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pregnancy threatened

April 22, 2014

Please pray for Kelly. She is 4 mths pregnant and has started to go into labor after a routine drs appt. Her husband and her family and his. They lost their first child from miscarriage and this there second child.

Satan's attack

April 22, 2014

Please pray for my family & marriage. We are under Satan's attack at every turn. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ on my family & marriage. Rebuking the devil from our home and lives.


April 19, 2014

Lord please bring my husband to his knees his lies and deceit and sexual relationship destroyed our family. He thinks he is walking with god

Approved Apartment Application

April 17, 2014

Pray for me please. I am trying to move to a new apartment. I just applied to a nice apartment that I really like, and that's in my price range. There is a blemish on my credit report that at first didn't show up, but after further review I was told that it popped up. I wasn't trying to hide it from them; I let them know that it could possibly show up before I filled out an application. I'm a good tenant. I'll be on time with my rent. But if that blemish is showing up on my credit report, then I not only can't get an apartment at this place...but at any other place. I really need to move. My time is up at my current location. It's time for a fresh place; a fresh start. Please pray for me!!! I really need God's favor and mercy. Please pray for me.

Prayers for Parents

April 17, 2014

My parents have decided to make the move to the retirement community - thanks to all the prayers. I still need prayers for them to have the strength to leave their home and to make new friends at the retirement community, My Mom does not make friends very easy but my Dad loves to talk. So please pray that they will make the adjustment and will make friends and be happy in their new HOME.

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