much for you prayers.

Unspoken-God knows

February 24, 2015

Unspoken--God knows

falsely accused

February 24, 2015

Please pray for my son's protection as he is being falsley accused. "If you are not an eye witness you are a false witness".

Work Environment Part 22

February 22, 2015

Dear Prayer Warriors, I am asking God for a change of jobs and in a different organization. The workplace has become extremely toxic and I am struggling to keep working there because it is so oppressive that it is taking its toll on me physically and mentally. I am asking that you petition on my behalf that there would be a change in job very soon if it is in His will. Please pray that by God's grace that He would find me a new organization to work for. I request that He opens wide another door for me. This is only to be done in His will and not my own. If there are further things He wants me to learn from in the current circumstance, I pray for strength to handle them and that I would glorify Him and that He would hold be as righteous. Also lift up in prayer, the subordinates that work for me, for they are under attack as well

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