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In need of a job, transportaion and a place to live 2

March 12, 2015

well the job interview was never rescheduled. I am at a loss. I sent a message and the lady who posted has not responded and its been a week. My daughter went out of town today for spring break and I am so glad she got to go by Gods grace. It has been a peaceful week in the house so thanks for the prayers they have worked,so far. I have been sick most of this year and had a another injury. I was also diagnosed yesterday with severe anxiety and I already suffer from depression. Please continue to pray that this pain and suffering will end soon and I will get a good job, a vehicle to drive and a place to live soon. Thanks

Feel like I'm drifting away from God

March 12, 2015

I appreciate you taking your time to read my prayer request! I feel like I'm slowly drifting away from what God wants me to do. I've recently gotten back into Church and was really feeling the power of God, tried to read my Bible (or at least a few verses) each day, made sure I sent up prayers then all of a sudden that "spark" was gone. Don't get me wrong, I love God, I know he is there for me and watches over me but I just feel like I'm losing my connection with Him. Several times since October while at worship service I could literally feel the power of God speaking to me. I've told my Pastor that it felt like what I would envision being shocked back to life only without the pain. It was as if God was giving me my Christian life back. I've always believed in God and had accepted him as my Lord and Savior when I was around 11 but as I grew up, didn't walk the Christian life like God wanted me to. I felt during those few times at Church that God was trying to wake me up and I now feel like I have failed him miserably. I don't know what I need to do to get that connection back. I know God hears my prayers and I know everything is in his time. I just want that wonderful feeling back that I had a few months ago. I would appreciate prayers for guidance and for that close connection again! Thank you so much! God bless each of you!

Homeless...Will Never Have A Place To Call Home...

March 12, 2015

It goes without saying that I remain humbled and grateful to everyone who has taken a moment to continue to hold me and my little Chihuahua Lil Man in thought and prayer. Today, I learned that the rental property that I was somewhat assured I would get, was denied. Because of the acts of others, it was deemed that I would do the same. Stereotyped. Also told there were 'too many gaps'. What does that mean? Tomorrow, 3/13, I am scheduled to check out of the hotel that I have been staying in since being evicted on 12/18. Simply, I have no more money to expend on a cramped room. I am at work at the moment and trying my very best to keep from crying. My birthday will soon arrive (4/11) and to remain homeless is all too much to bear. As of now, I don't foresee Lil Man and I ever having a place to call home again. I guess its time that I find a tent and find a place on the street. This is not a life for anyone. I have cried, begged, and pleaded with God for a place to call home. Yet, my cries/pleas continue to fall on deaf ears. We continue to suffer...All hope is gone... Thanks again to all who have continued to pray for us. -Deb and Lil Man


March 26, 2015

I am not in a good place right now. I am struggling with very serious finance problems, I pray but I can't seem to see an answer. I know God loves me and I trust him but I can't see any light. I am really not sure what to do. We also live wit my mom, we moved in with her to be close to mine and the wifes' family as we have both lost parents over the last few years and it's been the hardest thing we have ever done. I only want the best for all those around me but if I am not in a good place how can I help others. Please pray for me that our glorious God will help me find refuge and put me where I need to be.

Back injury

March 24, 2015

Please pray for my back. This is my second week to be off work. I have a lot of pain. I am waiting to get the results back from the MRI. Please pray that it is nothing serious and that I will heal quickly. God bless all of you for praying for me.

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