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Mother & Father

September 11, 2014

My mother has suffered a series of medical conditions this year including a brain tumor and a stroke. I am so thankful that God has brought her through those circumstances but she now requires around the clock care. My father was self-employed and after many years and his own medical issues, has had to end his business. I am an adult now, with a family and small children of my own, but never cease to worry about their well-being and happiness. Lord, I pray for restoration- restoration of health, happiness, finances, and security. I pray for guidance to know how to help them and how to encourage them. Most of all, I pray for peace- to know and trust that God is still on the throne and that I do not need to worry because he is always in control. Thank you in advance for the prayers.


September 07, 2014

Please pray with me that I find my life partner soon. I have had so many heartbreaks. And feel that I have healed and gotten stronger. I am achieving the body and attitude that I want for myself, yet I go on dates, only to think there is a connection, but my date is not interested. I do not know what it is that pushes people away. I hear that I am beautiful, smart, funny... etc. etc. We have a great time and are engaged... But I get turned down. Every time, it hurts so much. I get hopeful (though I try not to be), and feel that there is so much potential, yet my heart is broken time after time. I feel so incredibly alone. I will never have kids, b/c I am now too old to have them. Always single. I do not want to pursue anyone anymore b/c I have learned how painful and consuming it becomes. But no one seems genuinely interested in me. It hurts so bad sometimes. I see other couples, and families, and people in love, and it hurts so much that I have never known that and I don't even know if I ever will. I do not know if I believe in prayer and healing anymore. People who are in so much worse situations than me, I am sure they pray and aim for and might even find healing, but in the end horrific things can happen to them. So, I feel selfish asking for companionship, love and romance.... I feel so selfish when there are people asking for so much more.. like freedom, health, and that their lives be sparred. But I crave so much to be in the arms of someone that understands me and that loves me. And that wants to be with me....I crave that so much.

marriage restoration/vibrant relationship with Jesus

September 07, 2014

Please pray for miracles in my marriage - that its not too late for us to be all that God made us to be as a family. Please pray for Jesus to miraculous heal restore and hold together our family. That I'd have the courage to step up and LEAD my family...and that we'd walk into a better life in Him..please pray He'd hold us and that I'd stop running. Please pray for Jesus' grace and mercy to shine through and that I'd receive it in faith...

Marriage Renewal and Grace

September 06, 2014

Lord I thank you and pray for your continued work in my marriage and in my life. We still have hurdles and bumps to overcome, but I thank you for showing us grace and mercy. Lord, I apologize for the moments where my faith seems weak and for the times that I falter. Lord please continue to bless my marriage, our daughter, my womb. Be the sweet voice that my husbands hears and be his guide. Lord renew the respect that he had for our marriage and our vows. Lord move the mountain that stands before us with his mistress. Close the door, never to be reopened bless us Lord with a miracle in this situation and let us be free of her. Please Lord look upon us with mercy, bless our finances which are SHOT, bless our union, bless our movements. Be with us Lord, protect our union, finances and family. I pray Lord that you move our mountains, you make ways and that we are covered in your grace. In Jesus Name I Pray. (and thank you for all the people who have been kind enough to pray for me and my family. bless them and theirs- Amen)

A place to live, a job, and a car

September 06, 2014

A homeless single woman who needs a place to live, a car, and a full time job. If you would like to help me, send me a note. I would appreciate you praying also for me.

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