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My son Ayden,his behavior

April 16, 2014

My mom mentioned to me about the guys who work at pdq. Yesterday when I was there with Ayden,he was acting up. They told my mom that he's so good with her when she was with there. That is embarrassing that happens. Ayden doesn't listen at all to me. He learns by example. I just don't know what to do. How my mom yells at me,this afternoon she yelled at me that I'm taking over because I was helping her clean the fish tank. Then Ayden says mama your taking over. I don't like his behavior. My mom has told me before that It's. because of me. Please pray that Jesus can change our attitudes and my son's behavior with me. That my mom will ease up on our situation and not get so angry with me.

Need help with crippling guilt

April 12, 2014

I was rushing to work one morning and saw one of my cats on the kitchen table . I went to push her off and she fell in an awkward heap . I didn't think much of it and honestly forgot it even happened . She had got up and went on and acted okay ... Several days later I found her gasping for breath and had to rush her to the er vet . As you can guess she had a chest full of fluid and .... Although I never proved it was from the fall .... I knew it was . I had to euthanize her due to the 2 thousand dollar treatment ( or more) and no promise she would live even then. I spent over $600 trying. Since then I am wracked in guilt . I keep seeing it over and over . I keep imagining her pain :( I cannot imagine how to ever get past the shame... I feel like a monster . I would never have done this on purpose but I feel so very bad . Help me find a way to make this tragic loss something I can survive . I feel like I should die for it :( God please have mercy on my horrible soul .....

prayer answered

April 12, 2014

thank you for praying. god answered my prayer. it was not what i wanted to hear, but i got it.

Angry/Hatred Feelings...

April 09, 2014

dear prayer warriors, I know I've been posting prayers on here to move on with my life & letting go. I just need your help/prayers to release my anger & hatred towards a group of friends that tried to ruin me. why have friends that believe I have gone mentally crazy, kick me out of a church (without the pastor's knowing) & then try to make me into a criminal, then try to put me in jail? I was just seeking the truth on what the problem was with them & me. who would want that friendship. They wanted me out for a reason, to this day I don't know why, I do intend to stay out, no turning back, they wanted me out. I know with your Power you God can do that, I'm trying desperately to move forward. I don't want my head screwed up ever again by them! I just pray you wash away anger & hatred, I do forgive them, I have to. I just ask you for that in the name of Jesus, just dissolve my feeling towards them! Since my last court day on March 18th, i'm really angry with them, everyone of them. If this happens again, I will have no choice to sue all parties involved with slander, cause I won't put up with it no more. Just a warning. Just pray God will wash it all away. I just want friends I can trust & can keep. I don't want friends that treat me like a low-life scum-bag of the Earth, Just keep me out God! Thank you! -Jason


April 09, 2014

Please pray for the salvation of mr. Krug, Thomas Lonegan, Jack, and their families. That the LORD opens their eyes to the true Gospel and gets them out of the cult that they are in.

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