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Financial Needs & Spiritual Uplifting

May 11, 2015

I really don't know how to begin, me an my husband have been in whirlwind the past 9 months. We were trying to raise my step grandchildren since August of last year and I was physically and mentally unable to do this. We had to release custody of our grandchildren because I was physically and mentally unable to take care of them. In February of this year my husband lost his job and is unable to received unemployment and I had to go out of work on medical leave due to my health. I am so overwhelmed with guilt over my grandchildren. I had to return to work early from medical leave because we were not making it financially. I am trying to find a part-time job to help ease some of this burden but nothing has come through for me yet. My husband still is not working and I cannot pay all of the bills on my own. I am so stressed out as we are already behind on bills and my prayer request is that any and everyone will pray that God will fulfill our needs and please send words of encouragement as I have never been so down trodden in all of my life. Please broadcast this prayer request on the air so I can have as many people as can be praying for our situation. I put all of my faith and trust in my Lord and Savior and I know He still loves me. I give Him all of the glory for every aspect of my life, even in the troubling times. Thank you for the time in reading this prayer request as I know it was rather lengthy.

Get wisdom, get understanding ... For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh. (Proverb 4:5, 22 KJV)

May 21, 2015

Please continue to intercede in prayer with me for my daughter's health. Thank YOU/you. Almighty GOD in Jesus Christ: YOU truly are The ONLY Faithful Physician. YOU always operate in the lives of YOUR precious children for YOUR own Honor, Glory and Praise; for YOU alone are The Ancient of Days. In accordance to God's PLANS, my daughter's life remains safe and secure - of this I am sure - in Jesus Christ's Nail Scarred, Healing Hands. Amen

Prayer for my daughter

May 21, 2015

My daughter is five months from being 25 years old and thinks she has fell in love with a nice man Coles to her age, the problem is I'm concerned that they are going to fast and not praying enough about Gods will for them.Please pray that she will seek His will for her and that God will show her signs and her eyes will be opened to those sighs.

Pray we reach our goal

May 21, 2015

I've set up an account on gofundme for a young lady who I attend church with that wants so badly to attend Liberty University. Like most cases there isn't much as far as financial aid goes to cover her cost. She testified Sunday in church that God will put her where he wants her and she is leaving all of this to him. I pray that with our gofundme page that we can raise enough money that will cover her cost of attending her dream school where she can spread her faith to others. She is such a great kid and I pray that she goes far.


May 21, 2015

My cousins husband fell 25 foot off building, he broke his back, bleeding on brain and broken ribs, doctors has told him he will not walk again, he is parlayed from waist down, I just asking everyone to please be praying and lift up my cousin for strength for what lays ahead of them. Thank You God Bless

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