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Missing my dad

October 17, 2014

Three years ago today I had to make a very hard decision. My dads cancer came back aggressively and went to his brain causing him to act differently. Because of this I had to make the decision to call the hospital and have him admitted knowing this would probably be his last night at home, sadly it was. I miss him so much, we were very close. Please just say a little prayer for me and my daughter today.

my boss

October 17, 2014

for my boss to see i'm the best adjuster and protection at work

dealing with husband's mental illness

October 16, 2014

We have come to terms lately with my husband's mental illness (bi polar). Please pray that we have the strength and courage to get the help he needs.

My dad

October 15, 2014

Please pray for my dad! Pray that God will give him a god heart and to soften his heart. Pray that he will stop being so moody and that he will want to be around his family more and that he will be there for them and be supportive. Pray that God will mature him and to stop acting like a kid. He needs to change so that I can change. Pray for both of us to strengthen our relationship and his relationship with the rest of his family! #amen

protection work errors

October 15, 2014

lord keep proctecting me and my team from work errors.

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