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Conflict to end...

April 14, 2015

sorry I've been hogging the forum. just asking God for this conflict to end between me and the 'others'. I want it to end so I can move forward with my life and be in peace. Thank you! -Jason J.

susie or janee

April 13, 2015

for susie or janee to contact eloy

Gods will...

April 12, 2015

I just ask God will to do what he wants me to do with my communication with the 'others'. Right now, it is NO. God knows my reasoning and what I've been through. Right now, just don't care. It's Gods will on what HE wants me to do. I feel like I am doing the right thing. But if they want to really talk to me again, they're gonna treat me like a real human being, not some retarded mental creep like they claimed I was, but if not, I won't listen. Cause that's the way it's gonna be from now on,, under Jesus name. -Jason J


April 27, 2015

Please pray for a few different areas in my life. I have been blessed with 3 amazing children. God has been so good and I am so thankful. I'm asking for prayers for my oldest going on his first long distance field trip with school. Just asking for prayers with safety and travel. Also asking for direction for what to do for next school year. Currently my son is in public school and we havent had the best experience. Ive been so torn to either keep him in public school, private school or home school for next year. Asking for additional prayers for Gods will to be shown and that I will listen and obey. Finally asking for Gods will when it comes to my current job. Have had several jobs in the same field over the past 10yrs all of which I thought this must be "Gods will". However I wasnt actually focused and listening and thats why Ive had several different jobs over the past 10yrs. Asking for additional prayers for discernment was offered a job just not sure what is His true will for my life. Thank you so much for any and all prayers.

Mission trip

April 23, 2015

I would like to thank everyone who prayed for me to receive the funds for my mission trip to go to Austria. Because of the amazing people at my church and their willingness to give, my trip is now fully funded! I know that God has a plan for me in Austria and I pray that God speaks wonders through me. I pray that God saves even just one person while I'm there, or even encourage someone who is here who knows I am going, maybe even inspire them to go on an overseas mission trip as well. This has been one big leap of faith but I pray that I am ready for this journey. Please pray that God will give me the words to say while I'm there, especially if I have to speak any sermons because I don't feel as if I am very biblically informed and I am not confident about public speaking.

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