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Sanity, Peace and Love

October 19, 2014

God and Jesus, Please give me the sanity I need to take care of my family, to stay out of trouble and to keep worshiping You. Please fill my mind and heart with Your peace. Please fill my mind and heart with Your love, so that I may feel love for myself, for everybody else and most importantly, for You God and Jesus. In Your name Jesus I pray that this request be granted now and forever. Amen.

Nursing Board exam on Nov 10

October 18, 2014

Lord You know I need to pass this nursing board so I can work . A lot of things rely on it . Please allow me the grace, wisdom and ability to pull it through. To answer the questions correctly, guide me towards the right answers.

Move on...

October 18, 2014

hello guys, it's Jason again! I still ask for the truth about me. Still don't think none of them were my friends to begin with. I am still praying tho. Saw them at work today, you know I have to follow orders. they need to see the damaged they have caused me, everything to them is a joke, it's not a laughing matter to me. no one has taken responsibility for this crime they tried to put on me. I just pray to God I get some answers someday. I'm just gonna keep living my life with my head held up high, cause I don't have to prove anything. INJIP, AMEN!

Break Adultery Spirits/Ungodly Soulties/Pray for husband to come back to the lord

October 18, 2014

Please pray my husband gets conviction of adultery and break all ungodly soul ties with these women my husband is involved with, stand with me in pray for a wall of division to come between him and them and pray they have repulse for each other. Pray my husband doesn't rest until he repents and turns back to the lord. i need strength and a word in this. Please stand with me in prayer. Thank you


October 18, 2014

Lord I need a miracle in my marriage

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