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Father restore us

May 19, 2015

Urge you fast & pray for me Heavenly father forgive all OUR sins, SAVE our souls. Restore my 20 years of marriage, help my husband to repent, open his eyes to see his wife & daughter, help us to love & forgive each other, help me to forget the PAST, shower YOUR blessings of peace, take complete control of ourselves (mind, thought, body, soul), keep us healthy & happy, help my daughter in her study, destroy all evil plans against us, protect me at my work place no one may harm me, provide me finance, hide identity IJN Amen

Prayers for our Daddy

May 18, 2015

Our Daddy is getting ready to leave this old world and going to meet Jesus and all his loved ones that has gone on before him. Please remember our Mom in your prayers also, she has dementia also the 5 children, grandchildren and great grand children and 1 brother and the rest of the families in your prayers.

Praying for someone I don't like.....

May 18, 2015

Help me to know how and what God wants me to pray for my daughter's boyfriend. I just cannot like him. He does not go to church, he and his family manipulate her relationship with her family, he has contributed to her taking a break from college and he and his family are racist. I see her changing before my eyes. Thank you for lifting us all up in prayer and for praying that God will show me how to pray for him and even that God will open her eyes and heart to how he is.

Gods will...

May 18, 2015

God, it's your will on what to do with the 'others'. To me, I just want it kept dis-mantled. I've said my goodbyes to them. I just want to move on, or I'll be stuck wondering 'why' all the time. They can't figure out there the ones started this mess with that email, there own fault. Why me? This didn't even have to happen, they threw away 3 years of my life. Like I said I don't care if they ignore me, give me hateful looks, block me on facebook, CAUSE IT WILL NOT MATTER TO ME. (slapping hand on table). I am not scared of it. It's your will God. You've known me too long to be even in a situation like this. To the people on here to, I am sorry for my many, many requests. You all don't know the hell I've gone through. But, it's in Gods hands now. As long as everybody continues to follow Amy's lead, then I have NO business even being around period. I do feel there is some kissing, some sucking up and favoritism going on, real friends would've come to me by now. That's why it's gone on this long. But, I do not care, it shows what kinds people they really are. I don't need to be in it, in Jesus name. AMEN! -Jason J

False Convert?

May 18, 2015

I am really not sure if I am saved. Either I am and severly backslidden or I need to be saved. I think I may have been the seed in the parable of the sower that believed but the cares of this world choked it of it. I am deep in sin, the world,pride, a wicked sinful lifestyle that I need deliverance from,and the flesh. Please pray for me and thank you. I am so dead and cold and indifferent inside and my heart is a rock. I think I am a reprobate from The Willful sin I am in.

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