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The Crossing Church at SouthShore

May 23, 2015

Split of church at SouthShore and public firing of all pastoral staff by our lead pastor Greg Dumas.

My dad

May 23, 2015

Two weeks ago I found out that my 59 year old dad has cancer in his esophagus. Upon further testing at UVA, the PET scan showed (what the doctor thinks) is cancer in his liver and in various other spots throughout his body. Yesterday they did surgery to insert a port and feeding tube to get him ready for chemo. They are doing a biopsy of his liver this week to make 100% sure it is cancer in the liver as well as to determine what type of chemo to begin for the liver and esophagus. I am 28 years old and my dad's shadow and sidekick. My parents own a large farm and I have always helped on the farm and with anything around the house, etc. I am also getting married in July so my dad's diagnose has really been hard on me. I'd like for everyone to pray for my dad that the chemo would kill all cancer cells in his body, that his body stays strong enough during the chemo, and that his faith grows closer to God, and that he doesn't give up through the rough road ahead. I'd also like for everyone to pray for me, my sister, and my mom during this time. I've tried to be strong, but I am not doing so well. Thank you in advance for the prayers.

prayer for my daughter and her husband

May 23, 2015

My thirty year old daughter and her husband are on my heart as they raise their three little sons.They have gotten into a lot of credit card debit and they somehow even though born again Christians, are slipping into the mold of keeping up with " The Jones".I see them struggle and since he has ADD she manages their finances.My prayer is that they turn this over to Jesus and free themselves of this burden by deciding to get out of all debit and plan well with the leading of The Holy Spirit, the freeing way to live a good and happy deit free life.


May 19, 2015

God, I'm just thankful for my 268 friends on Facebook. II'm thankful they are in my life. Just don't need friends that can do as they please. I need peace in my life now. Just don't care about what people think of me no more. Let block me, ignore me or whatever. Don't care. "Awww you blocked me on facebook Sweet, I block you in life" -JasonJ

Gods will...

May 18, 2015

God, it's your will on what to do with the 'others'. To me, I just want it kept dis-mantled. I've said my goodbyes to them. I just want to move on, or I'll be stuck wondering 'why' all the time. They can't figure out there the ones started this mess with that email, there own fault. Why me? This didn't even have to happen, they threw away 3 years of my life. Like I said I don't care if they ignore me, give me hateful looks, block me on facebook, CAUSE IT WILL NOT MATTER TO ME. (slapping hand on table). I am not scared of it. It's your will God. You've known me too long to be even in a situation like this. To the people on here to, I am sorry for my many, many requests. You all don't know the hell I've gone through. But, it's in Gods hands now. As long as everybody continues to follow Amy's lead, then I have NO business even being around period. I do feel there is some kissing, some sucking up and favoritism going on, real friends would've come to me by now. That's why it's gone on this long. But, I do not care, it shows what kinds people they really are. I don't need to be in it, in Jesus name. AMEN! -Jason J

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